[Tom Coughlin]
To be honest with you I only wanted to go to one school. That’s that’s the only place I ever wanted
to go was Syracuse University. I wanted to hear that music. I wanted to play in Archbold. When I entered it in ’64 Syracuse had been
the national champion in ’59 and I’m telling you right now we had a lot of very good football
players at Syracuse. [Floyd Little]
He was blessed and was misfortunate to be in the same backfield with Larry Csonka and
me. And so he didn’t get a chance to carry the
ball that much. [Larry Csonka]
Tom was an excellent receiver, excellent halfback. [Floyd Little] I said “you just gotta block,
that’s why you’re back there Tom” [Larry Csonka] He pretty much could do any
job that you asked him to do and was willing to do any job. [Floyd Little]
So every time we call the play 44 scissors we say “backs switch.” Which means I take Tom’s place he takes my
place so I can carry the ball. And Tom gets so upset. [Tom Coughlin]
We were full pads every day twice a day. It was physical tough hard nosed football. We practiced until Coach Schwartzwalder got
tired. [Larry Csonka]He was committed to the team
he was committed to winning. [Floyd Little]
If you didn’t know the play in the huddle you’d ask Tom, hey what do I do? [Tom Coughlin]
I wanted to know. You know I would ask questions and I would
learn. I was a wingback but you had to learn what
the tailback did. And I really studied and learned all those
positions. [Larry Csonka]
He kept notes on everything. Everything was important to him. Everything that was mentioned in a meeting. Everything that happened in practice he remembered
he retained and he built off those things. [Floyd Little]
You could tell he was going to be great as a coach. This is a guy who was a football guy because
he was really really intuned to the the game. [Tom Coughlin]
I knew at a young age that you know this does look pretty good to me and I thought I could
teach and I thought I could coach. I like taking a group of young men you know
fashioning them into a team a cohesive unit who believes in themselves but also believes
that it’s team, team, team it’s not about I. [Marv Albert]
What is most impressive about Tom is that he has succeeded at every level of coaching. [Tom Coughlin]
We’ve moved 14 times and it’s always a job a job a job a job a job. It’s just part of it. The bottom line for me has always been the
drive, the determination, the desire to be the best. The willingness to do whatever it takes to
get there. I’ve been blessed with my wife Judy who has
always been by my side, who supported me in my effort to give everything I could to my
job. [Kelli Coughlin Joyce]
My dad when he was coaching at Boston College had a young man on his team named Jay McGillis. And unfortunately during the football season
Jay was stricken with leukemia and in just eight short months he lost his battle. During the time that Jay was sick both of
my parents spent a lot of time visiting with him and his family. [Tom Coughlin]
Parents drop everything to run to the bedside of a sick child. They don’t work, mortgage payments, car payments,
electrical bills all of these things mount up. Our football team went out in the community
got pledges and we gave them McGillis family a check for fifty thousand dollars. That was the forebearer of the J Jay fun Foundation. And the reason was we saw how we could help. [Kelli Coughlin Joyce]
We’ve helped 4000 families provided nine million dollars worth of support. We feel that it’s equally important that these
families feel emotional support so we provide opportunities for them to just take a day
off of cancer and have a good time together, connect with others that can really relate
to what they’re going through. [Tom Coughlin]
It means the world to all of us who contribute because we have no agenda. All we want to do is help and we have a system
that works and it really works well. [Marv Albert]
What Tom Coughlin has accomplished as an NFL head coach is extraordinary. [Tom Coughlin]
We were a motley group, we had players from all walks of life coming into one situation,
we were 4 and 12 the first year. I still say that’s one of the toughest teams
I ever had. We had another great offseason have more hard
work hard work hard work and now they start to believe and it’s amazing when that happens
with the team because I mean we were within a whisker of going to the Super Bowl our second
year in existence. In the role that I have now which is a new
learning experience for me. I have a vested interest in this franchise
being successful and nothing would make me happier than to be able to make whatever contribution
I can to see that that happens here in Jacksonville. After the 2003 season. I became the 16th head coach of the New York
Giants franchise and obviously a dream come true, I’m a New York kid. It all started for us when we chose Eli Manning
in the 2004 NFL draft. [Eli Manning]
He loves what he’s doing. He loves the preparation, the practice the
work that goes into it. And that feeling after a win I think that
rubs off on his players. [Tom Coughlin]
Halfway through the ’04 season. I injected him into the starting lineup and
all people did at that point was just blitz blitz blitz. We won the last game of the year against Dallas
and then next year we won 11 games and we were in the playoffs. We go to Arizona to play the 18 and 0 New
England Patriots in the Super Bowl. We have the famous David Tyree catch which
took me a hard time to teach him how to make that catch by the way. But anyway we end up beating them out there. Another great football game. [Eli Manning]
Those feelings after you win a Super Bowl are tough to explain. You know usually the first thing you do when
you when you see a coach is you know another player you just hug. We appreciate each other’s hard work and dedication
and commitment to making it work. [Tom Coughlin]
Remember this now, it’s not you won the Super Bowl. Your wife won the Super Bowl. Your kids won the Super Bowl. That holds true for every coach, every player. Everyone in the organization because remember
in professional football everybody wins. Everybody is a part of the team. [Marv Albert]
He won two Super Bowls. How about 11th all-time on the NFL head coaching
win list. These are Hall of Fame credentials. [Floyd Little]
Last August I was with Larry Csonka and Jim Brown at the Hall and I texted Tom a photo
of us at the hall and I said where are you. We’re saving a seat for you.

Tom Coughlin ’68, G’69 – Excellence in Athletics and Philanthropic Leadership
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