what is going on guys dbg here and in this video we are going to be talking about the top 10 players that you just never want to come up against an NBA 2k 19 my team so this is not necessarily going to be like the top 10 players these are the top 10 guys that when you see on the other team you get you instantly either get annoyed or think oh why am i running up against these guys why am i running up against this team and these are the specific players that I feel for me anyway give me the most dread going into games because not like some of the best guys in the game are necessarily on this list for example trying to think whose really good a clay is really good but you never come up you'll never come up against the clay and think oh crap he's got clay you never go against a Westbrook thinking oh he's got Westbrook it's gonna be a disaster I'm trying you as t-mike like as much as I think t-mike's unbelievable you never come up against the tee Mike welcome for me anyway and think oh this is game over he's gonna dominate even though team I can dominate it's a weird one but these are the guys that just strike the most fear into me when you see them on a team and there won't be any of these rewards like the likes of Blake Griffin because obviously they are a sign that a player is good I've seen up like government every day and you see a bunch of the player at Mont rewards especially on like the first you know it's probably gonna be a good player but anyway now let's get on to the list so my honorable mentions are Dirk Nowitzki David Robinson and Magic Johnson Dirk Nowitzki because he's got the limitless range bunch as well as having a really easy release of time it is really slow it is really slow so it can't be baited but the thing is when you see Dirk coming up against you for me anyway I just think okay I have to focus really hard on this game because he is the trail cheese king in 2k 19 David Robson is one of the best centers in the game especially if you see him on the wing he's danger like great three-point shooter great dunker great mid-range shooter great in the post really fast great lateral quickness just a beast in game have you got Magic Johnson defensive leader is no card the strikes fear and me more than Magic Johnson there is no like there is no player I would rather not be guided by in this game to Magic Johnson as you know there's one but he comes up later on this but the thing is magic has a completely beta release for that reason and that reason only he is this low on the list otherwise he would be a lot o higher then barely being in the top 10 but anyway now we are on to number 10 and number 10 is going to be Kevin Durant so Kevin Durant is just he can score in every way he's got a real easy leaner he's can come off the dribble he can attack the basket and he's also this one especially is a elite defender 97 Idol queen is 97 on Baldy fans of IQ a block rating of 9 theist theory of 95 so you're coming up against one of the best if not the best offense player in the game as well as being a decent defender in terms of best cards in the game this is no doubt one of the higher archives in this list however again he's a player that isn't one of the best defenders in the game boy it is still at least but you still think you can score occasion on Kevin Durant next up we have got a power forward and it is a galaxy ople Bob Pettit Bob Pettit has got limitless range in base 11 a bit like Dirk Nowitzki you know once you're coming up against Bob had it that you can't switch off for a second you know that if you do switch off that is going well it's not gonna end well you know that he's going to pull in your face he's going to hit a consistent amount of contested three-point shots at 96 rating base 11 is such an easy release to get off and it means that if you again if you give him an inch he's gonna hit shots and also if you backup you know if you back off if you press too high on him he's got a 95 driving drunk as well she was just burn you and dunk on you as well as being able to speed boost good strength good speed good lateral quickness and a solid enough defender he's one of the toughest players to guard in my team so that's why I don't like coming up against him next up we have got a point guard and it is Ben Simmons Ben Simmons a lot of you guys are probably thinking should be way higher on this list but I'm gonna give my reason why I don't mind coming up against Ben Simmons even though he is definitely a difficult player to come up against but I he's not anywhere near to top 4 or 5 where it just strikes dread and because Ben Simmons although he is a complete lockdown defender he's got a 93 open shot three with a shoe potentially 90 each with certain coaches the thing offense Simmons is that he does have a slightly longer release which means it's kinda easy to contest them and people shoot a lot of dumb threes in Simmons that I've seen anyway an unbelievable car one of the best cards in the game but not the worst card to come up against my opinion or for me anyway he's not like a player's completely strikes fear in me number seven we've got a guy who's not as good as Simmons but is just you just know what's gonna happen with karlenko basically everything I said about ball pattern except for a limitless range Kirilenko has except Kirilenko is locked down the last time I made this list which was in like January I had Kirilenko his diamond tire at number one I hate playing Andrei Kirilenko because you're more than likely going to play against him at the point guard position and you know to your point guys barely going to be able to score as well as Kirilenko can just light up anybody he's got a fairly decent