it is more than a stunning campus more than a vibrant community it is a proven passionate culture of excellence UCSD is about excelling and we compete against the world's best from research to the education side all affect you feel the beach you feel the vibe here you feel that the academics are happening around you the culture of learning at this university is beyond anything I could ever describe we hold ourselves very accountable here at UCSD and we are always trying to improve ourselves we're not satisfied with average UCSD is a special place it is really the place that blends the highest level of academics with the highest level of athletics I'm absolutely attracting for life it really is a whole package here it's such a great together community and then the location is just the cherry on top competitive excellence in the classroom on the scoreboard in life UC San Diego student athletes can emphatically state we're number one for the seventh year in a row we were named the number one public university in the country that is saying something about this place I love the student athletes here they are such exceptional people they finish here and they just go out and do amazing things being offered that opportunity to study at a top university and compete against other top schools is the perfect conditions for me best part about our program is the kids that we have in it they want to be successful in the classroom they have career goals and they're really driven on and off the floor if you want to walk out with an outstanding degree and you want to make some really good lifelong friends along the way UC San Diego is the place to go amazing is the operative word UC San Diego alumni and faculty have launched more than 600 technology-based business enterprises from aerospace to zoology in every field of endeavor from science to the Arts the Triton experience begins with campus connections that last a lifetime you have this wonderful school that provides a great education you have these wonderful people that you're around that are really smart really intelligent and really driven to be the best and that's that culture that just drives everybody forward like any college experience UCSD is what you make of it you know there's so much around to do we have the six College System which create not just one UCSD community but individual communities within that so you can get involved and it makes it really easy for you to just get plugged in with a group and to have friends and like a community right away why do I like to coach UCSD first of all we live in San Diego I mean no one like to live in San Diego I get to attract some of the brightest and the best student-athletes and it fostered winning it's just a very positive winning culture this winning culture is more than a concept it's captured on the scoreboard Triton teams have won 30 national championships 43 squads have finished as national runners-up and 48 others have achieved national third-place honors we don't just compete we win here at UCSD and that is going with all the tough academic standards that we have and we've had a lot of success in the past we have a good group of players who seek out this school because it is so excellent cross support I really like to look at athletics as a laboratory for personal development whether it's the classroom whether it's athletics whether it's community service whether it's leadership skills it's all about the pursuit of excellence with 238 national regional and Conference championships and 138 national individual championships UC San Diego is remarkable for another fact at one of the nation's top rated academic institutions Triton student-athletes have achieved this impressive record while maintaining a cumulative grade point average comparable to the student body as a whole I think a degree from UC San Diego is pretty unique signifies academic excellence it's signifies commitment to public service signifies social mobility economic development and a commitment to the community we live in and as a student you absorb all of these attributes in your own DNA and you come out a different person than you came in commitment community a culture of welcome to UC San Diego your future begins now

UC San Diego Athletics Recruiting Video

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