hey guys I guess today I'm gonna be telling you guys about my snowshoes cuz I use them quite a bit this season so I kind of got a good feel for him one of my favorite things about this is the hyper flex technology that goes into these like when you're walking on uneven terrain it just costs molds to the terrain and you just get unbelievable grip so and there's fiberglass carbon fiber strips on the sides here so pretty much gives you a spring and each step another key feature I like are the the binding for to put in your feet because it saves a lot of time just snap it on like that and it's kind of like a snowboard binding almost then you crank it twice another good feature about these snowshoes is if you're going uphill you flip those down if you guys plan on doing a lot of walking on ice hastening uh this thing has a pretty killer crampons on the bottom so I wouldn't worry about slipping anywhere so yeah if you guys are looking for a good set of snowshoes I highly recommend that TSL symbiote is elite snowshoes they're a little bit on the expensive side but they're pretty well worth it they're made in France and it's just really high-quality I'm not getting paid or anything to say this is my own opinion so they're really lightweight you can barely even notice them on your feet and yeah they're just overall good investment I haven't really done too much deep snow the this season I think the deepest snow I've been in it was made me maybe be around two and a half to three feet but snow shoe you're gonna sink about six inches if it's powder anyway so but they weren't great on ice hard snow fantastic powder it's not too bad also it's good for uphill going downhill is pretty fun too and yeah if you guys want to see them in action I'll link one of my other videos that you guys can go check out if you're interested and yeah go take a look at that and I forgot to mention like even walking in these things it feels like pretty incredible like compared to traditional snowshoes with the aluminum frame it just can't be beat it feels like every stride is feels natural almost try snowshoeing we want to I definitely recommend it cuz it's pretty fun to do it's yeah you like just like its cheesy cheesy is like hiking but it feels like you're walking off coughing it's pretty cool when you start doing it and then yeah then you get to explore nature in winter which is also all pretty pretty cool so yeah snowshoeing is awesome if you guys haven't done it and get doing it this is what happens when you don't wear snowshoes hey kilo Q Coogan [Applause] hey buddy don't you wish you had snowshoes now hey buddy throw a rate in this deep stuff surf you know hey buddy hey buddy and yeah I guess thanks for watching give it a thumbs up if you like them and yes you guys in the next video thanks for watching peace

TSL Symbioz Elite Snowshoes – Not Your Grandpa's Snowshoes

One thought on “TSL Symbioz Elite Snowshoes – Not Your Grandpa's Snowshoes

  • June 20, 2019 at 10:38 am

    Very interesting that the heel lifters flip down instead of up from the decking, which seems to be the way most other manufacturers set it up. I wonder what prompted that design choice. Have you ever used heel lifters that work the other way?


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