once you're comfortable on your skate skis it's important to start learning some specific techniques there are a bunch of different different skating techniques that go with different types of terrain one of my favorites being v2 v2 is really good for flat terrain and also gradual uphill and downhill when I go for a skate ski I'd say v2 is probably my primary technique it takes a lot of balance but once you get it down it's a great cruising technique to speed around the park so the most the most important part of learning how to v2 is the timing the v2 timing differs from v1 timing in the in the pulling to skiing ratio and each time you pull you also want to ski in v2 for example if I come over my ski I'm going to pull and then I'm going to ski pull and ski so anyone who's been in any of my classes knows that I like to teach skating and the different techniques with mantras so the mantra for v2 is pull skate pull skates pull skate the difference from v1 is that v1 the poles go down at the same time as the ski and v2 it's exactly the opposite the poles go down before the ski so I pull plant my poles transfer my weight and ski it's one of the most difficult things with learning v2 is balance it's really important to have good balance for v2 the problem that a lot of beginner v2v tors fall into is that they can't balance on the ski long enough to complete the motion so it's really important that you shift your weight from ski to ski what happens is that a lot of beginners hang out with their weight right down the middle and they don't shift their weight from side to side so you can see what I'm doing is I'm shifting my weight and I'm centering it over each ski in order to balance on the ski my weight needs to be over the ski

V2 skate skiing technique

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