Hi, I’m Brandon, and today we’re going to talk about the Tour Code MX skate. Starting with the specs here, comes with a straight frame, 80mm wheels. It’s rated as soft from Labeda. So that’s a great indoor wheel. It comes with BEVO ABEC 9 bearings. And also, an aluminum Hummer chassis, which is the nicer, upgraded version of the chassis. This is actually the adult skate, but we also do carry the junior in sizes 3 to 5. the only difference being that instead of it having 80mm wheels, it has 76mm wheels. And moving along to the boot, the liner on this is pretty nice. You can see it’s the quilted Dri-Vecc liner in there. which is actually the same liner that they use on their Cobalt Q and the Taboo skate. So you’re getting a really nice liner on a skate that’s a lot less money. Also the quarters through here are Pro-Teck. So that kind of helps with durability. and, you know it makes a little stiffer of a skate, so it’s a little more higher performance. I would rate this model for beginner to like advanced-intermediate level. Somebody, you know, who is only skating one night a week could use it. Somebody who is skating 3 nights a week and maybe doing some tournaments could use it as well. And this is the Tour Code MX.

Tour Code MX Senior Inline Hockey Skates
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One thought on “Tour Code MX Senior Inline Hockey Skates

  • March 23, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    I have a pair of those and the tongue kept moving over and it was very annoying but they aren't that bad.


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