– Today we are in New York City. We are here all week long for
the launch of our toy line, XOXO Friends, which is available
at Target and Walmarts now. And today, we don’t have any commitments, nothing for YouTube,
nothing for our toy line. Today is just going to be a day of fun. So pretty soon we’re gonna leave our hotel and we’re gonna go check
out the biggest toy store that I’ve ever been to, FAO Schwarz, and I think we’re gonna go ice
skating at Rockefeller Plaza, right in the heart of the city. (bright synth pop music) We’re actually staying
at a really cool hotel here in the city, it’s called the Moxy. It has Skee-Ball, shuffleboard,
giant checkerboards, Jenga boards, and even a basketball court, so it might be hard to pull
the girls away from here. But I think they’ll be down
for visiting a giant toy store. (lively keyboard music) All right, we are outside of FAO Schwarz. Now, I’ve pulled the
girls away from the hotel. We’re gonna have even more fun in here. Are you guys excited? – [Girls] Yeah! – We’re gonna show you our
favorite toys inside there. I am so pumped! I haven’t been here
since I was a little kid. (lively keyboard music) Whoa, that is a giant teddy bear. – Cheese! – (laughs) They have so many
cute stuffed animals in here! (lively keyboard music) – Mommy, come here, I
wanna show you something. – What are you gonna show me? It’s a spaceship! OK. (laughs) Addy, Addy, Addy! This area’s all magic tricks. You love magic, don’t you, girl? Wanna check some out? Fun. Do you watch Tic Tac Toy? Oh, thank you, hi! – Most of it. – Most of it? It’s so nice to meet you, how– It is kind of chaotic in here. There are so many people. There’s people talking over the intercom, there’s people walking around in costumes. There’s things flying through the air that almost hit you in the head. It’s a little crazy, but you know what? It’s super fun. (lively keyboard music) Are you grocery shopping
at FAQ Schwarz, Maya? – Yeah. – What are you shopping for? I see cucumbers and carrots.
– Orange. – Oranges, OK, what about corn? – Corn. – [Lucy] Corn, OK. – And some oatmeal raisin cookies! – This is a very interactive toy store. There’s lots to do here. Maya is currently shopping
at the FAO Schwarz Mart. You’ve got some pretty good purchases. I see cookies here. I’m down for cookies, Maya, good purchase. Yeah, I think we’re
gonna head upstairs now. Upstairs is where they have
that big, giant keyboard that you may have seen
in movies and TV shows, where you can stomp on it and play music. And I really wanna try that out. (bright electronic music) They even have Build-A-Bear in here. This is the craziest place ever! Look, there is a Woody
here that Colin would love if he was here right now.
– Over there’s a Buzz. – There’s a Buzz, too? Where’s the Buzz? – Mommy!
– Oh, you’re right! Colin would go crazy if he was here and saw a Woody and Buzz bear. (bright synth pop music) – [Employee] Stick it, and then we’re just gonna pop it in the hair. – [Lucy] How cool! The girls are trying Glitzy Locks, and it’s a really cool thing. You just pop this thing in,
and you pop it in your hair, and you have a hair accessory instantly. (dreamy synth pop music) Now she’s getting her hair chalked with this cool Alex spa kit. Who knew that we could have a spa day when we were at FAO Schwarz? Ooh, they have a Sketch
It Nail Pens Salon, does that look cool, Maya? – Yeah. – That looks really neat. We haven’t done that I always
thought it would be fun to do, Maya, have a spa day vlog.
– Yeah. – Where we try out all
these fun spa accessories. We could do hair, and nails, and cool, fun masks on our face. You wanna do that for our vlog? – Yeah. – We’ll have to figure that
out and do that pretty soon. What do you think? – I love it! – That looks so cool. I’m gonna have to get some
hair chalk now, I think. (dreamy synth pop music) I was telling Maya, we should have a vlog where we have a spa day. – Yeah.
– We can try out all these fun new toys, wouldn’t that be wild? Ooh, hair accessories, ooh, a bracelet. Tie-Dye Maker? Ooh, donut-shaped bath bombs. – I like that. – That’s a fun one. (laughs) And we’ve just walked
into the Barbie section. If you are a Barbie lover, this would be a cool place to check out. There are so many Barbies everywhere! They are Mary Poppins!
