ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino
and I’m a wheel addict, in this video I’m going to be reviewing the skate which is
in my opinion best for skating flat at this exact moment and that skate is the
USD AEON and why do I say that this is the best skate for skating flat well
this is a different skate from every other aggressive skate on the market so
every other aggressive skin on the market they do have a system called ufs
which means that they have two bolts one here and one here and if you just
unscrew that bolt you can change the frame from one state to the other and
you might be thinking isn’t that a better option well it can be a better
option but it can also be more limiting and the reason why it can be more
limiting it’s because the place where those screws are doesn’t allow you to
put wheels and that’s exactly what’s happening with this skate right here the
USDA n basically because the the frame is integrated in the shell that means
that because you don’t need those crews you end up having like a hole let me try
to show you that you can see something black there those black things that you
can see those are holes and those holes that’s exactly wheel wells basically a
place where the will can roll without touching anything what’s happening with
that is that this skate becomes a lot lower
it has a lot of space for grinding while still have four wheels touching the
ground so this skate has been out now for
almost three years I think it’s been out for three years now and there’s a few
different variations of this game this kit comes in 16 millimeters like the one
that I have here right now it comes in 72 and it comes in 80 they are all a
little bit different but today we’re going to be talking about the 60s which
is this one the one which is more used for aggressive scaling but it just works
perfect in my opinion it’s actually one of the best games now this case changed
since the first ones that came out and on these one the main change is actually
it has a soft top it has some leather here let me try to lace this a bit
better so that you can see something okay
so this kid has this little this soft top and this soft top summer works
wonders for comfort because for a lot of people that was one of the main issues
with this game this skate is a little bit low in the front and for some people
that wasn’t too good especially because it comes with a different liner I have
tried a couple of different liners but the liner that comes on this skate it’s
amazing and that liner is the my feet second skin it’s super super as the name
says it’s like it’s like skin it’s like super super slim and it has the lacing
here on top it’s a very very supportive liner even every X here in the back but
you can just take it out put it differently whatever if you want and
this line is super super supportive it’s one of my favorite liners on the market
it has one thing that I don’t like that much especially with the newest version
which is it has a front neoprene area which is really cool it’s a little bit
expandable but because it has neoprene here too
I feel somehow that my toes slide a little bit that’s the only thing that I
don’t like that much about this line other than that I love it now on my
skate I’ve been using it with an intuition liner and one of the main
reasons is because I feel like it gets stuck underneath comfort Weiss I don’t
know if it’s more comfortable then the second scheme it
gives me a little bit more support because of the the velcro thing that I
put on top like I just showed on that one this one is a little bit more
supportive now if you have like a slimmed food you can also use something
like this this is the Fat Boy liner and it’s much thicker so if you have our
slimmer food you don’t want to use a liner like the ones that I just told you
that they are both super super slim with a liner like this it’s more padded so
it’s going to fill the space in between your food and the shell better giving
you a really good support so this is really good now now until now we’re
talking about liners I already said that it’s a super low skate and it has a very
very cool thing too which is it comes with a 45 degree strap why don’t I use
it because I don’t think it’s needed as on a 60 millimeter skate and the holes
are here I’m actually I actually took this strap off and the holes are here
the reason why I took the strap is to start off the velcro somehow have less
quality than the first ones on the first aliens I don’t know exactly why I think
they’re a little bit shorter and they kept on opening but it also rattle a
little bit I feel I listen to a little bit of noise so I rather not use any of
those and if I would need to use some 45 degree kind of like strap support I
could always just put the laces going through the hole I see a lot of people
doing it and then if the laces go through that all it’s going to still
keep your foot in the right position so you should know that you usually use
that 45 degree strap to keep the heel in the right position that’s something that
you could change by just making the laces go through that all the cuff well
the cuff it works good man it’s it’s a super low cuff but for the type of
scaling that you do with these skates let’s remind you again that you can not
change the the frame so it’s always going to be 60 millimeters you can’t
really put bigger wheels because if you put bigger wheels they got a touch here
so there’s not a lot that you can do for that so the curve in my opinion works
really good sometimes I even leave the cuff a little bit not too
tight a little bit loose and I work with the support from the liners some people
do it I like to do it it’s a really really good skate for top side tricks
but now that’s the biggest but about this case
imagine on this skate you use the exact same material for sole tricks for Royal
tricks and for torque tricks something that surprises me is you can
torque and back fly really good and until a few years ago you would either
