-This is very exciting.
You’re about to have a child. -I am. Yes.
-Yeah. Any day now. -Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] -And you’ve had —
this is your second, but there’s been
a bit of a gap between them. -Yeah, I left 20 years
between them. -Yeah.
-Because I wasn’t sure. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -I wanted to try it out first. -So obviously you are aware
that being a father — a lot has changed in 20 years…
-Yes. -…as far as, like, what is
available to you in child care. -Well, now you put car seats
in the car first. And then you —
like, you clink, clink. You know what I’m talking about?
-Yeah. -It used to be you just
wrestled with a seat belt like a bear.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Like Leonardo DiCaprio
in “The Revenant” or something. -Right.
-You were just struggling. -But now it’s, like, easy.
-Yeah. Everything’s
a little bit easier. So we’re very excited to have
you back as a — You know, I’m a father of two.
And I — -Yes.
-It took you a while to do it, but we’re very glad to have
you joining the club. -Thank you.
Good to be in the club, yeah. -A much different
father/child relationship in this show. For those who couldn’t
tell from the clip, you are a serial killer…
-Yes. -…whose son works for the FBI. -And he’s an aging pole dancer. -He is, yes.
[ Laughter ] -No, he’s not.
He’s not. -I was going to say, I —
[ Scattered cheers ] Your pole —
-But maybe, series two. -Your pole dancing scene
was not as good. -No, no.
-Just fell right off. -No, yeah, yeah. Or stuck in all the wrong ways.
-Yeah, exactly. -Just terrible.
-You — I feel like — I mean, again, playing
a serial killer, it’s menacing. You also seem to be having
some fun with it. Is that accurate?
-Well, I sort of realized that if you’re a monster,
you don’t want to signal that you’re a monster,
because people will run away. And you want to kill them.
[ Laughter ] So you don’t want them
running away. So you have to be kind of
be nice and cuddly and wear cardigans and be funny
and charming. I think that works.
-Wow. You’ve put so much thought
into this. I think you’d make an excellent
serial killer. -Thank you. -You had a beard.
-I did. -You shaved your beard,
and your fan base was upset. -Well, I have to apologize to
yourself and everyone here — and to the band — because
I look very scruffy today because I had to shave the
beard off for something else I had to film,
and now I can’t film on “Prodigal Son” again
until I have a full beard like you just saw.
-I see. So you’re racing back
into the game. -So I’m pushing it out now,
yeah. So I’m going through that
difficult period. -Yeah, this is —
-The scruffy period. -I’m glad you mentioned it
because we were… -Thank you.
-…all a little offended. -Yeah.
It’s the sort of thing, when I was growing up,
when I was younger, I had an uncle, who if I did
an interview or I was on TV and I had a bit of scruff —
like designer scruff, as we used to call it
in the ’80s — he would say, “Michael,
can you not afford a razor?” [ Laughter ] He was the same one
who used to accuse me that I was having
my hair cut by the Counsel. [ Laughter ]
That was the same uncle. -But you — if you put
Michael Sheen in your movie or television show, you’re
going to save some money on wigs and beards because —
-Yes. -…fake beards —
you grow the hair. -I grow the hair. I don’t like
putting prosthetics on. -Yeah.
-Anything like that. I like to, you know, I don’t
want to put a wig on. For “Good Omens,” I did a series
called “Good Omens.” -Yeah.
-And I played an angel. [ Cheers and applause ]
-There you go. There’s your “Good Omens” hair. -Yeah, so that’s not a wig.
That’s my own hair. They had to bleach my hair…
-Yeah. -…for six months. -And that’s fine when
you’re playing an angel. But when you’re walking around
town, does this get — -Yes.
-Do people look twice at this? -I get — I got
sort of funny looks from elderly effete gentlemen
in Soho. -[ Laughs ] I see, yeah. -Yeah, it was a bit tricky,
that one, yeah. -This is one I would have
guessed a wig, but this is the real deal.
This is in “Underworld.” -Well, that was extensions,
so — -Okay.
-Because, as you can see, I’ve got quite curly hair.
