Finally Hello everyone! I am very sorry that it has been while since I posted previous video here SO i hope you all doing great! And we have spring come already, whoo! now I will back and start with this video game review now this game i will start play… Tony Hawk Pro Skater This game was bit popular while ago even started in 1999 when it was released for N64 and Playstation this game is about ride on skateboard as skater and doing many different tricks set many goals now i will show you old trailer for N64 and PS1 version after this.. will show you modern trailer now let check it out! pretty cool right? now here we goes and check it out! now here we are on main menu here you can select different skaters include famous Tony Hawk he is world pro skater ever now you see list there which show different skill each it have various type I will prefer this Tony Hawk it have same map from Nintendo 64 version same setting in same area that design as before let check it out well I played this before and accomplished all see that goal? for this goal which you will make money so you can buy better skateboard or repair this or upgrade you can use xbox one controller need to balance better if that time ran out as you keep doing trick that will allow you to keep play until that skateboard touch this ground, then you stopped now check out other level school still need to keep accomplish these but one thing I has been struggled for.. you know that fire alarm, red one… you need to skate against that wall to push it off it really difficult to do that i will show you what i am try to explain about now i did remove one that one.. I was struggled with finally! time ran out! I thought I struggled but did got three alarm removed but need two more need to do all 5 of that alarms.. very tough one here that game… I thought i like this one I did good but need more practice.. thanks everyone for watching! this game is really fun I was struggle with this part So I need to practice more often! but it was pretty fun you can look up on internet and buy then download this game it available on it’s good price like should be about $10 to 15 thanks for watching and I will try keep post more videos as I can Have a nice day!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD (ASL Video Game Review)
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