if you are in one other time you all be wait in one other time you have to start learning riding or going down fatty horse living it sir hello everyone welcome and thanks for coming you all look asleep but I think you'll wake up really quickly we started from once you change you can come over here in this area will be giving you the life jackets and then Co ever once the whiteboard take your way for it in the shop once the ski can take the skis over here at the starting area look down over here because we'll be getting chart instructions on how to start with the skis in with the weight boards so first of all while they're down here on the start this heel should be on one side over here where they are and they should try to move back as much as possible and you have to stay stuck in your knees and put your hands straight all the time sideshow I'm strong pressure on your back foot Shh I will do it again hello we are now in Croatia Griffin Belgium it's very nice here we are recording now and one skier it's really yeah it's really cool and I really like it very much here grace I saw someone who did very well some of you guys were still in the starting area not getting too far maybe most of you but the most important thing is that all of you guys had fun I think you had a good time and I just want want to tell you guys that you have a very good stay here in Kirkuk and in Croatia and it was really nice to have you at the cable so thanks for coming you

Wakeboard Cable Krk Croatia – hosting the groups
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