hello Ragnaroll here and this is the second
part of the tricktionary challenge so on the first episode I’ve tried all the tricks
on the chick in bowls Tricktionary and today I’m gonna try all the grinds and
slides that they are not in the tricktionary OK last time we saw all
the slides which means all the tricks you do with the grindblock and
grinds the tricks you do with the trucks today we’ll see like a few more of these
tricks but also some tricks that you can do like similar to the Smith grind on
skateboarding so basically the trick is on one of your trucks and at the same
time on the side of the boot or the grindblock, like for example not like this
but like this or like this or like this like this so oh so many possibilities The first trick I’m going to try is the Royal, it’s
probably the most basic slide that you can try after the frontside or backside
so just to try the Royale most important is like you don’t stands straight like in the
frontside and do like this because then all your balance will go this way
and you will fall pretty badly, if you have to bend your knees it is really
important and get low so you get the Royal position with both feet like
leaning and then bend your knees and then you can balance with the other hand
and your body and don’t fall this way so you have to kind of go in a curve keep
the balance and the full torque or our third new game or fahrvergnügen, or Nugget grind , whatever
you have to call it so it is same but the opposite direction so you go this
way, the feet they are the opposite to the Royal so you’re going
that way you balance this way so we’re going to try them. Also you can do them
frontside backside switch fakie to grind whatever all this, just check it out okay so we have the unity which is like
zen air but the same trick alley-oop is a savannah so if I am grinding that way:
frontside unity, same way frontside savannah, as you can see there are many many tricks
I haven’t showed like for example all the tricks you can do without the toe stop
like for example I will show you some now but I will not try them today just I
don’t want to take my toes tops off and put them on again but there’s a lot of
things you can do like nosegrinds, noseblunts and all this kind of tricks today I want to talk also about the names because most
of these trickst don’t have any names but most people when they see me doing
this kind of trick they say always like this is is a smith, but the thing is with quads we
can do way more tricks than with skateboards so I’m gonna show you… this would be like a backside smith but I can do it with both feet and if I’m going
this way this would be a front side smith, so this is a smith, this is not a smith… I hope I can show you the way each
trick looks like and then you can find a name or if you know the name again like
just write it down in the comments otherwise I will use whatever name I want so now it is the time to show you the RAGNA grind what is a Ragnar grind? well I don’t know you can call them whatever
you want I just don’t know the name of this trick and my brother some friends
just started to say ragna grind so works for me like I don’t know what else
it can be you can do it both put a one-foot I do them like a backside
because front side they are really really hard because the difference
between the nose grind and the Ragnar grind it’s like on the nose grind you go
on the front so it’s basically like an axel grind only you lean a
little bit to the front it’s not so hard really the point of the ragna grind is like you have a toe
stop so you have to move to the front and then move to the side the skate,
then you have like a nice spot between your toe stop and your truck that’s
where you can lock the trick and then you have to to balance so I love this
trick it’s probably my favorite grind right now even it’s kind of hard
some obstacles but I hope you try it and let me know if you you can do it and if you
like it just in the the comments show me your videos you can show me on Instagram
as well… ok check it out! these are not all the tricks you can do
they are way way more tricks just be creative just try to play with your
grindblocks your trucks with everything that is under your feet and that’s all for
this episode the next episode episode 3 of the tricktionary: I will try all the tricks that you write down in the comments or in the post in my instagram, just whatever you think whatever you imagine just write down, tell me and I will try it on the next episode I
don’t know if I can do it or now that I will try

Tricktionary challenge 2- Advanced Grinds and slides on roller skates
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