– Mary Poppins, and this is from “Mary Poppins.” – [Lucy] You’re right! – I love this, look at this one! – [Lucy] Ooh, these ones
are really fancy Barbies. (bright pop-rock music) – There’s a scientist, whoa. (bright pop-rock music) – We’re in the Baby Doll Adoption Center, and there are a lot of adorable babies up for adoption today! (bright pop-rock music) Oh, she’s darling! Look at her beautiful
green eyes and red hair! (bright pop-rock music) The girls are checking out
some Amazing Magic Pens now, which are pretty cool because not only do they change colors, you can erase them off of tables, off of
furniture, off of paper. It’s a parent’s dream come true! Wow! (bright pop-rock music) Now we’re in the “Paw Patrol” section, another section that Colin would absolutely love if he was here. He’s with Grandma right now. I know he’s having an amazing
time, but we’re missing him, so I’m looking at “Paw
Patrol” just for him. Now we’re in a magical Hatchimals land! – Look, mystery ones. – [Lucy] They’re mystery? – And look at this! – [Lucy] Whoa, look at that! (bright rock music) – Hatchimals Pixies. – [Lucy] Ooh, have you seen those before? – No. – Let’s see what they are. Ooh, there’s blue and
pink and purple ones. These are my personal favorites, ’cause of the little cute
egg carton they come in. It’s kinda fun. We just stumbled across
a giant candy section. I had no idea they had candy in here, too. Did you?
– Can I have candy? (Lucy speaks faintly in low voice) – Look, Chocolate Rocks! – [Girls] What? – What is, what do you think of that? Chocolate Rocks. I’m kind of curious.
– Look how huge this is! Look how huge this is! – That is ginormous! Rice Krispie Treats are actually
one of my favorite treats, so I could probably eat the whole thing, no joke, I probably could. We have a really big event
tomorrow where the girls and our whole family are
gonna have to be sitting for four or five hours. And I’m thinking that
if they each pick out a candy bag today, that
might help in those moments when they’re getting a
little tired or bored to kinda have a something. The girls are working
on their candy bags now. (sparkly rock music) I think it’s crazy how
popular gummies have become. You can find gummy anything. Gummy teeth, gummy piglets,
of course gummy bears. And check out this, a
giant gummy watermelon. I wonder if it tastes like watermelon, because I like watermelon. – [Maya] Oh my gosh. – [Lucy] Gummy waffle. – We just had a waffle
this morning during– – You had waffles for breakfast. – Yeah. – Would you have rather had a gummy waffle than a real waffle? – I don’t know. I don’t know what it tastes like. – Hmm, true, good point. Maya, let’s see if we can find any other weird gummy things in here. There’s a lot of strange gummy things. Gummy life preserver. – [Maya] Unicorn. – Unicorn, ooh. The gummy unicorn’s probably
the coolest thing we found. Ooh, and here’s a gummy– – [Maya] What’s that?
– Giant gummy strawberry, too. Lots of gummies in here. (sparkly rock music) OK, we left the store. And I’m walking around Rockefeller Plaza, and I think I just
noticed something that– – I noticed it!
– Is a little unfortunate. – I noticed it! – What did you notice, Maya? – That there’s no ice anymore. – There isn’t. So we don’t live in New York and know a lot about the
happenings around the city, and apparently the ice skating rink doesn’t exist during the summer. So I don’t think we’re
gonna be ice skating today, unfortunately. It looks like it’s a lovely
place to eat lunch, though. But no ice skating rink. Should we go there next time? – Yeah. – We’re back every
February for Toy Fair, so– – Yeah, so. – I think ice skating might have to happen next February when we’re here for Toy Fair. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Well, there’s a bummer, but that’s OK. – Yeah! (percussive synth music) – Well, Plan B, we decided, was
to walk around Central Park. In all of our trips we’ve
been to New York City, I’ve never actually been here, so this is a first for all of us. (percussive synth music) We just spotted a playground, so of course we had to check it out. Any time we travel, we always
try to find a playground for the kids to run around
and get some energy out. And girls, I just spotted
a really cool slide. Come check this out! They’re gonna love this. – Oh, yeah, oh, yeah! – You see it, Maya? – Yes, oh, yeah! – [Lucy] You see it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Lucy laughs) (percussive synth music) – There’s Addy, how was it, Addy? – It was fun. – (laughs) And here comes Maya! (laughs) (percussive synth music) It’s pretty crazy that
there’s all this green space right in the middle of
this giant city, isn’t it? – Mm-hm. – There’s big buildings all around us, and all this green space. And we’ve just spotted another playground, so we’re heading in! Woo!
