yeah welcome to my new channel check me out on on my first time on the wakeboard yeah what are you gonna do today did you do it yesterday how far did you go Oh what was it again something really dirty no 120 yards yeah 10 yards I have fun hold other words through are you ready no Blakeley that was awesome blake boy you're crazy girl I'm gonna go pick up sterling and bring him to you okay are you ready okay here we go yeah here we go girl all right you got this there you go there you okay you did so awesome beautiful with my nose but it took five you didn't like her yeah you stood up just perfectly nice and slow how long does that go hold on the rope there you gonna pull in was it fun I was a long sweater do it again won't do it again yeah are you ready there we go yeah there we are superstar ah that was totally Brill's girl well that's not it but much likely you were awesome you were totally cruising did you love it don't mama what what that time what was it like so like I was it felt like I was flying clothes over glass wall when I fell down it felt like I was breaking nagesh the ditch your bum on the on the water yeah amazing I'm so proud of you you kicked major booty I loved it one more victory jump yo good girl was so awesome I can't wait for you to see yourself on video you did amazing yep yay Supergirl superb liquors alright what a good boat girl – you got it yeah what do you think of that did you see her yeah I win over by the bar what do you think I win it Blakeley winning all right what do you think can I go yes yeah I believe in you are you ready to go ahead buddy I'm gonna get a little bit more straight and then I'm gonna go here we go thanks for watching bye you

Wakeboarding for the First Time | Blakely Bjerken
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