so what snow valley we're more than just great skiing and snowboarding and snow tubing we've got the great snowshoe trails in the last couple years now we've got some great night offerings as well we've got snowshoeing in yoga we thought we'd combine the two and what better way to get out enjoy a little bit of nature and come back and really decompress after you know a tough day at or a week at the office so we've had snowshoeing for a number of years and we have over 14 kilometers of trails up in the woods so we headed out and we passed over first River and we talked about how the river affects the wildlife in medicine and how all the snow that we get here melts into it and flows down that way to give home to families and then we went on our journey to the beautiful fire we have set up there we have trails that are nice and flat and then we have a very experienced one where you go straight up to the top of the hill there and we have in-between ones if you want to do half that trail you can cut off to another trophies if you move pretty quickly and you keep pretty toasty and its really nice to be outside at night it was very fun it was nice to go over to the bridge and and hear about the different ecological highlights along the way a little fluffy snow would have been perfect it was a little crunchy tonight but otherwise no lovely perfect weather the girls were great I need a stretch after that I feel that tomorrow meaning us as you exhale letting those knees come lacing clothes into your belly and then as you inhale this time letting that right leg come back to the chalet here and we've got a great setting underneath the lights here at night where you can relax and enjoy a nice yoga session here

Under the Stars Snowshoeing & Yoga
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