(pencil scratching) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat music) (squeals) – Whoo hoo. – Okay class, now that
snack time is almost over, it’s time to move on to the toy unboxing. – Yay, that’s my favorite
subject at toy school! – And today, you’ll get
to each unbox your own Collector’s Mystery Box. – Wow!
– Those look amazing! – I’m sure they will be. It says each box contains
15 or more items inside. – That’s so much! – Exactly, and get this, while
it’s priced at only $14.99, it’s guaranteed to have
$50 worth of toys inside. (suspenseful music) – What?
– What? – Hmm? I just said there are over
$50 worth of toys in here and the box only cost
14 dollars and 99 cents. – Oh yeah, sorry Miss Lucy. That’s amazing. – Yeah, yeah, that’s absolutely amazing. – That’s more like it. Now if we take a look at
the sides of the packaging we can get an idea of some
sample items that may or may not be inside your actual box. (suspenseful music) – Oh no. – Oh no, Maya, that’s a good thing. It gives us an idea of some
of the things we might find, so let’s take a look here. (suspenseful music) – Maya. – So girls, if you look
on this side of the box, what are some of the
fun surprises you see? – Box? – Um, I didn’t see any boxes on here. I see a Secret Life of Pets keychain, Powerpuff collectable cards,
My Little Pony slap bands. – I think we have to look inside the Collector’s Mystery
Boxes for something. – And a No Knots Necklace. Now let’s take a look at the
other side of the package. What do we see here? Girls? – Oh, sorry Miss Lucy. There’s a Hello Kitty figurine
and a Paw Patrol keychain. – Is that an Incredibles figurine too? – Oh, I believe you’re right, Maya. Now I’m gonna give you each
your own Collector’s Mystery Box to unbox on your own. – Yes!
– Yes! – And while you girls are busy
with that, I’m gonna go grade your Poopsie Slime-making projects. – Okay, let’s see what
the Toy Master wants us to find in here. We have to be careful to
not let Miss Lucy know what’s going on, though. – Okay. It looks like she’s busy
with our Poopsies anyway. – All right, let’s see
what’s inside these babies. Whoa, so much stuff! Hello Kitty. Secret Life of Pets. Littlest Pet Shop. Shopkins Fashion Packs and Num Noms? [Addy] This is amazing. Look, I got two slap bands. – Let’s see what I got, Addy. Whoa, this looks cool. They’re all rainbows. Shopkin bracelets or necklaces? I love these. More! – Maya look, there’s a note
in the bottom of my box. I want the Fingerlings. Fingerlings? But there weren’t any
Fingerlings inside my box. – Do we have any Fingerlings in our Toy School classroom, maybe? – On the back table are those
Mini Fingerlings keychains. – Oh yeah, there they are. – But I don’t think we should
give those the Toy Master. They’re Miss Lucy’s. – Totally agree. Let’s see what else I have in my box. Look, I got slap bands, too. It looks like I have a note
from the Toy Master, too. – What does it say? – Give them to me or Toy
School will close forever! – What? We don’t want Toy School
to be closed forever, Maya. – And we don’t want Miss
Lucy to be out of a job. – Sometimes we have to
make tough decisions as toy spies, Maya. I think we need to give the Fingerlings to the Toy Master after all. – I agree. We have to save Toy School. – Now we just gotta get them
without Miss Lucy noticing. – Okay, Addy’s Poopsie Slime
is the perfect consistency, perfect shimmer, perfect stretch
and the scent is spot on. I believe that’s Ice Cream Cone. Yep, wonderful job, Addy. Definitely an A+. – Miss Lucy, may I use the restroom? – Sure, just grab the bathroom pass, Maya. – Wish me luck. (mischievous music) – Back there. – Wow, Maya’s slime is the
perfect consistency, too. They both did a great job. Maya? – Yeah? – How long have you been in Toy School? (laughs) You should know the
bathroom is over that way. – Oh yeah, sorry. – (chuckles) Wow, they
all did a wonderful job. Avery’s was fabulous, too. I think they deserve A pluses
and I could not be prouder of my students for their
Poopsie Slime-making project. – Well, I tried. – Hmm, we need another plan. – All right, students, it’s
time to move on so why don’t you go ahead and clear those desks. – What are we doing now, Miss Lucy? – It’s time for a timed test. – Oh no!
– Oh no! – I think you girls should
know by now that timed tests at Toy School are nothing like timed tests at regular school. They’re way more fun. – You’re right, Miss Lucy. What are we being tested on? – How quickly you can open
an LOL Surprise Bling series. – Now that’s my favorite type of test. – Now, remember you not only
have to get your LOL open but you have to have her
dressed and accessorized before we record your time. – We’ve got this.
– We’ve got this. Okay then, here are your LOLs and the time begins (beep) now. (fast music) – You girls are doing great. Keep up the work. (fast music) – I got my doll out! So glittery and cute.
