Hi. This is Gunhoo Kim.
We are here for 2nd Skate Fry-Days, At Sajik stadium in Busan. The trick we learn today is
Switch Frontside 360. This trick is rotating a full 360 degrees your body to frontside with opposite side of your original stance. Before you try it, you should be better feel comfortable with switch stance tricks. First tip for this trick is turn your both front / back foot at once right after you land after your normal switch frontside 180. The important thing is your sight and shoulder need to be turn first than your lower body. When you land the trick, eventhough you rotate less 360 degree, you need to put weight and drag your back foot to make fullturn. Hope this helps you learn this trick. Then, I will see you at the 3rd Skate Fry-days at Bucheon.

Vans Korea How To: “Skate FRY-DAYS” in Busan | Skate | VANS
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    but how come dis vid has 12 vievs wen dere is unly 7-8 peple in the wurld


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