– Here, can you hold this? – Whoa, hold on! – Hold on, wait for me! – When I was a kid, the tire swing was my favorite thing on the playground. I used to do tornadoes just like that. What was that, Maya? – (giggles) It is so scary! – That was scary? Do you want me to give
you a tornado, Addy? – Yes, uh-huh. – All right. (Girls shriek playfully) (Lucy laughs) (Girls shriek playfully) (Lucy laughs) – I think they like it! (laughs) You like it? – [Girls] Yeah, yeah! (Lucy laughs) – Whoa! (Lucy laughs) (percussive rock music) – Good job, girlie. We lucked out with
beautiful weather today. We’re in the middle of
summer in New York City, but it’s actually only about 70 degrees, maybe a little bit less, perfect weather. It’s overcast, there is a
giant gray cloud behind me, though, so I’m hoping that gray cloud doesn’t make its way over
here and start raining on us. (lively rock music) So pretty! – [Maya] Does anyone have a penny? – Mm, I don’t have any coins with me. I don’t think I do. (Maya laughs) There’s a lot of pennies in the fountain, though, aren’t there? – Yeah. (Lucy laughs) If I counted, there would be 10,562. – 10,562? All right, I happen to have two pennies! – Ooh, ooh!
– [Lucy] One for each of you. – I need to– – [Lucy] Wait, you know,
you gotta make a wish! Close your eyes, make your wish. Don’t tell us what it is, though. (lively rock music) All right, we’ll have to see
if your wishes come true now. Did you make good ones? – Yeah. – Are you gonna tell me what it is? – [Maya] Yes.
– [Addy] No. – You will? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Yeah? – [Maya] Yeah. – But then it won’t come true! – I don’t care! – (laughs) OK, what’d you wish for, then? – I’m only gonna say it if Addy says hers. – [Lucy] Oh, I don’t think
Addy wants to share hers. Are you gonna share your wish? – I guess, since it is gonna come true. – You both wanna share your wish. All right, what is it, Addy? – That I could have an amazing
soccer career when I grow up. – [Lucy] Ooh! What about you, Maya? – That I can have a pet unicorn! (Lucy laughs heartily) – You both have some amazing wishes. (laughs) A pet unicorn and
an amazing soccer career. I guess you probably
need to start soccer– – [Maya] A rainbow unicorn! – Lessons before we have
a soccer career, huh? – [Maya] A rainbow glittery unicorn. – [Lucy] Look at the
canoes out here, Addy! – [Girls] Whoa! – Oh, I wanna rent a canoe. This is so beautiful and peaceful. This whole Central Park
is just so peaceful, right in the middle of a crazy, busy city, it’s so calming and quaint. Does it even feel like
we’re in New York right now? – No.
– Mm-mm. – It doesn’t, it feels like
a whole other world out here. It’s beautiful. Hi, turtles! (sparkly pop music) Addy, I think you need to go
get inside the big bubble. – I’m gonna do it. (laughs) – You’re gonna do it? – (giggling) I’m gonna do it. – All right, I think you should. (laughs) Whoa! (laughs) – And then under. – Whoa! (laughs) That was awesome! High five, girl. How’d it feel to be in a bubble? – Good. (Lucy laughs) – That was pretty cool. I don’t care how old you are, there’s something about
bubbles, bubbles are always fun, especially really giant bubbles
that you can stand inside. (lively pop music) Well, I think we’re gonna
go have some dinner now. So thank you for following us
around in New York City today. We hope you had fun with us. We’ll see you guys next time, XOXO! (lively pop music)

Visiting New York’s LARGEST Toy Store !!!
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