James Neal has faced off against all teams in the past he says however tonight is a little bit different against these Bolton nights after that dream season that they strung together out of nowhere last year he’s hoping to pot one against his old buddies and get his offensive game going for shorthand it goes the season for Vegas the most to live in old ways it back the cachaça my cesspools five straight home games Mariano Johnny Gaudreau was a chance [Applause] while he was a wrecking ball against the owners on Saturday he’s a scorer tonight against the Golden Knights to Vega one up in Calgary well so far he still might come the elected but what a great entry by the flames just under control get it back cross-ice to Giordano there’s going to be good Chuck to sneak down from the far point and he ripped out and passed Mountain Subban Alex Tucker ready [Music] [Applause] the post as well flames that close to going up to nothing by Holden goes well wide and it’s chipped up like a girl here goes Lingam works it in a hole waiting for support clients Monaghan’s skies a beauty makes it to nothing calgary and this is all in home in fine time waiting for and the crowd will play just to chip the puck out of the zone but you take a look at Lynn mom he’s gonna wait Holden does a pretty good job he waits for truth there’s not a nanny given go to he grows so all the sudden Joanie again makes a nice pass to hanok lost control but it’s the masses [Applause] perhaps having their best first period of the season just pouring it on all sorts of opportunities and excellent exit out of their zone Hammond extorts the rush there’s the turnover and you can’t give it to these two guys I mean you’re going to turn the puck over make sure that it’s not when this line is out there Mountain Subban has had nine shots brick all over been extremely dangerous Chuck behind a net – Brodie Charlotte in fairness to sue that he’s been overwhelmed and he’s not getting much help from his teammates this shot from Brody tons of traffic I’m not sure that might even hit Carlson along the way take a look at the left leg at Carlson Loomis Nick no I think that just beats him clean with michael bakwin in front that comes free played across to grow [Applause] gets his second of the period that makes it five-nothing Calgary from his right skate he kicks it on to the stick blade I wasn’t sure that his stick on the puck but no question about it but just notice how calm and patient Monahan is that is not easy to do back level the tip asta Tkachuk works it in with a shot scores [Music] [Applause] and it takes 24 seconds to make it six nothing what an unlucky way to start the second period for Vegas and especially Malcolm zband let’s start with the second in a James deal bump in the corner ryan gets it back to the line Hannah fun Ryan shoots Benson [Applause] and it goes from the Golden Knights counter just feasting on a really cool game by Vegas and now it looks his own Malcolm Subban has lost some of the fight even though I would agree as you Rick this is deflected along the way Steel’s around the board spur Gaudreau shot intercepted left me a breakaway it is it’s meant shortly boy game of Matthew Canucks career at four points in and that Lee’s Marsh is so wide open in front and when you have such a dangerous quarry swear to beauty last night to the corner by Holden there’s Monahan fans control shoot Shubin bricks Cutrone great Joey get rolled back the other way Ross Subban makes the same top it up recover just in time before Kerry get there now here comes Pro leaked into the zone Ryan pastel pod let’s broken up on a good play there defensively by Schmidt begin by Hannah puddin races into the play cuts out front balls around its turn to sign by brennick is that shot by carpenter trickle through let’s get a little sloppy there and a 7-nothing game at 2:45 they go with the period Bergin ribbing hangs on the didn’t say my Riddick gunshot one off the stick again Koryak that changing direction breakup – Eddie – fun week right capital city and please drop the back long shot they score Nick Holden sneaks one past Riddick you didn’t see it and the Golden Knights are on the board doesn’t take much for the Golden Knights to strike good puck movement can see and movement of traffic and part in fact there’s Giordano and I believe there’s Sam Bennett certainly wasn’t eminent power-play chance they score Pacioretty able to chip a bouncer pass Riddick and have anacs– still was stunned that he was the one in the Box Bowl the Knights get a couple here in the third cut the lead to five and then Pacioretty just comes in from the far side and chips that one over the pad or Riddick [Applause] Giordano long pass here’s a chance for Bennett with a bit of roll but a shot Subban makes the save Pacioretty nice pass to McNabb nice move but Riddick able to chop it away before he could shoot David Riddick with a couple of nice days here Braden McNabb sneaks in from the point nice stick again a chance can tipped away by Redick on that chance coming up in mind that by Riley Smith so I stopped by Subin of Jankowski deal the circle pool tank one timer stopped by Subban the rebound swung on a missed by Backlund his TUC clears to open away tripped up by Belmar [Applause] a convincing win for the Calgary Flames in their first meeting with Vegas of the season as they build a seven nothing lead and cruised to a 72 victory here at Scotiabank settle Oh fantastic but you know what they needed a better cert they had just that versus Vegas and they jumped out to a big five nothing lead in the first period

Vegas Golden Knights vs Calgary Flames | NHL | NOV-19-2018 | 22:00 EST
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