tonight might be wise to call this one huge hockey night and here’s why 24 year old Joe’s brother Salim he played in two of the last three games for the jackets but tonight is his first start since November 24th but branches the fans and Aaron dishes to the near wall just underway glad you’ve joined us here on Fox Sports Ohio and Aaron takes that pass ROPS it back Seth Jones [Applause] [Music] by Chef goes find the junkets for 47 seconds in Edward now alec sadler with a right wing beat closing in on the 7-minute month this is Pettersen walks two minute backhands it and a wicked backhand it was but off the mark nice little toe drag to set that up he’s not afraid to cut through the middle of the ice 30 points at 26 games he’s got two five-point games already in his first 26 that was an old toe drag see how he cuts to the middle no fear to cut to the middle the ice he’s got the skill he’s got the vision he’s got this here’s Jenner towards the net deflected off the mark world open unable to pull the trigger Chris Hammond does headquarter Salo Mumbai willing to make the stop the standing out there past the blue line are the Canucks waiting and we’re trying to protect that red line for that passing front where puss allo was there to make the stop steps behind the net Panera now throws it up high noodle bar a new bar ellipse in the slot well the Blue Jackets have movement from the line there’s the play you can see noodles that’s the noodle bar with his head up subverts gone to the net and his partner finds him so hard to defend that as a forward forward six zone down there they’ve got to try to find and stay with that defenseman standing at the blue line in a kind antena 3 3 2 pitch deep with the steel markstram we’ll get another big stop from point-blank range well no-nonsense hockey is what the Blue Jackets have started with here in the first period and you can see on the forecheck ran into Vince key very simple he’s taken away the D did he pass and he does that gets a gift you can tell by his reaction surprised and then good shot selection high on the shoulder of markstram after waiting for cook Branson will play he turns it over in Tripoli the Canucks a number of turnovers here too late in this first period blue jackets unable to capitalize that puck after the drop I do ba the jackets trying to get another one early here this time to the second right away not much of a shot with the direction of the net it’s stick on stick bouncing puck little bit attempted to get a stick on it Harrison who sent to Center kakoton [Applause] get marks can get a piece after that initial save to keep an eye Lynette the Vancouver Canucks collide the neutral zone and that opens up the ice there’s a collision booth off the bench with the step makes the right move Martin’s got those long legs there’s the turnover and cam tries to get that pot for credit Hutton hurry no weights at the right point Murray moves in office Kate comes to Jones nonetheless a shot high and deflected off the netting and the out of Wright’s shot selection by Seth Jones and you know you see the puck ball is great players can make you a little bit antsy the New York Strip that’s here behind the defense the backhand attempt there backing down by Dubois nice move by Jenner that’s a penalty back to the power play here with a hook game call Trentham westrom in the puck gets away that’s a break short-handed looking at dinner purpose saddle was so cool away herself dr. Du Bois who ends quickly with Jones back to do block Atkinson open Atkinson fires and my trouble the sweeping stop back the other way countering there off the glove have put the salad York Strip and the turnover aerosol feeds it ahead save rebound sweat wine little vara back at the point survives and Erin Watson and gets it drops it back for survive Siddhartha rich shot deflected hatkins in kind to send in five March to scramble there and in the blue paint Markstrom Henderson get of the slot for Olivo who drove it Seth Jones will leave the ice for the Brooklyn stick the Canucks entire with the tip in front Jones bulk is stick headed to the bench and the Canucks have tied it up with 11 49 remaining not the left path there of Markstrom here’s Bjork strength IRISA [Applause] [Music] it’s late Oliver björnstrand picks his puck up in the corner it’s a deceptive release it’s a hard shot at Markstrom Burnet whistle by his ear and that’s when he knew it was too late great shot by over Bjork strength good job by the Blue Jackets levo player towards a net collecting from the corner Nesser for Patterson V vote camp red tearing the ends of the blimp a Besser along the near wall gets it back to the point traffic in front of us all anyone’s got his second of the night that’s another double deflection look like Patterson might have got this and it looked like oak front it got deflected earlier Tanev you could see this guy behind the net drawing attention and as soon as that committee makes the play now he comes out in front of the net there’s Patterson Edler with the play there’s a deflection out high and I think that hit Patterson and her mom the right-wing Piedmont down thanks to the front of the net and scores he is able to tip it by chef Jones and the Canucks leads three-two I think the Canucks are just as surprised here as the Blue Jackets are that this buck was in the net that cuts all around watch them in front of that goober [Applause] and dropped in front of it Get Set Johnny love the head fans out of bananas FD and it’s Erickson sending it in sent live no icing here Brad we’ll get to it for that captain front there’s the horn and the Canucks with three third period goals and they come from behind for the win marched from improves three straight wins three and of wha for the Blue Jackets to go back to those early opportunities markstram with some big saves the Columbus Blue Jackets gonna you know you go back to some power play opportunities just not getting it down here tonight

Vancouver Canucks vs Columbus Blue Jackets | NHL | DEC-11-2018 | 20:00 EST
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