(rising musical notes) – [Cartoon Voice] Tic Tac Toy – (rhythmic music) – How many more cupcakes do
we have to stitch for Lulu? – Only two more to go, Addy. – Uh, my fingers are cramping. I know we promised to
deliver them this afternoon but I don’t know if we can finish. – I know, me neither. But aren’t they adorable? – Oh, for sure. – Besides, we’re getting paid for this. It’s all good. – Yeah, you’re right. (phone rings) – Oh, I’ll get it. (phone rings) Hello, Maya speaking. – Maya, so glad I caught you. I need your help. – Who is it, Maya? – It’s Lulu and she needs our help. (rhythmic music) Lulu, what’s up? – Chef Pierre’s out sick and I have no one to put together the Toy Cafe menu. Could you girls come over
right away and help me? – Sure, not a problem. – We’d love to help. – We’re on our way, Lulu. – Thank you, thank you! I’ll see you soon. (sighs) I know the girls will save the day. – We gotta get over there fast! (bell dings) (dramatic music) (slurping sound) – Jason, I need you to review
the Toy Cafe right away. I’ve been hearing lots of
great things about this place so I want a big story. – I can do it today. – Fabulous. Remember, I want a big story. Something that grabs the headlines. You’re the best Toy
Food critic in the city so your work can make or break the place. (slurping sound) – I’ll give it an honest review. – Yes, of course, be honest. We wouldn’t want it any other way but I just mean really take
a good look at the place. Get my point? (slurping sound) – Loud and clear, Gloria. Are we done here? (slurping sound) – Yeah, sure. Get out there and show me what you’ve got. I want the copy tonight
for the morning edition. (slurping sound) Ahhh. (bell dings) (upbeat music) – Lulu, lulu, we’re here! – Oh, girls, I’m so glad you’re here. – We borrowed a car
from the crazy car store and we came here as fast as we could. – You said something about a menu, right? – That’s right, Maya. Chef Pierre decided to
throw out the old menu and make a new one but
since he’s not here, there’s no new menu. Do you girls think that
you could make one up? – Um, probably but I don’t remember what was on the old menu. – Me neither. – I don’t either. We’re trying for a mix
of toy food and real food so it should be a combo of both. – A combo sounds interesting. What could we do with that? – Maybe being in the
kitchen will inspire us. – Yes, that makes sense. Let’s go! (bell dings) – Chef Pierre won’t mind
you girls using the kitchen so feel free to do whatever you need to do to get this menu made. I’ve got to get back to the cafe but let me know if you need
any help with the real food. – Sounds like a plan, Lulu? – Okay, Maya, let’s think on this. – Think, think, think. I’m drawing a blank, Addy. I have no clue what should be on the menu. – Same here, hmm. How about we just put all the
things we like on the menu? – That’s brilliant! Now where should we start? – Well, Chef Pierre left
a lot of toy food out. – Yeah, like there’s chili
slime and spaghetti slime. – Yeah, and there’s mustard, guacamole and grape jelly slime. I bet Chef Pierre was going to use some of these slimes in the menu. – That makes sense. So what do we make with it? – I don’t know. (bell dings) – A few more bubble drops inside here. (gasps) (suspenseful music) Uh-oh, this is not good. Hello, there! Welcome to the Toy Cafe. What’s up with the skateboard? – A friend of mine told me that this cafe was roller friendly. – Well, I guess it is. They hadn’t planned it that way but it sounds like a good idea. – So can I get a table? – Absolutely. Sit anywhere you’d like and I’ll be right over. (suspenseful music) Breaking news, Addy and Maya. Jason Nesbitt, the city’s
biggest toy food critic, just rolled in. – Awfully empty in here. – I’ll try and stall him while you two whip up something amazing. Oh boy. – That was Lulu and
there’s a fancy toy critic in the toy cafe. – Aw, snap. What are we gonna do? – Whatever it is, we have to
be fast and it has to be epic. – Oh boy, how are we gonna pull this off? (upbeat music) (bell dings) (tapping noise) – (sighs) Exceptionally long wait. Let me mark that down. – Have you decided what
you’d like to order, sir? – Um, well, there’s no menus here so I’m not sure what you have. – Oh right, the menus. Unfortunately, our chef is out today and we are fresh out
of menus at the moment. – Hmm, well, then I
don’t know what to order. – Well, our new little lucky lunchboxes are our best-seller currently. – Okay then, how about a few of those? – Perfect. Coming right up, sir. – No menus? I’m not impressed. I hope for their sake
everything goes smoothly from here on out. (bell dings) – Okay, I think we have a few
awesome choices here, Maya. – Yeah, the chicken, rice
and moj moj look yummy. – What about my bagels
and grape jelly slime? And I got bananas and a squishy peach. – Awesome and don’t forget the cupcakes and the slow-rise cake. – [Addy] And our fruit salad
with the sticky watermelon. – It all looks great and
I hope Lulu thinks so too. – Yeah, I wonder how it’s
