– [Kid] Tic Tac Toy! – [Female] This video
is sponsored by Zuru. – Whoa! – Wow this display looks amazing Lulu, but what’s up with all the Rainbocorns in the Toy Cafe today? – Well, instead of our normal happy hour from two o’clock to three o’clock, today we’re hosting a Rainbocorn Hour. – Wow! – Since Easter’s approaching and Rainbocorns come in these big, pink mystery eggs, I thought it would work perfectly. – Interesting, tell me more. – Well, all customers who
come in between two o’clock and three o’clock today
get a free Rainbocorn with their food or drink purchase. – Please tell me it’s
two o’clock now Lulu. – Mm, I’m afraid it’s only 10:00 a.m but I’m willing to bend the rules for my two best customers. – You mean we can open a Rainbocorn now? – Why not? You two helped design
Rainbocorn after all. – We sure did! – You two go ahead and pick one out, have a seat and I’ll
bring you each a beverage to enjoy alongside your Rainbocorn. – I’ll take the one with a silver horn and a pink sequined heart. – I’m gonna get the one
with the neon pink heart. (ding ding)
Okay Maya, there’s 12 different
Rainbocorns we can collect. Let’s see which ones we got this time. (upbeat music)
(packaging crackling) – Before we open the eggs
let’s flip the sequins so we can see what our animal loves. – [Addy] Oh, mine’s a crown. – My animal must love apples. – Time to see what we got Maya. Whoa, it’s so cute! It’s a Kittycorn, Maya
and her name is Gigi. – [Maya] Yeah, she’s right here! – She’s a glamorous girl
and definitely a princess. – Let’s see who I got. A unicorn! It’s Sparkool! But she’s known as Sparky in Rainboville. – Now let’s open our teeny
tiny Boo-Boocorns Maya! (soft upbeat music) (Addy gasping)
– [Addy] A Boo-Boo Kitty! – And there’s 22 Boo-Boocorns to collect. – Let’s see who you got. – [Maya] I got a Boo-Boo Unicorn. – And look, you can even
collect rare Boo-Boocorn twins. – Wow, you girls got those open quickly! Aren’t they just adorable? – Yeah, they have such soft fur and I love the glittery wings. – Yeah I can’t wait to
come back at two o’clock so I can have another one. – Me too, maybe next
time I’ll get a Puppycorn or a Bunnycorn. – Oh, well you see, since
Rainbocorns are so popular and I have to make sure I have
enough for all my customers, I have to limit one
Rainbocorn per customer today. (Maya sighing) – That means we can’t
get another Rainbocorn at Rainbocorn Hour? – I’m afraid not girls. – What a bummer! – Well thanks for these Lulu. We better get headed back to
out sweet at the Toy Hotel now. – Okay, you girls have a great day then and I’m sure I’ll see you tomorrow! – Oh, you’ll be seeing us again
today Lulu, at two o’clock. You just won’t know it’s us.
(ding ding) – Seeing all those beautiful Rainbocorns in the Toy Cafe and being told that we can only have
one is absolute torture. – Oh, for sure but we’re
gonna get more than one. – But how? Lulu clearly said only one per customer. – Well Rainbocorn Hour
starts at two o’clock, right? – Right. – Well, we’ll call the Toy
Cafe and book all the tables for two o’clock this afternoon. – But even if we book all the tables, Lulu still isn’t gonna
give us another Rainbocorn. One per customer. – Well Addy and Maya won’t be booking any of the tables or walking in the Cafe. – Hmm, I’m listening. – I crafted the perfect plan, Addy.
(ding ding) – Oh, these Boo-Boocorns
make such fun pencil toppers. I think I’ll use this pen to
take my Toy Food orders today. (phone ringing)
Oh! Hello, this is the Toy Cafe where all your Toy Food dreams come true. This is Lulu speaking, how may I help you? – Dude, I heard you have
Rainbocorn Hour today. – That’s correct, it starts
at two o’clock this afternoon. – Oh I’m so stoked for that. I’ll be in after I catch a few waves. – Wonderful! Should I put a name
down for a reservation? – Oh for sure! I go by Kally, Surfer Kally. See you later and hang 10. – Super duper, see you
later, Surfer Kally. (phone ringing)
– Oh, well! Hello, this is the Toy Cafe where all your Toy Food dreams come true. This is Lulu speaking, how may I help you? – This is Officer Donut Lover with the Toytopia Police Department. I’d like to make a two o’clock reservation for Rainbocorn Hour. – Oh wonderful, Officer
and that’s two o’clock for Officer Donut Lover? – 10-4. – 12-17? Okay, I have you down Officer. – Over and out.
