miss Lily's lady didn't go man.you amen early wake forward and actually you know or not you've a board bro you a board bro did you don't even know how to board shut up you're right I've never done just you actually have he look at him he is gonna do it today the first time we not my first time where the fuck's our boat when the Fox did they say they were coming out here when the fucks are coming okay okay and will you say when the folks are bored actually getting you like they said they're gonna be here a long time ago there's a guy right there you see him with the sunglasses so we're at a sandbar chillin on the chairs in the water they say this is the water with beer and shit hanging out there this fucking party crew can up there we're showing them were like hey we're gonna make a beer run quick so we're almost out of beer it's me ran back and now we're sitting here waiting for our guys with the boat to come soon go wakeboarding and we just sent our fucking party crew ditch us the boat is here I'm a drink after week weren't so got any beer I'm drinking before I'm gonna wake getting shit set up up there is it yes ready go wakeboarding no my Pepsi's not going off okay well we'll catch you on the boat Trevor look at me first wife I don't know I'm scared just walking flop in or hop in this is funny laughs too hard you should see max it on there all right pop in put your feet up we'll pull for it let the Rope come to you oh my god if he even gets up I'll be I'll be surprised I feel he's not got enough upper-body strength to do it he works okay hang tight hang tight all right he's not gonna get it still very good the bolts are tight right flip them flip the board soon eh I remember back when I was a young and yes took me out wakeboarding for the first time drag you a little bit this time so you get the feel of it yeah I wish you had that with the surfboard scene get like yeah yeah that's kinda got prerequisite to it and I think it's a lot e that's how it lurks I could never get on the wakeboard and then now you went on the surfboard and once I got the hang of that I was able to wakeboard pretty easily round two you feel it here's a footman sir please get up in front of them so don't think you can flip it buddy I feel like it's been really hard for me she's so big holy crap maybe try to keep your toes forward a little bit so I try and tip your toes look so funny he looks like some Titan Raptor this is nobody I know but it's so funny I can't help it he makes bad jokes about himself okay right I don't feel bad about it talk fires you can tuck your knees in interpret toes out yeah yeah yeah posted a yellow set it up he's getting there he's getting there I know that's it was really nice we were sitting on that sandbar for like three hours 15 years later get him up we ever waterskis have you ever waters I've never done anything like this they make this ever since I told him about doing this he's out he's been like oh one trying I want to try it you don't have to little do it by yourself you mean the goal just get on top of the water and then worry about that yeah let's jump out the water it kind of feels natural just kind of flip itself tuck your knees don't tie it jeepers this tower is gonna cut like ripping off yeah hunter he's even bigger than he is yeah give it like two more tries yeah I'm getting like two more tries I probably won't fucking get up but we have all summer yet knock with however it is simply Sutter some rich dude and I see if you are wearing it kind of a bitch

wakeboarding FAILS!

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