we can go straight that way oh it’s still red I still had to join you should join We met.. we were on the train with a Japanese and we were shocked because she suddenly spoke in Tagalog I was hesitant if she was speaking in Tagalog but it really was Tagalog What did she say again? “How are you?” She said something else too She said… (what did she say again?) She said “How are you” right? She said something else. (Clyde: I think she said “Thank you”) I felt like I was stunned She asked us where we were from and then you said Philippines. And then she said “How are you” (Kumusta in Tagalog) It would have been good if your camera was on That’s right If only we knew in advance that she’d suddenly speak in Tagalog I was too shy to ask her to say it again for the camera I think we’re going the wrong way Let’s get off. It’s on the other end She didn’t wait for me Yeah, I took the escalator so that I could go faster She said she’s going to block you I won’t treat you if you go to Australia then We’re okay with if you get us a free plane ticket Hey I thought you said you were taking the elevator Wooooow this is really my first time! I cannot believe it I cannot belive it Look at the surroundings We came here at the perfect time right? (yes) My ears feel funny again like I’m on an airplane It’s so nice It’s so nice here! It made you speak in English I feel like I’ll fall, promise We really made it here! I thought it wasn’t real Is that it? Ah we can still go down here That is really our goal, not this We’re just riding here so we can get there we’re going to crash!!! The trees are nice as well What is that there? Clyde: It’s still a long way up! Ah so that’s why they also have one way tickets because you can just walk back down so should we have chosen the one way or not? No because it’s a long walk I’ll now be living here I changed my residence right away There are really plenty of places to see here What is that? I can sleep here Should we get off here? Maybe it’s in there What’s going on with the both of you It hurts your ears? Alright describe the smell bhe It’s so strong What’s this This is like… look at your… It’s better if you take it vertically It also smells like Christmas Do you want a taste? (Seara: It looks like it might be delicious) It does taste good right? go and buy one (Seara: I’m buying one) Mum Hi mum! (reads her mum’s comment: daughter, are you out again? please be careful) Of course you know me I’m always careful Behaved as well (April: so talkative) Woah this is over the top When we arrived we just went straight in why are there so many people? ah they’re on a tour look they all have IDs It’s not easy here in Japan there’s a lot of walking it makes your feet hurt this is what we’re looking for, twin towers of Japan Seara: Let’s do that instead! Let’s go skating! (Seara: let’s go) Let’s just go skating instead of going there Hold on okay? Because you might fall down It’s so slippery! I don’t know how mhe It’s because it’s your first time. That’s just normal. okay you guys go ahead look, look. I’ll come back for the luggage. i’ll go with you first Ah do you want to go somewhere first mhe? Let’s say goodbye first What’s up there? It went up there and bounced back thank you for your time and all the things you paid for for me did we pay for anything? yes a lot You both take care

Vlog 7: JAPAN EDITION | KOBE ROPEWAY + OSAKA ICE SKATING (They’re leaving me 😭💔) | April White
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  • December 6, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Well covered and indeed I agree a beautiful place to live 🙂

  • January 7, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Goy, supportive kaayo kang Seara. Pina "okay raman gud na. first time bya nmu." <3 Sweet man sad diay ka usahay goy sa. hahahaha :p


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