– Hey everyone. This is Chase at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, giving you a closer look at our top five mid-level boots for 2019. All right so, if you are boot shopping, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. You’ve got a pretty difficult
decision ahead of you. At Rocky Mountain, we
have a lot of great boots to choose from for different skill levels, with all different price ranges. But, in this video today,
we want to show you our top five mid-level boots for 2019. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, price range on these will
between $200 and $400, this will give you a
really good starting point. So, I’m just going to go through, talk about each boot that
you see up here on the table, cover some of the key features and the highlights that
we like about these, and explain why we put
them into our top five. So, if you see one you like,
when we’re all done here, you can watch the individual
products spotlights, Where I talk about each one
of these in full detail. But, also don’t forget that if you’re looking for say maybe an entry level boot, little more affordable,
or maybe a premium option, we do have top fives for
those categories as well. So, without further ado, let’s get it started with boot number one. All right, so get
started, boot number one, we’ve got the GX-1 coming from Gaerne. Now, with the GX-1, fitment
true to size, comfortable boot, nice padding around the ankle area, the toe box is nice and wide,
so for riders with wider feet, I think these will accommodate those well. But, remember, the GX-1,
it’s an apparel item, this goes for any boot that
we sell at Rocky Mountain. We know that fitment
and sizing is crucial, and that is why we have our fit guarantee. So, if you buy a boot, you’re not happy with the sizing or
fitment, send it back to us in brand new unused condition. We want to make sure
that you get those right. And, that is why we give you free shipping both ways on that first exchange. So, with the GX-1, why
do we like this so much? Well, first of all, if
you’re not too familiar with Gaerne, they’re an Italian company, definitely known for their
very high quality construction. So, the SG-12 was their flagship boot. That’s a boot that I’ve
spent a lot of time in, so I can tell you from my own experience, the boot is extremely durable. And, what I love is that,
typically with some companies when they have a mid-level
boot, the don’t use the materials that are as premium as what they have in their flagship boot. But, not with Gaerne. So, the GX-1, you’re getting
the same premium leather and plastic that they use on their SG-12. So, if you’re worried about durability, not a concern that I
would have with the GX-1. Along with that, some
other features I like, four buckle design, same
buckles as the SG-12, they are replaceable. So, very easy to operate. So, one of my favorite buckle designs. And also, a big standout
here, is with their sole. So, the GX-1 uses a
traditional stitched-on sole, something that Gaerne is known for. It is replaceable, it has a steel shank. But, I know a lot of riders prefer having that stitched on
sole versus a bonded. So, if that is something
that you are looking for, well then the GX-1’s going
to be a great option. All right, boot number two. This is the all new
Radial coming from Thor. So, this boot is brand new for 2019. This is Thor’s first take
at a mid-level offering. You’d be right around the $250 mark. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with what Thor came up with
for their first mid-level boot. I think there’s a lot of
things to like about this. So, fitment on the
radial, it’s true to size, very comfortable, nice
padding around the ankle, plenty of width in the toe box area. But also, not going to
be as stiff as the GX-1 that we just showed you, so it’s not going to take as long to break in. But, here’s some of the
features that I really like, especially at this price. So, three buckle design, the buckles, they work well, they’re
actually very similar to a Fox buckle if you’re familiar with the Fox Instincts or even the Comp R boot, which we’ll show you. But, they do a great job. But, what I like, is
that you’re going to have a lateral and medial
side hinge on the radial. So, looking at it here, you can see, it’s this cuff that kind of
wraps around the back here. So, having that hinge,
that design in that cuff, one, it helps give flexibility to the boot right out of the box. But also, what I really like about that, is it gives good lateral
rigidity to the radial boot. So, if you compare it to the
GX-1 that we just showed you, I think the radial’s going to
have much more lateral rigidity, so a little bit more
protection, in my opinion, for the rider’s ankle. You’re also going to notice here too, that they have their
hyperextension lockout. So, as the ankle’s hyperflexing,
you’re going to see, or excuse me, hyperextending,
you’re going to have this lockout point here just to help give a little bit more protection. And, the last thing that I really noticed, first impressions, was putting this on, a very low profile toebox. So, being low profile, for me, that’s really going to help with shifting. So again, around that $250 price point, lot of cool features built in. This is the Radial coming from Thor. All right, boot number three. We have got the Tech 5,
coming from Alpinestars. So, the Tech 5’s going to be
the baby brother to the Tech 7. It’s going to bump up
just a little bit in price from that Radial we saw from Thor. But, what I like about the Tech 5, is this boot has already proven itself. Easily one of my most
popular mid-level boots, and for good reason. A lot of features that
we like about these. First thing I will say,
is with the Tech 5, my opinion, the most comfortable, or the best step in
comfort of all the boots that we are going to show you today. So, very comfortable right out of the box. They are going to take
just a little bit of time to break in, but you still
have a good amount of flex. Toe box, plenty of width in there, so for wider feet you’re
not going to have an issue. But, some other features we like, with the buckles, four buckle design. Now, I talked about that GX-1, how much I loved their buckles. The Tech 5, with their buckles, going to be the same
design as their Tech 10, their flagship boot, and the Tech 7. Easily takes a very solid second place, in my opinion, as far as buckles go. So, very easy to operate. Also, what I like too, is
looking at the medial side here, you are going to have
their biomechanical hinge, so that’s going to help with the flex. But also, like with that Thor Radial, really good lateral
