with important features like the fit-step frame and the quick fit finding the Tubbs men's and women's Explorer have everything you need to get started snowshoeing at an affordable price the ergonomically designed fit step frame has a kicked up tail which allows the frame to roll more comfortably from heel to toe a rotating tool cord system lets the tail of the snowshoe drop shedding snow and minimizing the amount of weight youth drag while walking the Explorer features one of our easiest bindings the quick fit finding to get into the binding simply place your foot over the rotating toe cord and pull up on the single pole loop to tighten the binding a rubber heel strap keeps your heel in place finally the Explorer is outfitted with carbon steel recreational toe and heel crampons which provides solid traction for gentle strolls on flat or rolling terrain

Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe
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  • June 20, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Outstanding performance on the high country trails of Yosemite National Park. ==>t.co/3pni5adKE1 Deep snow or icy crusted snow made no difference in performance.


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