Oh have we got a hockey night in New England for you it comes your way live from TD Garden where it’s the first matchup since Game seven last spring between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins whips it through Nordstrom Nikita’s sights em up to the attacking line here’s Caspari Kathryn closing gets off us fluttering wrist shot man it’s an easy chance for Milwaukee pops it past a lock to the end boards Krug around for de brusque – brusque takes the ice in front of him goes around Andres Johnson the shot stick saved by sparks Riley hard off the boards look at Toronto’s quick transition hide and hugs a troop of Tavares is there on the back check and here’s another pass to the attacking line as Zaitsev hits martyr David posture knock twists mortar since in Marsh on his shot did the best he could with a puck that just exploded on him got up on edge and found its way over his blade in the last five Morgan Rielly stretches to the puck in the attackers old marner to Riley’s got to Morrison the left die the shaatnez safe by in the lock here’s the water bug Tyler Ennis tapping it all the way to the corner crew gets stacked up on dress Johnson a framing to get some space Josh Lee Bo chops it out to Jake Gardiner his wrist shot in on a lock plenty of heat ten shots on goal flings it down the boards again Toronto obviously wants the Bruins to have to go through as many beliefs as possible Palach making another couple of saves this shot totals up to 18 in the first period [Applause] posture knock from behind the goal Bergeron scores [Applause] delivers what could be a demoralizing blow to the Toronto Maple Leafs captain throws a skate in their war up to the hash marks and Nordstrom wins it away from Kadri wing to wing to Jake to Brust to bust to Krejci the shot saved by sparks looking around loose in the crease to Brust turns wire pass capita Chara more blasts one into Riley’s legs Bergeron turns right back toward goal Marsh on saucer pass to posture knock to Krug right through the crease Moon’s couldn’t get a stick on a costume rocks one timer and it goes to the far boards Marsh on back to posture knocked the wrist shot saved by sparks Marchand girls out of the court of Bostock tries again his stick gives way tumbles the backhand down the left-wing posture knock in pursuit Marchand tries to control the bouncing puck Hyman runs into the grizzly check posture rocks scores Patrice birds one takes the crizzley knocked down posture knockin the Bruins despite getting territorially rolled out of their building in the first period have a 2-0 lead early in the second Chara uses the reach Mauritian gives Andre onsen Kiraly caves a vinyasa comes right back to his skates Laurentian hesitates the shot stayed by a lot through a wicked screen at center piers Bergeron against hazy shows then goes Bergeron holds at the hash marks cross ice [Applause] three point nights for Bergeron and posture knock a 3-0 lead for the Bruins then finds an opening against haensi de brusque looks for Nordstrom he backs it out of the air almost a spectacular combination Joachim Nordstrom off the boards more fakes the shot takes the shot saved by sparks and he covers the rebound and then again the explosive speed through the neutral zone creating that two-on-one the backhand feed it’s an aerial pass it doesn’t land in time but Nordstrom just about batted that out of the air around through both corners pasta Rock has the puck top over his forehand Bergeron goes hard to the wall to win the puck from Gautier brings it along with some dead wood slips the puck to the post before haensi cracks it off the back wall Marchand of more looking for posture knock two chances then Reilly scoops it high off glass in an emergency for the Leafs Tavares looks toward goal saved by a lock the rebound Kadri stuffed and wide Dermot along the Riley slices the seam tomorrow scores tic-tac goal Toronto has life with 30 seconds to go in the second Milo does the job in front of the net he’s occupied by camper that opens up the past in behind to a wide-open Tavares valiant effort by a lock on the dime back but I’ll play goal for Toronto gets it to 3-1 passes through his own skates gets the dark back from Kaveri for penetration of his own Barlow around the boards Nordstrom wins it away from canneries got to brusca head gives him the lob pass with Krejci mill Frankie all Mike look as he hit the pole starred David Krejci totally committed to drive the net Murali throws his body into Gardner Bacchus comes through and wins the puck before it exits his own / alley right to net sparks looks over his shoulder it comes back to crude the blast sparks without his stick now he fetches it it’s the third time this game the sparks has lost his goaltender stick her ally taking the puck to the net it’s in behind sparks but he gets some help from his defense and there was no quit they just kept pursuing the puck they kept making plays and then one gets two in Toronto gets it and you think maybe three guys a cut deep they just spent Reiger can’t kick it past mortar mich martyr springs knives and Kadri tries to drag it inside on plays the body Marlow high slot martyr back to Marlow averey shoves the puck through his own skates and Halak is tracking it well exactly at the midpoint of the third period crude back to posture knock to Marcia he closes posture doc has the hat trick David bastard our white stone and again and his for one Boston this guy keeps getting better and better he’s developed as a 200-foot player and when he has the puck on his stick nobody goes for a box of popcorn 16 2 in the first period [Music] Joachim Nordstrom wins the puck sends it to space Krejci battles Riley Nordstrom scores [Applause] David Krejci with that subtle little reach-in lifter the stick spin move back pass in this shot kind of surprise box a little bit cuz it was so far out in front Nordstrom but the quick release looked like he went five home the TD Garden crowd appreciative of the Bruins ending the perfect world record of the Toronto Maple Leafs he went six and all the way from home to begin the season John Moore with a friendly tappet history capita he rearranged Moore’s face the siren sounds the Bruins 5-1 winners over Toronto team effort Jack yeah the pasta knock first Ron maashjay’eh combination was spectacular but when you look at the forward groups their responsibilities their roles everybody contributed they got the goaltending it was more push back meaning there was more strong on the puck plays the game mattered and it showed

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins | NHL | NOV-10-2018 | 20:00 EST
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