backslide or torque with the skate because if you would be a really good
skate for backslide then would be super slow for torques or it could be the
opposite super fast for torques and also super fast for backsides this skate
actually works really really good that has to do with the angle and the space
in between the middle two wheels this is perfect for torques backslide unities
every trick they will do with the block or with the backslide groove it’s
perfect when it is so tricks the sole it’s really really wide and when it’s
new it’s actually quite fast now the biggest problem is once it start getting
use the soles start getting slow and that’s the biggest problem that I see
with the USDA ends but that can be fixed and that’s also one of the reasons why
I’m doing this video so I found out that USD I used to skate for USD at that time
when they released the skate called the legacy the legacy was in fact the most
customizable aggressive skate that any brand ever made you could change
everything you could bring the cuffs up you could bring the cuffs low you could
do too much you could do so much that people didn’t really like the skate but
you has they made a lot of parts and one of the parts that they made was the
soleplate and I wanted to do the experience of just trying these sole
plates on the USDA and and that’s exactly what I did here you can see that
here you got two plates and these two plates they basically just I just use
the inside part of the buckle by the way I also changed epochal diesel
this skate this is the USDA in team 19 and it comes with a Velcro and I’m sorry
but it’s just not working I didn’t saw one single person skating with the
velcro’s because they just keep on opening so that’s a huge problem about
this case but I don’t even need to say about it because everyone already knows
it so I’m gonna keep going I just change I put a buckle that’s not even a problem
anymore and what I did is the screws that you
also use here I use the receptor of that on the inside and I had to use some
longer screws the exact same as the buckles I got some longer screws just
pick these sole plates and this is the best egg that you can do to your USDA M
skates these made your skate completely different because like I was just saying
when they’re new they’re actually quite fast with soles but then the more they
get used the slower they get like you see most of the pro skaters skating them
almost new the whole time but if you had a pair of these kids for over one year
they do get super slow I did skip the Nick Lomax
the first Nick Lomax ones the whole black ones for I would say probably 1415
months and in the end every alley-oop topside trick was really really a pain
because it gets super super sticky and it becomes it’s obviously dangerous and
even in your head somehow you kind of like to lose the trick because it gets
scared of it so these can save you and it’s actually a super easy thing now it
also makes your sketch even easier for top sides because reducing the space ear
making this the frame low makes it even easier for top sizes it kind of feels
like you don’t need to bend that much it also has a problem which is when you
turn the plates can touch and you can fold these plates that I use the ones
that come with the legacies let me show you something I think you would need
more than one pack but as you can see they are kind of like shave year they
come with an angle which helps a little bit but even if they wouldn’t come and
make two or three turns and this thing would happen naturally but that’s one of
the things that I wanted to show you about this case you might have seen that
I’m also using different wheels but I wanted to make the ultimate I really
to make the ultimate USDA in skates so I actually just changed the wheels that
come on the skate for the fastest wheels that I’ve ever tried those are the
famous wheels these ones have an aluminum core these are 60 millimeters
round profile wheels it has a super super slim tired I actually made a video
review about these so you can just look on one of the links in the description
now this cake the USDA in team nineteen comes with a USDA in wheel and this is a
really really really good wheel it’s a fast wheel it it lasts really long it’s
a really good all-around wheel the profile it’s it’s a flat profile so it’s
flat on top it’s going to be more stable than these but it’s a different tool
this is a much more expensive and it’s a different type of it’s not gonna last as
long obviously because it has a small tire this one is a big target I just
wanted to make the ultimate USDA M skate and I actually think I got it I really
like this skate a lot now am I going to skate with this skate the whole time I
do like this skate a lot I could skate with this skate is my only skate for a
long time just as I did with the USD NIC Lomax skate
but there’s other skates on the market there I also like a lot the same with
the liner I’m not gonna say that I’m gonna stay with this liner forever
because in some skates some liners fit differently at the moment for me if I
would be skating 100% of my time with the USDA n this is the perfect skate
intuition liner on a USDA and team nineteen with a soft top so plates kinda
like act I would need to put them everywhere until here I just put them on
my main sole food and then with famous wheels we twin-cam ilq9 bearings these
would be my ideal my best of the best USDA ins and that’s it I just wanted to
share with you some opinions about the USDA I hope you guys enjoyed this video
if you did enjoy this video do not forget to subscribe to the channel make
sure to LIKE this video if you liked it if you didn’t like it you can give me
some thumbs down but let me know what I didn’t like about this video and like I
always say more important anything else just never ever ever forget why we all
started skating and that is because it’s fun Cheers
and see you on your USDA s



