take your time oh good job looks like yeah this big good boy Baba or this shop okay rocket ships I don't want to check up on the shop what can you get giant thing which one giant boat yeah all I want to do I want to do it on forget how to do it yeah oh good lion now Diane oh no but this part so should I be giant yes I think we need to use more equipment yeah super jump all right we got a lot of equipment no don't get super speed really really really that's so short because yeah Diane ah good giant so lifesavers looks to wrecking ball away I hope you don't die oh this should we go yeah I don't think he was supposed to touch the floor good job it looks like a speed lon whoa I jump super high liar jumpy – thanks for helping you can swap oh really oh that's easy just worked in okay right there went this oh you have to hit puppy google walk there yeah yeah oh you too big well there you go you made it you made the bridge well just stare take you to go up and down what was the point of the stairs Wow spinning so much okay go wow this game is so much easier after you can be super job oh you probably wanna ah what's up driving it should I just yeah oh whoa I'm inside his mouth his throat let's go you just gonna go slowly and carefully right oh there's dragon look look up look up let's kill him in the fear no nobody can't get dragged in yes yeah yes we made it oh yeah beautiful look cool spin around and touch it yeah yeah we finished it yep all right thank you for watching us we finish things day I'm gonna keep playing bye bye

Vtubers Ryan Vs Daddy ROBLOX Let's Play Escape From Dungeon

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