you ready Jersey your milk is doing that I guess oh holy cow you must be making half and half so there's three shots and [Applause] your brother have a doctor's appointment this morning Wow he has to get his first shot his first booster shots probably well do you girls want to go with me or do you want me to take you to his dorm with us yeah you gonna make sure he's okay Jersey you ready you ready Jersey he's always ready I'm ready for anything do you think he's ready yeah you're gonna hold his hand yeah look he's getting rowdy like the doctor hello he's falling asleep the girls have been going to this doctor since they were born now I feel so passionate Little Mix I gotta wake him up have to wake him up watch out girls I need room okay 14 – lets get this right 42 I knew he was going to do that I should put a diaper back on him March out bro you gotta be kidding you for watching films right now because it's going to clean it over there Jerzy it'll be okay I know you got this you'll be fine big a big handsome prince not two months and he's 14 pounds two ounces Oh such a big boy he doesn't cry very much when I used to bring you here girls your clothes [Applause] super cool like I took the picture so I can always have time to do that probably won't be happy let's roll with your brother wait a way to volunteer your brother let's see when you were here last month let's look at his growth I'm ten six you know he's 14 – so he gained three pounds and 12 ounces as 48 58 ounces and what did I say 36 days 30 yeah there is that days your milk is doing that I guess oh holy cow you must be making half-and-half hard to argue with that listening to you really really great day yeah you're gaining like a professional baby your mother is nurse before but this is your first shot at it kid so very proud of yourselves you're you're a good team with it 95th percentile for I'm greater than the 99th percentile for length he was always a long long down kid but he's continued to be says really really good way and I would guess with that he's nursing fairly frequently yes like in a typical day what's the schedule um it's probably about every two hours three hours and several vaccines you should get a combination of polio DPT and help us be so there's three shots and whoa whoa who's who yes of course you come here not all but not only for that to stay healthy and sometimes you'll come you won't need any needles at all thank you for me okay my baby I'm gonna give him a band-aid after I give him a needle yeah make sure he doesn't get sick right II mean he needs to renew does it before he's gonna have a little drink this is medicine chew okay yeah look at your little baby muscles in LA he's shrinking it no he's going to get three of them why didn't he love it this is a gap I'm cleaning it you gotta clean the area really before he's okay he's just gonna cry for a second that's it [Applause] you look concerned no more next time he's not no more today you don't want you to get sick right how do you think he did girls you don't think he did good acquired a mentor same lady he did great yeah no he's falling asleep that was exhausting for him well why he has the seals well because he got a shot you don't think it hurt and he is well I he got cute tears so Jersey just finished getting his shots and he is out we no doubt about it baby boy is like I'm sleeping I don't need this life right now I do not ask for these shots come out right huh oh I'm sorry that's Alexis oh no I let you up but you won't okay thank you for watching and Mason you do more videos subscribe and so Marlo cope cases beautiful laughing

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