HEEEY ! Hi everybody ! I am Jeremy I am ice skater in the Patin’air company Since last year. And the next tour will start this winter so I am here ready for new adventures but, before I need to find again my previous level so I am going back to the ice, today. #UPGRADING – 1ST TRAINING (2017.9.24th) Oh ! I am so so so so so happy ! So, here’s my sidekick the one who will help me to ice skate … or not That’s it I hadn’t set any foot on the ice since May So now, this is a very very big moment Oh ! oh yes ! yeah yeah THIS is a very very big moment That’s it I am on the ICE ! That’s it First sit spin of the season What do you think ? there’s better Yeah, there’s better I think it needs some improvements The first show will be in 2 months I need to work on yeah 30 minutes later So Lora-Line yeah What do you think of this resumption ? It’s fine Fine ? aren’t you to tired ? no, I AM fine Me, it’s…… That’s all 2 months… before the first date I think it need some improvements A lot of improvements Yeah. Yeah ? Yeah So Me, what I propose, now it’s we go back to the basics We will do the stroller that is to say that you push me kinda… I push you you push me that’s it And I have nothing to do I let myself go It’s cool It’s cool Careful to the barrier ! This is the barrier Lora-Line wants to do the kids exercice so I will do the kids exercice with her Are we ready ? careful, you must bend down for the “shoot-the-duck” on two feet yeah this, this will be the big difficulty careful, careful, careful… This is a bit hard careful ! So, verdict, Lora-Line ? Was I low enough ? So, honestly I give you the first “ice cube” (french level test in ice skating until 2013) But the second will be a bit average… yeah, especially now that they’re called “blade” (since 2013) Careful So, verdict ? Verdict… eeeeh… that’s it… right I won’t succeed today but… It’s improving Almost compared to earlier yeah ! compared to earlier You are standing yeah, sure So that’s all I think the training session is about to end Yeah ? Yeah For you. Yeah for me because, right now… I’m done I am 25 How many months ? see… Almost 5 months without practicing I’m already a bit in trouble so…yeah two months remains… 3 hours skating… or 4 ? 3 hours We skated barely 3 hours 2 months remains before the first show You need to practice a bit more… Here, yeah. I think there’s some work for me but… at least I think the essential is… Coming back I succeed I already succeed all the double rotation jumps not bad at least once until Lutz until Lutz The double Axel, for the moment It’s been since february I didn’t practice it So, I think it’s a bit normal… It need some time exactly … that he’s not back right now especially since I was not very friendly with this jump about the spins I think I need to practice with the broom like this you know (showing the exercise we do on the floor turning with a broom handle) because the spin outputs aren’t always very confident It looks like me when I drink too much in a party about spirals I didn’t do anything you did a “Y” I did a “Y” and I almost got stuck So, I think I need to stretch a bit You did “Spiders” Yes, I did… 2 “Spiders” “Spiders” on which i almost dropped someone yeah, exactly so I give a meet to everyone to my next training session with who, I don’t know yet But, I will find people I need to find someone because I don’t like to skate on public session yeah, because I’m a bit shy Aaaaaaaw, poor Jeremy Hopefully, I’m here That’s all

Vlog – Figure Skating – 01 – Back on the Ice (FR language – EN subs)
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