Hi everyone and welcome to ViniloEnfermos Today, a special unboxing with 4 “skateboarding songs” That appeared on classic skate video parts There are some songs that are skateboarding classics paired to a specific pro skater Because they were used in some of their most popular video parts Videos are made by skate deck companies, wheel manufacturers, shoe companies… And all the team members appear on the video A video part is an appearance of a skateboarder on a solo section of the video It usually is as long as a full song. The song picked for editing. This is an unboxing of Discogs orders that include 4 of these songs We’ll talk about them First order is from UK seller “crazygun” who has used one of this mailers It has 2 maxi singles. First is Hawkwind Hawkwind with the song Motorhead And Valium 10 on side B. As you probably know, the song Motorhead was written by Lemmy, former Hawkwind bass player Later he was the founder, bass player and singer of Motorhead Hawkwind, a maxi single from 1981, but this song was originally recorded in 1975 This was a UK 1981 release Second record is DJ Shadow instrumental Hip Hop it’s the High Noon maxi single on the B side has Organ Donor, one of two song that were used in Andrew Reynolds’ part Of the popular video The End by Birdhouse, Tony Hawk’s skateboard company Let’s move on to songs that appeared on the Mouse video Mouse was released in 1996 by Girl Skateboarding Co. It’s one of the classic and best known sk8 videos of the 90’s and all time. Next box! From Germany comes this order also in a thin mailer box This is the popular Keenan Milton song on the Mouse video Let’s take the plastic shrink away, it’s broken in the back This pro skated for Chocolate Skateboards, the affiliated deck company He had a part in Mouse shared with his friend Gino Ianucci After Keenan passed away during a party drowned in the pool This song was the one used when he was paid tribute and honoured. They usually show “Keenen Forever” on this tributes, with Royal Flush’s instrumental track. Next package! From UK comes this order sent by “crazybeatrecords” Well packed as it should Business card Besides these 2 maxi singles: In Da Club by 50 Cent and Paystyle by Too $hort I also bought a recent reissue from November 2018 A Herbie Hancock maxi single that has Chamaleon on one side And Watermelon Man on the other, the 6:29 version And this is the song used by Guy Mariano on the Mouse video, once again As I listen to this song, I can see Guy Mariano skating Next package! This is also a Discogs order but from a local seller in Madrid region, from Alcala de Henares, close to where I live. It has two records Here comes Eric Koston’s song in the Mouse video “Aftershower Funk” It’s included in the LP “Salsoul” by Joe Bataan This is the 1974 Spanish edition. It has a different cover to the 1973 US releases Only two US pressings and the Spanish pressing are available at least on Discogs until the album was reissued in 2004 This order also has the single “Tu mira” by Lole y Manuel This song is known outside Spain for opening Tarantino’s film Kill Bill Vol. 2 With Uma Thurman driving a cabriolet This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed the video Hit the like button, suscribe to the channel and share it.

UNBOXING: Discos vinilo Discogs Canciones videos skateboarding Vinyl Hip Hop Funk ENGLISH SUBTITLES
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One thought on “UNBOXING: Discos vinilo Discogs Canciones videos skateboarding Vinyl Hip Hop Funk ENGLISH SUBTITLES

  • March 24, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    Muy buen video 👌
    Flipo con el pilote que tienes musical
    Sigue así 🙌


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