the San Jose Sharks hit the middle game of this six-game homestand playing excellent hockey and tonight they go against one of hockey’s original six sharks bleeps Thornton morrow and so much more it has begun I didn’t see this coming Hattie I don’t know if you did but it’s gonna make it very interesting tonight I didn’t either tomorrow circle the San Jose net plays it into the crease and scores Martin Jones didn’t see it until it was too late and here’s Tavares coming in behind the net looks look to throw it out front and then just keeps rolling in behind and now he’s just gonna try to thread it in there to Hyman it off blasts xscape and gets in behind Martin Jones and this is it the tough break you want to kill that belly and yes they did and there it is off that right skate off mark Edouard and goes in on Martin Johansen by county marlow lowering the defensemen to step up in the neutral zone policy shooting San Jose six – here in the first period Jackson [Music] well you’re gonna see the sock come in Anderson’s pointing to his right and he doesn’t even see the puck come out and it’s an easy one for Kevin lebesgue there’s the dump in from Carlson he kind of fans on it and it hits something down in the barge hits the side of the neck lesson to all goalies you got to keep your eye on the puck you can see Anderson he was pointing he assumed it went there Kane again poked off his stick that comes Marlowe and kept the and so this is just one there’s the cut back the good poke check off they went the other way and here’s Marlo draws over the defender lays it out there for capita he just has to catch and release and beats Jones over before he can square up to that capitan shot I think that through Bron off and that’s why he played that two-on-one whoop Pavelski spins and backhands it to the net burns try to stuff it on Anderson who gets that big much on the ice to make the save and tack around and conservative a treatment will go five on four in a dozen seconds burns again [Applause] [Music] shop pass my friend first he almost looks like he was going to load it up but he doesn’t and there is that thread the needle past shot by birds Carlson locks the man now fern does the rest locates the snake in through the traffic there of the wheels and that’s just a beautiful pass and read rack my pal Val ski captain and again it goes up into the netting Couture unable to catch it as Pavelski bought Myers got [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] solid entry throwing it over to the left side there’s Timo Meyer kicks it out there’s the lateral penetration that you were talking about bakes and then here’s that really slippery pass into blastic Sorenson wins that back for Dylan Carlsen a shot it comes off escape a chance for Sorenson Anderson with a big stop there to keep it a one goal game broke it up at a two-on-one with Josh Levon shoots and scores tied a tree and Ennis takes off for the races and he chose it over right away and that tick gives him time to catch it and release it and beats Jones over that right shoulder on a terrific shot up born lker carlson go after it [Applause] all the way up top and out the bielski as they try and set up and marker blocked it and that will leap past here’s captain and a short-handed breakaway storm Caspari captain and second goal of the game and it’s for three to run Oh sometimes these he plays the best play Pavelski hottest partner there and tries to go against the grain gets picked off since Capitan in on a breakaway pump fake and then a quick shot that’s just a goal scores goal coming down on Martin Jones and he gets him to bite on the first one and it quickly goes top shelf sharks have it off the draw Erik Carlsson Donskoy back through Carlson burns again get the post got a second crack at skates in front of our together who’s firing let’s do a second gamer back to Baxter the Sharks playing Buffalo on Tuesday or Wednesday but the Toronto water bill [Music] yeah [Applause] shots a Vienna he has three the season the third being number 400 he is the oldest San Jose forward to ever score a goal Erik Carlsson at the goal line how Tron thought you tried to jab Karlsson trying to thread it over there hits Anderson and then there’s Jill Thornton have just popped out there a little bit adding a layer as you like to call it their big says Carlson was in low he went out a little bit hi there the puck comes to him a nice quick shot Anderson’s aggressive on that seat back 14 back for Carlson from Timo and then Pass here’s a pass in the hymen and he hits the post and back out to Martin Jones chips attack [Applause] Jones as the net comes throw pucks up into the neutral zone where players can skate into them ask happenin does here and we’re gonna see just a great pad save by Martin Jones as couture slides into him but he does I said playing some solid T on the shift against the banner pain burns a shot Anderson the save and nothing there for Kane who took a little jab Anderson didn’t like it neither do the rest of the leaves trying to get control coming across the line it goes through the vent binder and Anderson will clear it right up from ticks of shining stars bye Mitch murder the two goal lead my friend Erick Anderson starts this play right here look at he’s gonna shoot this out in the neutral zone this is that same play that they did earlier and there it is nice mark grabs it down cuts to the inside then uses Vlasic as the screen it picks the corner as you take a look at Martin Jones takes a looks at the defenseman so that I can’t see anything there as you’re gonna see a cutback right there from our tour and now he just gets his head up and shoots the top corner Mitch Marner with his six goal of the year his third point of this game could see Jones never saw it steered the battle on the board they’ll speak Podolski Anderson is down without right here a goat chafe falls down actually and they’re just maybe rolled at the last second that’s why I pulled it open the shot and Anderson with the same as Brent burns got all of that and Frederick Anderson another stop Toronto Maple Leafs pants tonight for the San Jose Sharks [Applause] 13 and 6 on the season a solid effort for Frederick Anderson as he’ll finish the night with 42 saves Caspari captain one of the stars for the Leafs with two including the game-winner short-handed the final score here at s AP Center Toronto 5 and the Sharks 3

Toronto Maple Leafs vs San Jose Sharks | NHL | NOV-15-2018 | 23:30 EST
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