*music playing* “My name is Vincent Zhou, and I go to Connections Academy. “I’m a national an international competitive figure skater, and I aspire to go to the Olympics and win. Well I’ve been ice skating for over six years now, and Connections Academy really helps me pursue my sport. It lets me work anytime, anywhere there’s internet connection. When I still went to regular school, the teacher had to give me all my work ahead, and I would often be missing stuff, or lose stuff, and the instructions wouldn’t be clear. So I had a lot of trouble working that way, but then when I tried out with my coach, another skaters mom told my mom about it, and so I switched to Connections Academy and it was great. When I’m out on the ice, I feel freedom, cause I don’t have to put my mind on anything else, just on what I love, just on what I’m really passionate about. It’s a lot of focus, but it’s also a continued amount of focus throughout the day. Usually by the end of the day, I’m exhausted, but I get used to it. And sometimes I’m still bouncing around in my bed at night.laughterWell School and Skating are alike in the way that, in both I’m aiming for the high goals. In School, that would be straight A+’s, whereas in skating it would more be about constantly improving. In my previous school when I had labs and activities, I would always be kinda unclear on the instructions cause my mind would be racing off to my next competition. But with Connections Academy, when I’m just sitting there with no students chattering next to me, I can just look straight at the instructions and know what’s clear and I can read it as many times as I want. In the classroom environment, I’m always rushing to complete everything in time. But with Connections Academy, I can take as long as I want. I remember before when I had homework from my regular school, I didn’t get as good grades as I do now, and I think that’s because the level of concentration, the level of focus is different. I have great teachers at Connections Academy. When I’m communicating with a teacher at Connections Academy, it’s just directly between the teacher and me. After switching to Connections Academy, I found my life a lot easier.”

Vincent Zhou Excelling in Online School and Figure Skating

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