rigidity with the Tech 5. Now, last thing I want to
point out, is with their sole. So, you do have a replaceable insert, steel shank in the Tech 5, as well. And, something that I think
the Tech 5’s do really well, you can see low profile toe box, that’s going to help with
braking and shifting. But also, their sole, in my opinion, gives the most feedback on the foot peg. So, as a rider, if you
like a lot of feedback, like to really feel where
your feet are on the pegs, Tech 5’s going to be a really good option. All right, moving on down
the list, boot number four. This is the Comp R,
coming from Fox Racing. So, I’ve actually personally
spent some time in the Comp R. Price point right about
the same as that Tech 5. Fitment is going to be true to size. Now, the Tech 5, I mentioned
how comfortable it was, Comp R is right there with it. So, very comfortable right out of the box. Fitment, or excuse me, toe box, plenty wide for those wider feet. And, something that I really enjoy about the fitment on the Comp R, is little to zero heel float. And, what I mean by that
is, pet peeve of mine, if you put a boot on, you start to ride, or even just walking, you can feel like your heel’s lifting up off the insole. Well, the Comp R does a great job of holding the rider’s
foot and ankle in place so that doesn’t happen. So, I really enjoy that about these. Now, very unique design
here with the Comp R, you’ll notice, you’ve
got two lower buckles, that are going to be
the same buckle design as the Instinct, which
is their flagship model. But, up here at the top,
they use what they call the ActiveLock technology. So, rather than having buckles, they use this silicone strap. Now, the silicone strap is adjustable. And, with the Comp R
as far as calf opening, I would probably say that this has the largest opening at the
top, so for larger legs wearing knee braces, will
accommodate those well. But, what’s cool about this active lock, and why it is unique, is by using that it allows you to have more of
a floating shim plate design, so it’s not going to bind as the
rider, as the boot is flexing. So, it’s pretty unique
that Fox is using that, I think it’s a great concept. And also, looking at the back, they have their floating cuff design, so that’s going to wrap
around the back of the boot. So, that’s going to
help aid with the flex. But also, you can see, you have the hyperextension lockout. Also gives good lateral rigidity, as well. And, last feature I want to point out, is with the burn guard that they have on the medial side here. So, they use a material called Duratec, same material that they
use on their Instinct, again their premium boot. But, what I like about this material is how much grip it gives to the bike. It’s something that I
really like about these. So, very good grip, you can see
how flat the inside is here. And, that’s the same material that you’re going to get here
on the sole, as well. So again, very unique with
their ActiveLock technology. This is the Comp R boot,
coming from Fox Racing. All right, so last but not least, we have the X3 SRS coming from Sidi. Now, this boot’s going to fall
just under that $400 mark. A lot of features to like about this. So fitment’s going to be true to size. Keep in mind, that with the X3, is that they’re going to
have half sizes on this. So, what I would recommend,
is that if you’re right between sizes, or not sure, I would go down one half size. So, typically I wear size
nine, but in the X3 SRS I would get the size eight and a half. So, just something to be mindful of. But remember, that’s why
we have that fit guarantee. But, looking at the X3 SRS,
what I like about this, first off, is with the construction. So, Sidi uses a proprietary
material called Technomicro, which they use in their Crossfire 3 boots. So, it’s a premium material. And, what’s nice about that Technomicro, they say that’s going to be
more durable than leather, it’s not going to dry out or crack. So, you’re getting really good durability with the construction. Looking at it, lot of
hard plastic throughout. You’re going to have a four buckle design. I like the Sidi buckles, I
think they do a very good job. But also, again, coming at that price, you’re going to have a lot
of great features here. You’re going to have a dual hinge design, so on the medial and lateral side, that allow this boot to have
good flex out of the box. It is going to take a little
bit of time to break in, but also, again, with that hinge, we’ve talked about this,
gives good lateral rigidity to the rider’s ankle. And then, looking at the back here, we’ve seen this with some of the others, you are going to have
this hyperextension stop to add a little bit more
protection for the rider’s ankle. You’re going to have removable
arch support on the inside. Looking at the sole though,
this is the big feature here that really sets Sidi
apart, they have this with their premium
Crossfire 3 SRS as well. SRS stands for Sole Replacement System. So, what is unique, you
can see that you have these screws here on
the bottom of the sole. Now, we all know there’s
a lot of boots that have replaceable soles, but in those situations you got to buy the extra sole, and send it to a shoe cobbler or you
have to send your boot off to the company to have it repaired. Well, what Sidi allows you to do, is that just with a flathead screwdriver, you can buy a replacement sole,
take the one off your boot from your own home, and
then just replace it, and you’re good to go again. So, if you do wear through the sole, the easiest sole replacement system of any boot that you’re going to find. And, that is what makes these very unique. So, overall again, with the X3 SRS, lot of cool features built in. But, that sole replacement system is definitely what
makes these stand apart. All right, so there you have it. Those are our top five
mid-level boot for 2019. Now remember, if you saw one you like, watch the individual product spotlight. If you guys have a boot
that you saw up here today, comment below, let us
know what boot that is, what you like about it. And, even if you have a boot
that you didn’t see up here, well tell us what boot
you have and why you think it should be in our top five. Pick up your next set, it is very simple, just click on the link
at the end of this video, or head over to rockymountainatvmc.com. Orders over $75 ship free. Give this video a thumbs up. Subscribe to our YouTube
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are constantly filming. I am Chase, we’ll see you on the trails.

Top 5 Mid-Level Motocross Boots
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