  • August 12, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Totally Agree!! So much that I ordered a pair already… 🙂

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    USE code LINO and Buy your USD Aeons with 10% discount at HEDON SKATE:

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    So many aeons end up on blade trade, People rip the liner out and expect someone to pay almost full price for the rest of the boot. Quite insane.

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    Nice review and upgrade hack. I've pre-ordered the new dark blue ones hope they fixed the Velcro already. Loved the video

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    how2 hack ur usd aeons: put them in the trash. buy razors. win

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    I love my Aeon 80's. I'm a guy that likes big wheels.

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Good info. I've been wanting to try the Aeons next so this is nice to see the good stuff and the best stuff. Also, I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect skate out of the box. You have to make it the way you like it which usually means changing stuff.

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Does anyone know if Razors cuffs would work on USD Aeons if combined with a non V-cut liner? I'd like to give them a try but I've always struggled adapting to any skates with a v-cut cuff

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    Nice intro! 👍

  • August 12, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    Congrats to 33.000 Users. I Love your Channel ❤️ i will buy the Aeon. My question is: i have 44EU feetsize. What a Boot is the best for me? The 43/44 or the 45/46?

  • August 12, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    How can anyone find a USD Legacy soles? They haven't made those skates in over 10 years!!! That is not realistic for everyone else.

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    How wide are the aeons in the toe area? My feet are pretty wide and I'm afraid they won't me.

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    Sam Croft Navy color will be in my hands by the end of the month! 😬 great information sir!

  • August 12, 2019 at 7:07 pm

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    Sweet Review ! You’re the skate GURU! That blue pool looked sick !!!

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    Max size 46 i got 47.
    Any Tips for me?

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    Would be nice if usd made a "spare soulplate" for aeons, like that from legacy but with better fit. And the next generations of aeons coming with the holes, just to put the soulplates when you want. I know the frame/soul/shell is not so expensive, but the problem os the fact they dont sell the coloured parts separetally, like the new brown parts from lomax skate

  • August 12, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    I like my aeon basic with my Reign Liner and Dead Wheels. but the video should be titled "USD Aeon the best all-around aggressive…. if you change everything that comes with it 🙂

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    amazing riding style!!

  • August 13, 2019 at 12:10 am

    My skates👏😅 awsome boot for sure!! I love riding these skates…

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    Sick job on the custom, and explaining pros and cons.
    Bay fam🌉

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    The velcro gets better after 10+ hours. But it's a giant PITA those first 10 hours and pops open a lot.

    The model you show in the video – with the second skin liner and the soft top boot. Is that the newest model? The models you link to don't seem to have those options, but are hard top and contain myfit skinny liners. (edit: nvm….I found out it was the USD Aeon 60 XIX).

  • August 13, 2019 at 8:55 am

    what about industrial teflon coating spray? could it help on slow skates? There are several different kinds though to watch out for. Also im not sure about the application process. Or how about using some kind of polishing machine on the soulplates? Or using sandpaper with a really higher number. ive seen grit up to 7000 which might not even be necessary for soulplates. mind the temperature!

  • August 13, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    i have them soon too 😍

  • August 13, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    Spot on review, especially about the straps. They are no good. Can I request a review of skates that might be good for people with flat feet (de pés chatos)? Always have trouble finding comfy skates….

  • August 13, 2019 at 8:59 pm


  • August 14, 2019 at 7:29 am

    Would you recommend the new white ones or the Sam Crofts? I'm trying to look at the differences but apart from the strap/buckle they look pretty much the same.
    Was going to go with the 5th elements for the nostalgia vibe but these Aeons look pretty damn good.


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