[Applause] okay Bo all over me my green is where it's supposed to be your green is in my grocery this Asian to that soulless girl and now he got that Kochi feed my dick is like an accent markets all about the over eat like a part car I sound weird like nigga with my heart flies like a logo for Ford eating Oreos like these white girls that blow like the beat retarded so I'm calling it a little Jam butcher and I know it man kill feed go and these rappers are afraid of them cuz I'm a beast bitch girl invaders and Gambino is a call girl brand new whip for these niggas like slavery told me I was awful and that shit did not phase me amazing my favorite pepper now or you can kiss my ass you wanna see my girl my girl all righty so I'm out here terminus we just got done with the riders briefing man this setup is incredible sir many unit obstacle it's got a RAF rail we've got the new unit wall it's incredible and tomorrow's competition's gonna be insane so I just had my first run quarterfinals run don't have results yet the second heats about to go on the water alrighty so finals did not go to planning I crashed twice early pretty shouted but all good I'm so pumped to be part of such an epic woman's final all the girls absolutely crush – congrats – Jaime latina Julia Rick and and at least except for having such a great run yeah you can pick whichever one you want that's a wrap for the u.s. park pro thank you guys so much for watching thank you to Tom Foucher for putting all those events together and thank you to liquid force juice [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] do UN done what did you go pro this is Courtney's vlog we are on episode that we're about to shoot the beach on the Chattahoochee River Oh back together together forever against C&J be always and forever [Laughter] hey let me try to swing it over your head you ready buddy here I read died Oh what's up hey night how's the all-night oh yeah a mistake it in charge the fruit of dangerous danger hazardous I don't want to right Hey right your eye mate like a natural a couple of drinks pain they had a beer bong funnels for the boys baby D have abs [Laughter] feel beautifully made here beautiful really time to dig flight we're out so yeah jeez what time say subscribe

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