opportunity to take advantage of it. DANA HIS NAME IS SYNONYMOUS WITH SKATEBOARDING… TONY HAWK WAS IN TOWN TODAY TO HELP OPEN A BRAND NEW SKATE PARK AT THE UTAH STATE FAIRGROUNDS.. AND WITH SKATEBOARDING BECOMING AN OLYMPIC SPORT IN 2020….THE 51-YEAR-OLD HAWK WAS FLYING HIGH… 11-17 Who better to help open the only Olympic level skate park in North America than the legendary Tony Hawk. Hawk: Utah has always been a strong supporter of action sports from the early days. I used to come here in the early 90’s because there was an indoor skatepark here, one of the very few in the U.S. Now we’ve come of age with a state of the art facility. When Hawk grew up as a skater, he had no idea it would develop into an Olympic sport. But he’s thrilled the entire world has embraced the sport he loves. Hawk: I love the fact that we were doing something unique and kind of counter- culture, and that wasn’t our goal. So at some point, I embraced that and I loved that we were doing something different. We were validated in our own right. There are plenty of kids that were skating, and it provided something to us that other sports didn’t. It’s a hybrid of different bowls, but street elements. It has become such a strong discipline, that it is an Olympic sport. So, when people ask me, are you surprised that skateboarding has come this far, not really. I feel like it’s about time.” 20 years ago, Hawk was the first skater to land a 900. Now, he says there is no limit to the tricks these athletes can pull off. Hawk: I’ve been skating 40 years, and I see it continue to evolve, even to this day. So, I don’t want to say there is a limit. Is there a limit to what humans can achieve is more the question. And the answer is no. Hawk: Not as far as I’m concerned. DANA AND THE FIRST MAJOR COMPETITION IS THIS WEEKEND…THE VAN PRO SKATE TOUR WITH SOME OF THE TOP SKATE PARK RIDERS IN THE WORLD WILL BE HERE… THANKS DANA. WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK

Tony Hawk helps open new skate park
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