we wanted to make sure we got in the hole full cable Lake Park experience and one of the nearest ones to us on the south coast is New Forest Lake and waterpark it's an awesome spot and hangouts out and get your riding in – I'm Matt I'm Sophie I'm a wakeboard coach and presenter I'm mom of kit and Jasper and [Applause] yeah kid can you see an obstacle that you might like to go over with Daddy which one which one which one what about you Jasper which features were gonna hit big one good lad well the last time you actually wrote on the cable where would it have been whoa new forest has got an awful lot going on there which will take care of anybody's sporting proclivities why did I say that Wow so new forest has got lots to cater for absolutely everybody it's got the system to straight line cable it's got the full cable as well which is a five corner Rickson full cable massively pinnacle Park and they've got stand-up paddle boarding kayaking camping on-site right next to the new forest an awesome spot on and all we were met by been Gerry who runs the whole show now with his system Milly and it is actually really nice that there's a whole family run affair down there remember so you've ridden a few other cables oh yeah the one in my bio yeah that doesn't count well this would be a little bit easier than because you've got the five corners before you've never been on a five corner so yeah there's a bit more gentle because it's not just a straight 90 degree this sort of 60 degrees for those top there is a good mix of tougher stuff and easier stuff yeah we change around twice a year it's nice to mix it up which is your favourite burn my personal favourite is the Beast we designed it and gave it over to Rick's in it but when they came up with it they calculated all the angles of 30 kilometres now coming into the kicker and you know the transition to get down and it is just absolutely perfect another big favorite is the tsunami every cables got its own perks in terms of high tension features layout and you can exactly vibe people facilities that it offers and you know that that's the beauty of the cables in the UK they're all so different that you can visit every single one and take something from from each from each one that is what it's all about absolutely hence why you guys are here exactly we have a cup of tea remember what those last tricks we did what it's called a back black lip I won't like pudding for the first time in quite a while huh you actually enjoyed this I did I really did and I feel like it's gonna set me up for this summer unfortunately Jasper wasn't up for it this time was he I thought he'd want to do what kids doing all the time but he's not know mine and he will do what he wants when he wants and yeah it wasn't it wasn't a day but I think this summer we were he will he's got careless we met up while we were there actually with max cut knee he's by title the best rider in the world cuz he just won the world's out in Argentina in the junior boys category so he's an amazing rider and then also I've just started working for slingshot this year we've just got Matty Muncie on the team who is another incredible rider so amazing to watch I thought it'd be cool to get him to come down hang out with with myself and Max and do some riding and also have a little catch up with them too [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you guys you do way more competing than I do and more traveling around honestly matches it's been to Argentina for the world's where you got the gold which is pretty mental how old were you when you guys started wakeboarding I was 10 was it here yeah it was on the boat first exactly this used to be boat way back when no yeah so the the juries have owned this for years and years and been trying to get permission for a cable here for years and they got one out when did it open six years ago I was pretty hooked on that straightaway even though I like all the time I was getting smoked run for for fast like all the time I was catching ideas but I was loving this though I remember never being able to get around the corner and just being like man forget this like I'm over it no my dad was just like now I just stick out it like you get it and then as soon as I could get the laps around Madi you ride around all over the place now you're lucky enough to be doing that max despite the size of you you still for the school you're gonna get a chance to travel around a little bit in the UK hopefully yeah I want to I sure like gonna pass up later on definitely and nationalism yeah whatever else are is you've been tied to your parents which soon might be giving up the m3 and a moped no don't do that told you that you'll get to travel way but does that is that fun go into different places I think it makes such a difference when you're riding if if you have like today just being able to ride it this new cable I haven't written that for like two years when I feel like it yeah I think someone else is right yeah exactly that's another thing you get to meet like new riders and progress and like bounce ideas off of each other and yeah I think I think it definitely driving around is good yeah all right well then he's the next up in sunny climes yeah boy my highlights are always you and the kids being involved course I love me and now they're all the time as well the moment Jasper suddenly gets out there with me and has got a smile on his face that'll be a good day and Kitts already there he's he's rolling and then he can have a bad ride but you're still white boarding so you've always gonna come off the water have a smile and you didn't spawn yourself in any way and he got around cleanly you needed a little job and get it from water and Jasper had fun wearing his wetsuit so yeah success next up we are headed to Keys wake and ski for a bit of foiling and surfing action

WAKEBOARD ROAD TRIP! New Forest Water Park

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