Hello I’m Rita this is Jane and this is Cindy Welcome to my channel turn on the subtitles and enjoy the video This is vlog six We are in our high school jingmei girls high school Because we want to give our junior some books We don’t need anymore Like this Then we’ll go for lunch and then We’ll go to skate Awesome Actually we call ourselves not found Because we were classmates In our first year And I forgot why we call ourselves Not found anyone remember No And we have other two other three members Can’t be here That’s it We’re going for lunch By the way this is outfit of the day If you had watched my second vlog Five days in japan This is Tommy Hilfiger Special collections with Gigi hadid This is our first time This is my fourth time This is French fries and Korean rice cakes What favors is it Cindy cheese This is cheogajip You guys like it yeah Delicious Is skating time We are outside the Taipei arena ice land We’re ready We’re so ready Because we can’t talk our phones to the ice rink So see you later Hi guys we still take our phones here Cindy just shouts whaowwww Then she almost fallen can you whaowwwww again Hahahaha no Wow Wow I’m so tired Me too There’re so many people now So we decided to take a break yep Hello Kneel before your queen Kneel, you!!!! Before your queen The kids are playing ice hockey Is time to go home Bye Hello I’m Cindy Hello I’m jane Thank you for watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe like Comment below Bye bye

Vlog #6 / ice skating with NOT FOUND
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  • August 19, 2019 at 9:48 am

    It looks like a fun day they have👍👍


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