going at the Toy Cafe? – Crossing my fingers that it’s all good. – Me too. (bell dings) – Oh no, only one little lucky lunchbox? There’s gotta be more here somewhere. Little lucky lunchbox,
little lucky lunchbox, no. Only DoughMis here. Nothing in there. Little lucky lunchbox,
little lucky lunchbox. – Everything okay over there? (items clattering) – Uh-huh. (sighs) Well, time to face the music. (rhythmic music) So, thank you for patience. Unfortunately, I was only able to find one little lucky lunchbox. – Well, this is disappointing. – I apologize, sir. We’re usually more together than this. It’s just an off day. – I see. Well, I’ll see what this
little lucky lunchbox has to offer and I’ll let you know if I need anything else. – Okay, sounds good. – Hmm, this looks interesting. Let’s see what’s inside. Two surprise bags. This better be good. Mmm, cherry soda and … (paper crumpling) ooh, a hamburger. Oh, and what’s this? Another surprise. Ooh, a cow inside of a hamburger. (laughs) – So is there anything else I can get you? – Just the check. – Oh, okay. I’ll be right back. (rhythmic music) (bell dings) – Just a little bit more. (crying) – Lulu, what’s wrong? – [Maya] Are you okay? – No. (blows nose loudly) The toy food critic left. – Oh no. Already? – He didn’t even get to try our food. – We didn’t have any menus or enough little lucky lunchboxes and it was just bad. – It’ll be okay, Lulu. You’ll see. – But one bad review can ruin a business. I’m sunk. – Don’t throw the towel in yet. We’ll think of something. – Really? Oh, thanks, girls. You’re the best. I think I’m gonna go lie down now. (sad music) – So how do we help Lulu? – There’s got to be a way. – Hello, Addy and Maya. Where’s Chef Pierre? – Oh, hi, Lucy. He’s out sick today. – Oh, okay. Well, I have today’s issue
of Big City Toy News. It’s his favorite. – Well, we can make sure he gets it. – Well, great then. Here you go. I’ll catch you girls later. – Bye, Lucy. – Hmm, Big City Toy News. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? – Probably. – Then what are we waiting for? – Then let’s motor. (bell dings) – Your person have orange hair? – Sure does. – So, Jason, it didn’t go
well at the Toy Cafe today? – Correct. I was very unimpressed. Does your person have a hat? – It doesn’t even matter, Jason Nesbitt, because you’ve got Connor. – [Jason] You win again. – So back to this Toy Cafe. Maybe they were just
having a bad day, huh? (slurping sound) – Maybe but I’m still going
to give them a bad review. – Hmmm. (knocking) Come in. (upbeat music) Can I help you ladies? – Sure can. We’re looking
for your food critic. – That’s me. I’m Jason Nesbitt. – Hi, Mr. Nesbitt. I’m Addy. – And I’m Maya. – What can I do for you? – Um, we’re here about the Toy Cafe. – We heard that you were just there. – Yes, I was. – Well, we think the Toy Cafe
deserves a second chance. – Mmm. Well, I don’t give second chances. – Well, that isn’t right. – Yeah, everyone has an off day. – Mmm, not interested. – Well now, wait just
a minute here, Jason. I’m the editor of the paper
and I’d like to weigh in here. Okay, girls, tell me why
we should give the Toy Cafe a second chance? – Because we think the Toy
Cafe is a fantastic place and anyone can have a bad day. – Yeah, because we think
Lulu’s a wonderful person and Chef Pierre’s a wonderful chef. – They deserve a second chance. – Hmmm. (slurping sound) You girls seem passionate
about the Toy Cafe so I’ll give it another go. Jason, you’ll need to
head back immediately. – Whatever you say, boss. (rhythmic music) – Thank you, ma’am. – Thank you. – Don’t disappoint, girls. (slurping sound) Aaah. (bell dings) (upbeat music) – Mmhmm. Food quality is … – Can I get you anything else, sir? – Not at the moment. – So, what do you think of the menu Addy and Maya put together? Pretty great, huh? – I can’t say. You’ll have to read my review tomorrow. – All righty, then. I guess I’ll just leave you to it. – Pssst. Lulu. (upbeat music) – Hi, girls. – Any luck? – Not a clue. We have to wait until
tomorrow to read the review. – That’s gonna be torture. – Complete agony. – You’re tellin’ me. It’s my neck on the line. Cross your fingers and your arms. – We will. See you tomorrow, Lulu. – Okay. And thanks for everything. (whispers) Bye, girls. (bell dings) (melodic music) – I’m so awake right now, Maya. – Me too. No way I could go to sleep. – I’m kind of worried about the review. – I hope it’s a hit. – Well, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. – Yeah, we should at least try and sleep. – Good call. (melodic music) (bell dings) Lulu, Lulu! Where are you? – Hi, girls. Guess what? I got the review. – [Maya and Addy] Lulu, Lulu! – Let me see! Let me see! Is it good? – Or is it bad? – Hmmm. – OMG, Lulu. We’re dying here. – Please tell us before we explode. – Please. – Hmmm. Why don’t you look for yourselves? – Rave review for the new Toy Cafe! – No way! – [Addy] We did it! (gasps) – Wait just a minute! – What is it? – Look right there. – [All] The Toy Master escapes from jail? – What do we do? (suspenseful music)

Toy Cafe Gets a Bad Review!
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