where's the ring we get it area weather am ya around I tell you this much I'm bloody exhausted these two mark and Zoe are just so unrelenting so you just hired this whole wake park to ourselves I have to confess I'm not that good at wakeboarding but I did give it a go before pulling the camera out and I found it was pretty tricky the boards are slippery at a cable park we've never ridden cable before and it was the third Bend I could never actually get a whole lap because the third Bend just had a bit too much pool and I was doing something wrong so I kept stacking there I decided well if I'm just gonna be stacking all day I might as well get some footage of it so the shots you see here from my first full lap and all it was is that I was thinking about filming and not about riding so I let go of all the analysis stopped overthinking it and just let my legs through the work after a few boring laps of my own I decided it was worth getting the drain out and getting some footage of mark and reef so enjoy we'd had the cable park to ourselves for most of the day but this guy rocked up we sat back and watched him do a few laps and we were more than impressed turns out he was from Germany and his name's Timo once he come in I had a chat to him and asked if it would be cool if I filmed him and he was fine with that so here's some stuff that looks a little bit better than house thank you so much Timo you put on an awesome show it's really happy to see you there dan Dominic ghost rocked up this next bits of it awkward because my German is definitely rusty instead of asking how are you I was asking where are you and considering I was standing on top of a balcony shouting down it was a very Romeo and Juliet moment thanks Dominic for being so cool about it good thank you obviously OBC horrible accent how are you sorry yeah first time at a cable park we went this what we've been here since they opened this morning yeah it's awesome we've all look at things and answer today was definitely the day that I caught the travel bug we've been through plenty of highs and lows through this trip for the most part I've really enjoyed it but it's only looking back now that I realized my favorite part of the trip as a whole is the people you meet all these new people that I never would have come across before that you get a chance to talk to coupled with the fact that everyone's just there to have a good time does mean that you can let your hair down a little bit thank you so much for watching don't forget to Like and subscribe check out the rest of the series if you have a chance I don't know how this keeps happening but today was the best day yeah I was very wrong to say no we should have a rest day before we go and do the cable park but now I'm really exhausted tomorrow we do quants I'll see you

Wakeboarding Bali

One thought on “Wakeboarding Bali

  • July 28, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    Dude! I can’t thank you enough for the kind words and the fantastic footage!! You said some very true words mate, meeting you guys at the cable was one of the best things to happen during my traveling. It is really just about those moments.
    Appreciate your work on this a lot!
    Hope we’re going to meet again some day, somewhere. Until then – looking forward to seeing more of your videos and good luck on your travels! Hang loose bro 😉🤙🏽


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