lol look at this skin head average heelflip this nigga turns round hella fast here the amount of balance this fucker must have to do this rail… bald cunt didnt even miracle whip out rest in peace this guys ankles i haven’t even seen this guy push once how does he get this speed he looks like he pushes mongo anyway that was pretty decent tf was that fire alarm just now this guy shredding so hard he starting fires he should’ve been hospitalized here look right what mall has built in ramps in random places lol get ready for this he’s now riding with shards of glass impaled in him bald fucc is completely unfazed by what just occurred he probably doesn’t even realise he has to pay for that shit this fuccbois a full on criminal rn aaaand every plant here is killed overvcrooks on thin air cuz hes the second coming of christ srsly give me a legit reason why a car is here aaand hes never walking again in his life oh. ok. well it cant get any more ridiculous than that nvm how is he even alive right now how is he still doing that manual my name is aaron kyro, and i’m a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco bay area steez he somehow manages to leave earths atmosphere here with no pop and a small ramp oh no its gonna happen again this man bout to be broke af after this line there’s no way this isn’t illegal the most godly revert the world has ever seen first tryyy soty just for that combo fire alarms back either some autist is purposely setting off the alarm or someone stepped on an ied we’ll ignore the fact that hes managed to ollie onto a roof with a 1ft ramp and hasnt pushed his board once hes got to be prophet muhammed (pbuh) in disguise or some shit are we gonna ignore the fact he just popped in mid air off of nothing what insoles does he have allowing him to cheat death god revert v2 WTF HE CAN ACTUALLY DIE? AFTER ALL THIS TIME I guess he is mortal after all oh never fucking mind he’s been resurrected yeah what oh it was all just some shitty dream why the game gotta savage my mans like that who tf succs now where even is this bald fucc right now that pipe is taller than my house Hello teachers checking my content for rude stuff, thanks for the isolation Grinding on pipes that are wider than car tires A giant wooden box? nah dont worry he’ll be fine Shoutout to the laws of physics for this one why wont i die I didn’t ask to be born glad to see the classic “grind on helicopter wing to cause it to set off and open giant doors” system is still working i have an exam tomorrow what am i doing here

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Montage
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