-Yeah. -And they wanted long hair, so
they had to put extensions in. Which I quite liked
doing all of that. But it was a look that did cause
me trouble in real life. Because, I mean, it was fine as
playing that character, Lucian. I was a werewolf, a lycan. But in real life, I kept getting
thrown out of shops. [ Laughter ] I was, like, wandering around
an antique store, and there was this guy
in there. He was like,
“No, you out, out, out.” But the worst one was when
I went to pick up my daughter from her ice skating lesson.
-Uh-huh. -And I turned up like that,
with the beard and the long hair
and everything. And it just so happened
that the Beckhams — -David Beckham,
Victoria Beckham? -Yes. Posh Spice. Were — was
at the ice-skating rink because they were thinking
of having their son — one of their kids have
ice-skating lessons there as well. And Victoria was
sort of friendly with my daughter’s mother. And so she saw him turn up and taking Lily away,
and she called security. She thought I was —
[ Laughter ] …some strange vagrant
had come in to steal children. Like I was the Child Catcher from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”
-Yeah. Who’s putting no effort
into hiding — yeah, just boldly
walking out onto the ice. -“I am here for this child.
Come with me.” Yeah. -You mentioned David Beckham.
You — is it true that you did have some skills
as a footballer in your youth? -I had some silky
Brazilian skills. -Yeah. -Yeah, I was obsessed
with football — soccer, as we call it.
-Yeah, yep. -Or as you call it.
Who calls it what? Yeah, no, we call it football, but that’s something else
for you. Yeah, I was obsessed with that
growing up. And I — people laugh when I say
this, but I’m serious. I peaked when I was 12.
-Okay. [ Laughter ]
-In many things, but soccer was one of them,
yeah. -But you actually played
on a professional team’s youth league, yes?
-Well, no. I was asked to play
for the Arsenal youth team. -Okay. Which is a big deal.
-That is a big deal. -Yeah.
-And — but my parents said no, that would mean going
to live in London. -I see.
-When I was very young, because I come from Wales,
a small town in Wales. And so I didn’t do that.
And then within a few years, I was sort of into acting
and that never happened. But then I did take part
in a big sort of pro celebrity charity match
every few years where we played at Old Trafford,
Manchester United’s ground. In front of 80,000 people.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s fantastic.
-It was unbelievable. -So 80,000 people come
to the celebrity match? -Yeah. Because we had some of
the greatest players of all time playing in this match. As well as big stars.
So I was the captain of — it was England against
the rest of the world. -Yeah.
-And the pop star Robbie Williams was England,
captain of England. And I was captain of
the rest of the world. So I was your captain.
Captain, my captain. -Yeah.
-That was — I was your captain. -We remember.
-Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your letters.
[ Laughter ] I appreciate it.
And so we had people like Will Ferrell came over
to play on my team. Mike Myers, Woody Harrelson.
All these amazing people. -Who was the best —
other than yourself… -Yes.
-…who was the best celebrity? -I would say probably
Will Ferrell. -Yes.
-Because he was very fit. -Yep. -He was very good at football. He said he grew up
in Orange County and he played
a lot of football — soccer — there when he grew up. But then you get
off into baseball and all your other sports.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And you lose the one
true God’s game. [ Laughter ]
The ability to play. But Will was fantastic.
But he was also — I mean, he is literally
the nicest person I’ve ever met. -He really is. Yeah.
-He’s just a joy. -And it’s — you can’t be that
nice on the soccer pitch. It’ll backfire on you.
-No, you gotta be a killer. Killer.
[ Laughter ] -One last thing I want
to ask you, because this is an interesting
fact about you. You played Tony Blair
three different times. -I did.
-Three different films. -Exactly the same performance
but three different times. -Yes, exactly.
Same lines. You insisted on the same script.
-Yes. -And, like, and write around it.
-That’s right. -But Boris Johnson now —
-Yeah. -I mean, that’s
a pretty rich part. Wouldn’t you want to play
a little — -Well, could you bring up the
picture of “Good Omens” again? -Yeah, I guess that’s —
-You stick a bicycle pump into that…
[ Laughter ] …and you’ve got Boris Johnson. -Consider this an audition.
-Yes. -Consider this an audition.
Michael Sheen, everybody.

Victoria Beckham Called Security on Michael Sheen at an Ice-Skating Rink
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