off dribble shot three as well I was going everywhere you can go to the basket on his lockdown at number six we have got a seven-foot six enter Yao Ming Yao Ming is just an unbeliever rim protector in this game and he you know you're not gonna really get to the basket too much without spreading the floor and you know you know you have to spread the floor whether it be a five out or a pick and pop situation because if you leave your big man in there and yeah I was in there yeah I was going to block shot after shot the shot clean-up on rebounds and you're probably going to lose the game like if I'm being completely honest you probably will if you are coming up against a Yao Ming and you don't pull him out the key and you just let him stand in the middle and also a reading go three-point shooter dangerous in the pick and pop dangerous will post fadeaways just an unbelieving she's offensive player as well and like he's just so so good a so difficult to play against and number five is a controversial one and this guy strikes fear in me went for game plays this is maybe just a personal thing grunt Hill pink diamond there is nothing I hate more in game plays than coming up against Grant Hill Grant Hill claps everybody like everybody on ball off ball Grant Hill is the best defensive player in the game while perimeter wise anyway I don't know why his thoughts are good like don't get me wrong stats are good but there should be better defensive players in Grant Hill like 98 steal lateral quickness of 98 97 I'm all the events like you they're reading stats but there's a lot players more length just play with white bodies is plays badass astronaut Grant Hill is by far the best defender and you guys have seen me doing a lot in game plays if I'm running with a guard and they've grind tail I max up with them I will switch them off ground tail every single time cuz I know for a fact I am NOT getting a good game play being guarded by an on ball or an off ball ground tail maybe this is just kind of personal bias because I make a lot of gameplay videos but there is very few players to strike fear more fear in me than seeing Grant Hill on D pound team and number four we've got a guy who everyone probably expects to be number one this list Shaquille O'Neal though there is one reason one reason only if shock is used properly he is a Yanis a 315 pounds or at 325 pounds 7 foot 1 Yanis who has also got unbelievable strength I'm pretty much plays like he's got permanent slasher take over can dominate inside can dominate going to the basket the one single reason why I have Shaquille O'Neal below these three is that 99% of people including me jack up shots with Shaquille O'Neal sure I know you can shoot a little bit but if you guys look I'm shooting like just over 33% from 3 from Shaq is nas got a slow release he's got a beta release and because he can't shoot everyone shoots with him not the worst shooter in the world but I don't mind playing Shaq again because more often than not you're gonna be see people running in like a stretch 5 and not using Shaq the way Shaq should be used because of the novelty of him of him having a three-point shot ironically enough people giving him a three-point shot has probably made them underpowered for the majority of players at number three we've got a power forward it's not even in Galaxy opal it is pink diamond kristaps porzingis porzingis is seven foot three he's got hall of fame limitless range he's like imagine Dirk without abated release I'm faster more athletic and equally as strong now I need his strength for Chris stop stumpy bullied insane post game insane three-point shot insane mid-range shot limitless range great block rating he's fast on again he is seven for three this is my well my second least favorite big man to come up against number 2 is Kareem sure Kareem doesn't have the stats of even in Oscar Robertson sin are absent of even a David Robinson but Kareem is 72 he's got length he's got 20 on Fame badges basically all the defensive ones and he doesn't miss he does not miss so I know if I give cream an inch of space he's going to hit the shot he's locked in defender on the floor well 7-foot to be feels taller will clean up on rebounds and he's got crazy our wings and great animal defense like you he shouldn't be better than D Rob he shouldn't be harder to come up against and be robbed but he is better post game and the skyhook once he once you get it down is unbelievable and if your opponent has a skyhook down it's game over a number one there's only ever going to be one and I don't even have this card so I'm just gonna slide in his pink diamond it's Yanis Yanis galaxy opal so Yanis 99 at everything except for three-point shot where which is 95 imagine a signature limited Jordan but it's Yanis caliche is crossover in the game and I don't really mind the crossover I've learned how to deal with that over time it's the fact that he's a such a long wingspan and gets steals every time you play as a point guard 99 cent time he will strip you almost every time if you try to go by him the off balling Yanis is real and also if it's not a point guard the drew most dreaded thing is seeing Yanis being Ron at center so all of a sudden unless like unless you specifically have Kareem Dave Robinson or Shaq Yanis is going to lock down your center play point Center 5 out ISO and score every single time he is my least favorite player and he's everyone's least favorite player to come up against MIT but anyway that's the video thank you guys for watching please like comment and subscribe

TOP 10 Players You NEVER Want To Come Up Against In NBA 2K19 MyTEAM!!

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