(phone beeping) – Good work Addy. There’s four tables in
the Toy Cafe so we need to make two more calls.
(dinging) – Okay, it’s almost two
o’clock, my tables are booked. It’s gonna be packed in
here before I know it! (heavy rock music) – Whoa, dude! This place is totally rad! – Why hello there, you
must be Surfer Kally? – Sure I am, I’ve been
riding the waves all day. – Wow! I thought the nearest beaches
were like eight hours away. – Uh, really? – Well, I have you down for
a two o’clock reservation and you’ll be right
over there at the table with the blue chairs. Go ahead and make yourself comfy
and I’ll be right with you. – Right on. (rock music)
(siren wailing) – Oh, wow! You must be Officer Donut Lover. – That’s affirmative. – Well the Toy Cafe is roller friendly but I don’t know about
motorized vehicle friendly. – Oh I have a permit ma’am. Anyways, I’m here for Rainbocorn Hour. – Oh, why yes of course, Officer. Please make yourself comfortable
at that table in the back. The one with the orange chairs. I’ll be with you in just a moment. – Yo, dude. I’m ready for my Rainbocorn over here. – Oh, yes, coming right up! Hmm, I’ll give her this one. Here you go, Miss Surfer Kally. – Gnarly! – And would you like any food or drink to go with your Rainbocorn? – Lemonade, please. – Coming right up! – Good work, Maya. – Thanks! (packaging crackling) Time to flip the sequins. A donut? I love donuts too! But who will I get? It’s a Puppycorn! – She got Scout! Maybe I’ll get it’s twin, Scruff. – I love your big floppy ears
and your big sparkly eyes! Now let’s see what
Boo-Boocorn he came with. Aw, I’ll take good care of you both! You’re a pink Boo-Boo Puppy. (fingers tapping) – Officer Donut Lover, I
have your Rainbocorn for you! And would you like a big plate
of donuts to go with that? – And what makes you think I like donuts? – Uh, no reason. Anything else you’d like? – Over and out. – Oh, I guess that’s my signal to scoot! – Okay, let’s see what I got. (packaging crackling) – Hm, it’s 2:15 and I only
have two people in here. I wonder where all my other customers are. – Uh-oh, I better get out of here and come as another customer, pronto! (soft upbeat music) – Out of here so soon, Surfer Kally? – I’m just gonna use the restroom. Be right back, dude. (ding ding)
– Okay, Sir. I have you down for seven nights in the Cotton Candy Cutie Sweet, beginning January 2nd. (door creaking) (feet tapping) Did I hear something? (ding ding)
– OMG! I got Hipity, a Bunnycorn! Look at these floppy ears you have and let’s see what’s on your heart. It’s ice cream! And let’s see if we have an ice cream loving Boo-Boocorn too. (upbeat music) Whose it gonna be? An adorable Boo-Boo Bunny! I wonder who I’m gonna
get when I come back as another customer.
(ding ding) – Rainbocorn number three. Now it’s time for me to get changed and head back to the Toy Cafe. (knocking) I wonder who that could be. – Oh, Maya and Addy. Oh, pardon me, Miss, I’m sorry,
do I have the wrong room? – Oh, dude, Addy and
Maya already checked out. This is my room now. I’m Kally, the surfer. – Oh, many apologies. Addy and Maya, they usually
have ice cream delivered around 2:30. So I thought I’d stop by
and bring some for them. – It’s already 2:30!? I better be going to the
Toy Cafe, I mean beach. – There’s a beach around here? – Uh, yeah. And why don’t you leave
that ice cream right here. – Oh, okay, no problem, Miss. Have fun at the beach. – That was a close one.