– Cool. – [Addy] There’s some headphones. Whoa, let’s see what’s inside. Sunglasses. – Timing’s looking great. Keep going, girls. – Where’s my other shoe,
where’s my other shoe? Let’s see if it’s inside. Wow, my bottle’s pink. (chime) – What was that dinging noise? Keep going girls. It wasn’t the timer. – Maya, look at the TV. (foreboding music) – Oh boy. – Faster, faster girls. – Almost done. – I’m almost done, too. I’m done, I’m done, Miss Lucy. – Me, too. (beep) – Wow, that was record
speed for both of you. I don’t know what motivated
you two to move so quickly but keep it up. – (laughs) Sure thing, Miss Lucy. – Okay, so let’s take a
closer look at the LOL dolls that you actually got. – It looks like I got Ice Sk8ter. She has earmuffs and ice skates on. – Super cute, Addy. And who did you get, Maya? – I got Bon Bon. [Maya] I love her glasses and her hair. Isn’t she adorable? – Yes, you guys both scored. Now that we’re done with
our LOLs, I think I’d like to take you each back to
the back table and do some one on one work with you guys. (upbeat music) – This could be our chance
to get the Fingerlings. – So Addy, I’m gonna start
with you and while I’m working with you, Maya feel free to
play with your Squish-Dee-Lish at your desk. – Okay, great. (upbeat music) Okay Addy, I want to see how
your Moj Moj identification is coming along. – Oh, I’ve been studying them a lot. – Well great because I’m
going to have you open these three new Moj Moj and I want
you to correctly identify them. We’ll start with this one. – This one’s from the Coasters and this one’s from the Mermaid Lagoon. – Wonderful job, Addy. Let’s move on to your second package. – Okay, I know I can do this one, too. – What’d ya get, what’d ya get? – Beach babes and Surf Squad. Easy peasy. – Wow, you have been studying. Let’s do one more package. – Hey, Miss Lucy? – Mm-hmm? – Those new teeny tiny
Fingerlings look pretty cool. – They do, don’t they? They each come with a little
keychain that opens up into a playground and
I think two Fingerlings and even one surprise. – Do you think you should give those to us for homework tonight? I think it would be a great assignment. – Hmm, it’s an idea but no, you know I think I’m
gonna save them for a special in class assignment next week. (loud banging) (crash) – Whoa, what just happened? – I didn’t do it. – Maybe there was an
earthquake or something. – If there was an earthquake
strong enough to knock that whole thing down, we would
have felt it for sure. – Don’t worry, we’ll help
you clean it up, Miss Lucy. – All right, get the shelf first. Oh, all right this way. All right I’ll get the top shelf, you girls work on the bottom two. – I think the Toy Master did this, Maya. – What? – Yeah, it came crashing
down right after Miss Lucy said we couldn’t have the Fingerlings. – Maybe we should just tell Miss Lucy. – No, we can’t. We have to figure this out on our own. We’re toy spies, Maya. – Pocket Pop Keys,
Little Live Pets, Trolls. And we’re done. Thank you for your help
cleaning up, girls. Wow, that was really stark. You know what, why don’t
we change things up and do something really fun instead? – What kind of fun do you
have in mind, Miss Lucy? – I’m thinking we’ll practice our letters with a toy scavenger hunt. – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Okay, I’ll name a
letter from the alphabet and you’ll each have
one minute to find a toy somewhere in the classroom
that begins with that letter. At the end of the hunt you’re
free to play with your toy and it’s yours to take home. – Awesome!
– Awesome! – (laughs) Okay, let’s see. Let’s start with the letter… c. – Okay.
– Okay. – Found!
– Found! – Wow, that was fast. What toy did you find? – Crate Creatures.
– Crate Creatures. – Wow, and Crate Creatures
has two cs in them so extra points for you both. – Sweet. – Okay, let’s move onto our next letter. Let’s see, how about… s. – Easy.
– Easy. – Smashers. – S, s, what begins with s? – Time’s tickin’, Addy. – Oh, I found it. – Wow, just made it. All right, what did you girls find? – Smashers. – Fantastic. And you, Addy? – I got Scruff-a-Luvs. – Good work again, girls. Let’s do one more letter. Let’s see, how about– – We haven’t done the letter f in awhile. – Good job. – Hmm, you’re right, f. – Yes. – Wow, they knew what they wanted. It looks like you both
grabbed the Mini Fingerlings. It looks like you’re gonna get
to open it after all, Addy. – Thanks, Miss Lucy. – All right, I’m gonna give
you girls another 15 minutes to play with your scavenger
hunt toys while I go prepare a lesson on Cotton Candy Cuties. Whatever you don’t have
time to play with will be assigned as homework. – Okay, so we have those
Fingerlings but how do we give it to the Toy Master? – I’m not sure but we
better figure it out soon. He seems to be getting upset. – Yeah, those toys
crashing down was scary. – Wow, this lemon-scented fluffy slime is just delicious-smelling
and the texture, amazing. (phone rings) – Oh, who could that be? Hello, Miss Lucy speaking. Oh, why hello Principal Jason. Yes, she’s right inside here. Maya, Principal Jason
has a message for you. – Hello Principal Jason. – Hello, Maya. I just received a message
that your lunchbox has been dropped off outside
of your classroom door. – My lunchbox? – Yes, the message was from
someone with the initials TM. Do you know who that is? – Oh yeah, that’s my babysitter. Tom Mason, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s right. – And there’s also some note
about bringing the Fingerlings? – Okay, I think I know what he means. – Okay, great. Well, grab your lunchbox and
enjoy the rest of your day. – Okay, thanks Principal Jason. May I get my lunchbox from outside please? – Sure, go right ahead, Maya. All right, which color do I wanna do next? How about the teal? (fast-paced music) – Okay, let’s see here. Take the lunchbox but
leave the Fingerlings. Okay then. (boom) (poof) – I wonder which one I’m gonna rescue. A bunny, a dog or a kitty? – Well, we did it, Addy. We saved Toy School. – And Miss Lucy never even
knew it was in danger. – Good work, Agent Addy. Hey, check out the board. – Since when does the
Toy Master have manners? – I have no idea but let’s
enjoy the rest of the day at Toy School for now. – Sounds like a plan. – Okay class, who wants
some Cotton Candy Cuties? – Me, me, me, me, me!
– Me, me, me, me, me! – All right, three for
each of you, how ’bout? – Whoo hoo. – There you go, girls. – Thank you!
– Thank you! – Thank you, thank you.
– Thank you, thank you. – You’re welcome. (upbeat music)

Toy Master Comes to Toy School
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