because that’s the color of these check
these beauties olá youtube name is Ricardo lino and a wheel addict
I’m wearing all black because all black not really all black this is just jacket
and cap because that’s the color of my new try skates and before showing you my
new try skate it’s summer so it’s really really hot in here I don’t need this
anymore this feels better so it’s really really hot in Cape Town the last two
days since I got back from Brazil it’s been I don’t know if you know Celsius
but it’s been about 40 degrees it’s been super super hot so today it’s not a
thought because it’s really really windy and what happens in South Africa well it
gets really really windy there’s no electricity so it’s not every time but
it’s happening right now and and because there’s no electricity
I have no Wi-Fi and I couldn’t charge my phone
and the only microphone there I had to do this video was the one that I
connected my phone cuz I didn’t bring the other external work from my office
so I’m doing this video that camera I hope the song is okay that doesn’t
really matter what does matter is my new skates and like I said before I was
wearing all black because that’s the color of these check these duties
so I don’t know if you can see it here I’ll be talking about the place like
this strap that I’m using right now it’s called strap but that doesn’t really
matter yeah again what does matter is these
check this so there’s some logos of the try max but I put it on the inside
because I want the skates to be as black as dark as possible check this so this
is a USD seven boot just the shell boot and then I didn’t change anything in the
boot other than the strap so what I did here
is this is a home strap from Brazil the guys that make these are the same guys
that make the strap that I just show you where I’m carrying my skates I got the
second skin liner which is the slimmest liner this is the second skin one
because there’s the second skin too that comes on the new am this one is super
super sleep and I’ve been using it on a few skates I love this liner and the
reason why I’m using the second skin it’s because I can downsize these skates
basically my size the European for the tree and on these boot because it’s kind
of white I’m using a 42 European 42 u.s. 9 UK 8 I think that’s it European 42 if
I’m saying it wrong then yes third try max and it’s not my third try max
because I broke any of them this thing is super super solid the reason this is
my third try max it’s my first try max there’s a guy that came to the shop and
he really really wanted to get a set so I didn’t had any other set I have other
try skates so I ended up sorting him out when I got to Brazil they are not
selling the try max there yet so when one of the best one of my best friends
that I made in Brazil my new best friends gonna say that I don’t know
maybe I can his name is Corvo he has a lot of setups the other
like me as so many skates but it didn’t had one of these and you really wanted
to try it so as a way to say thank you before I leave Raziel I left him my try
max train with this being said I run out of try max so I need so because I need
this frame in my life I put together these skates and that’s it
and why did I choose the 7 I choose the 7 because some of you might know some of
you don’t but I used to be a pro skater I was on a European protein for USD and
I used to be on the magazine ads for USD Pro international team whatever it does
that doesn’t really matter what does matter is when I use this skate
officially for USD I could choose whatever skater I wanted so I chose
these back then they used to be called glycan
is all of the grime skate which was kind of like the 7 but they had some cuts
some things on top it wasn’t that clean the truth is the 7 it’s basically just a
super super clean dragon it’s there were some improvements made on this shell
boot so for those of you who ever tried the Kraken you should know that these
shout wood has been improved so it’s a little bit more solid and something
which makes a huge difference is this you see those these things basically the
last two years I think it was two years ago after Romana brought a feedback and
a few other skaters that skate these yes Romina Bradley is the world champion you
use this case so after some feedback from guys like Roman us they came to the
conclusion that would make sense to put these screws fixing the soleplate to the
boot and does it make it a lot more solid for me probably I wouldn’t feel it
that much if I would be using a tiny friend but with this big frame that’s
one of the most important things for me that’s why this is my second art boot
skate from USD that I’m using with the try max frame
but yes the last ones I went for this way and now I’m going for the seventh
because of these I need my soleplate to be attached to the boot that makes a
huge difference when it comes to responsiveness of the skate and then the
wheels yes I am sponsored by undercover but this is a full pack this is a set
that comes from Kaiser the cars that try max the lab I think it’s the third
edition because the first edition was with yellow wheels then they made
another edition we’d light grey or white wheels and this is the third one and I
love this so even the ones before I think they are like kind of like grayish
axles and this one is like a full full black these side is like some stuff
they’re just lazy pea I turn it this way around because I just like it a black so
this is kind of like the Batman skates I even made a picture today against the
white background and I’m about to post it on my Instagram just calling it my
invisible skates because that’s release I just love it and then on top yes I
don’t know if it’s going to work especially because it’s a big wheel
setup but on top I’m using these all strapped which is an made in Brazil by
sea down which is also a scalar and it makes these straps so I wanted to try
this velcro strap for a while probably trying it on such a big frame it’s not
the best but I really really wanted to try it so two things that I forgot one
is the bearings so the bearings on these are wicked I think I don’t want to say
it wrong I don’t know if it’s a back 5 or a back seven and I don’t have any
tools here so I can’t really open it and the second thing which is I don’t know
if you realize but I started skating at Romick since the beginning and I’ve been
skating try max weed 100 millimeter wheels because I want to have a little
bit more space here if I want to do some grinds
and I don’t even know I think you Joe call it channel 2 channel 22 because
there’s no channel 33 which you would need more wheels for this but I’ve been
skating the try max with 100 millimeter wheels so this is going to be my first
time skating with 110 millimeter wheels on this frame and that’s the size of
wheels that this frame is designed for so we’ll see how it goes
so I just wanted to show you my new I think it’s my best looking skills ever
anyway just wanted to show you my new skates my new skater and that’s it
sooner than later I’ll be making videos with these I want
to skate these in my new boat because I just got back to Cape Town and there’s
like a huge ball but not huge ship I think I’m perfect boom right outside my
shop so I think I’m gonna be skating in the pool a lot with this and that’s it I
hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel there’s like a button saying subscribe it’s that button
if that button is red that means that you are not subscribing so you click on
it it’s gonna become white and then right on the side of that button there’s
like a little bell if you click on that bell you’ll get notifications every time
that I upload a video and other than that really important for this channel
to grow if you liked it is that you give me some thumbs up because every time you
give me a thumbs up what’s happening is that YouTube is going to suggest these
video to more and more people these will help these channels to grow and as you
know the main go with this channel it’s to promote skating so the more you like
these videos the more you share the more the more these videos get spreaded
through YouTube or any other social media the more we’re showing skating and
the more YouTube the more is going to use Google because YouTube is Google to
promote skating and that’s my main goal it is okay but just like I always said
this is all really pretty the skate is amazing you like the video and all that
it doesn’t really matter the most important thing it’s that you and me
don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys of the



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