(ding ding) – Are you sure you have to leave so soon, Officer Donut Lover? There are plenty of sweet
treats here in my Toy Cafe. – I’m afraid so, looks
like there’s a 10-31. – 10-31? Like, Halloween? – It’s a police code, it
means a crimes in progress. – Oh, goodness, well, stay safe. – 10-8, I’m on my way. (siren wailing) – Well hopefully my next
customer will be coming in soon. (ding ding) – You can’t catch me! – Um, hello? Can I help you? – Hi, the name is Sticky Fingers Sammy. I have a reservation for Rainbocorn Hour. – Okay, do you wanna come out from behind the 5-Surprise display? – Oh, did anyone follow me? – Oh, um, I don’t know, let me check. – Any coppers out there? – The coast is clear, but
should I be concerned? Are you in some sort of trouble? – No, I’m not in trouble. I just been serving some time in Toy Jail. I couldn’t take anymore, so I busted out there this morning. – Oh, wow! What were you serving time for? – Nothing big, just a little toy theft. Speaking of toys, what
are these over here? – Okay, tell you what. Why don’t we just step away from the toys? And if you’ll just have a
seat over here in this chair. Where is Officer Donut
Lover when I need her? – Hello, there, I’m here
for Rainbocorn Hour. – Oh, welcome, Sir. Do you have a reservation? – Sure do, it’s under
Floyd Chester Carbuncle. – Oh, yes Sir, here, you
can have a seat right here. There we go. Yeah, just nice and easy. – Now I’m a grumpy old man so I’m gonna need my
Rainbocorn right away! My patience went out with
my eye-sight 10 years ago. – Oh, my. – I’m blind as a bat without
these here spectacles. – Oh, yes Sir, I’ll get
right on the Rainbocorn. – I can’t believe I got a
Hamstercorn and a Boo-Boo Hamster. It’s Munchie and she likes lollipops. Flip, flip, flip. – Hey, how and when did you get that? – Remember, they call
me Sticky Finger Sammy. – Yeah, how could I forget that? And are those sandals you’re wearing? – Uh, yeah. – I think Surfer Kally had
on those same exact shoes. – Yeah we wear these at Toy
Jail, part of the uniform. – Huh, that seems odd. – Grumpy old man still waiting
for his Rainbocorn over here. – And speaking of Kally, where is she? She isn’t back from the restroom? She still needs to pay for her meal. (Maya gasping)
– Oh, yeah! Well, here’s my money,
I think I gotta run. I hear some sirens, they’re after me! – Young whippersnapper, I
still need my Rainbocorn. (ding ding)
– Okay, Miss. I’ve got you down for two nights in the 5-Surprise Sweet,
beginning next Tuesday. Thank you! (soft funky music) (ding ding)
– Many apologies for the wait, Mister Floyd Chester Carbuncle. But here’s some cookies
and your Rainbocorn. – It’s about time! – Okay, well just let me know
when you need anything else. – Alright, I’m done being an old man, let’s see what Rainbocorn I got. (packaging crackling) Fingers crossed I get a Monkeycorn. Flip the sequins. A banana? Monkeys love bananas! This is a good sign. It is a Monkeycorn! Let’s see what your name is. I got Loco! Now, fingers crossed that I
got the rare Boo-Boocorn twins. No twins, but it’s a cute Boo-Boo Monkey. So adorable. So super cute. – What was that? (throat clearing)
– I mean so super cute. – Hmm. (ding ding) – Whoa, five Rainbocorns. I can’t wait to swap
out all of their hearts. (knocking)
(gasping) Is that a knock on the door? – Oh, my! – Uh, hello! – Oh, I just came by to
pick up some ice cream. I thought this was Kally’s
room and she was at the beach. Clearly I’m confused. I’ll just see myself out. – Oh, this is not good. (ding ding) – Here’s your receipt, Mister
Floyd Chester Carbuncle. Thank you for coming to the Toy Cafe and we hope you visit again soon. – Yeah, yeah, I better get heading out. I heard there’s a mean game
of Shuffleboard going on at the Senior Center. – Okay, sounds fun. You enjoy that. – Psst, Maya! Hat! – Oh! – Well there you are, Kally! I was wondering if you
got lost between here and the bathroom. – Totally, dude. Here’s some cash, Lulu. – Oh, thank you! – I better be on my way
to catch some waves. – Oh, okay. I better figure out where this beach is. – The ocean’s calling. – Well, Rainbocorn Hour
has officially ended and I’d say it was a success. (ding ding) – I’m telling you, this lady was wearing
a full Toy Jail uniform and she’s right inside. – Well I hope she hasn’t wiped clean all the toys inside here. – You ready? – Let’s get her! (rock music) – Gotcha!
– Caught red-handed! – [Girls] Huh? – Uh, sorry about that Addy and Maya. I think I’m losing it. – Uh, yeah, come on bellhop Jason. I think somebody needs
to go see the Toy Doctor. Sorry. – That was odd. Wonder what that was all about. – Not a clue. – [Girls] Oh well. (upbeat music)

Toy Cafe Owner Lulu Gives Away Rainbocorns!
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