DAY JOBS I believe that if I didn’t
have something that made me focus, if I didn’t start this, that I could have gone
the wrong way in life. I started archery
through my stepdad and he challenged me. He said, “If you can hit a
little match box on the target at about 18 metres”
that he would buy me a beer. So, I hit the box
and I got a beer. I still can’t believe
that I am an Olympian. I wouldn’t go to someone
and say, “I’m an Olympian” I just tell them
I am a hod carrier. I usually wake up
for an early morning anywhere from 4:50am. Five o’clock onwards will be
my normal routine. I like to set myself up,
I like to dawdle around, make my sandwiches, make sure
I’m fully awake before I leave. I like to prepare
for the day ahead. My job would be
working on site, taking care of
a team of builders and I would be doing
anything from carrying bricks, preparing pug – which
is like a concrete mix or brickwork mix – general tidying up,
and that’s my job. On the physical side,
it’s helped a lot with fitness because I don’t have the time
to do archery training and the physical training. I don’t do too much physical because I find
what I do at work… enough for me through
the day. Otherwise,
if I continue to overtrain, I end up having injuries
and I get tired so I focus most of my training
on actually shooting the bow. All the guys
are absolutely amazing. They’re encouraging,
they push me on. Working with them is cool. I remember working
with you saying… ..”How do I ask for time off “when I need
to go to a competition?” Yeah, that’s right. He said, “Give me
at least two weeks’ notice “of a time you’re going
so I know.” I said, “No, I will give you
a couple months ahead “because I have got to book
them.” – That’s right.
– And that’s how it is. You said, “Let me know, I’ll write it down in the leave
book and you go.” Did you get to watch
the Rio Olympics? Yeah, it was superb, yeah. It made me laugh, I watched
the opening ceremony… I don’t know if it looked
like it, but I was absolutely
bricking it. No, anyone would have been
in that situation. You walk out on this arena
and they say to you, “There is a very expensive
monitor just below your target.” And it is easy to miss. For me, I had to keep
pinching myself every day. You’re in the food line and Serena Williams
is standing in front of you and you are like –
this is not real. This is not real. I am just a guy who carries
bricks, what’s this about? I was working on a site where I was drilling
into a wet brick. The drill got trapped
and it caught my hand and injured my arm. I was off from shooting
for about a month and a half and I was supposed
to be off longer, but I just wanted to shoot so I just got back
as soon as I could. I can’t worry about
that kind of stuff. It is my job, it is my life. You know, supporting my family
comes first before archery. It is a huge help
having people you can rely on. The guys on the building sites
know me now, they understand. You need support,
you need help… ..regardless of where
you come from and that help helps you to… ..make it through. Especially when you are
fighting to get things done and you are fighting
against time and training and actually all you want
to do is just get on and do your best. Representing Zimbabwe, Gavin
Ben Sutherland! I love representing my country. To go to the Olympics
and stand underneath your flag for your country is a dream. My first elimination match, I shot against
the world ranking number one, world record holder
Kim Woo-jin. It was amazing. I am not angry
at myself for losing, but I’m just disappointed that
I didn’t put up a better fight. I’ve just got to go back
to the drawing board take my time,
build my form up again and just work closely
with my coach. I do worry about money. If you are trying to move on
in life and save for a deposit on a house or a mortgage, you sometimes say, “I am not shooting that great
and I am wasting my time.” Should I be doing
something else? Should I be saving my money
for something else? My wife and I have made
a lot of sacrifices. We didn’t think we could do it. It has been quite a busy 18 months, two years, but it has been really exciting
and it has just been great. I want to go to Tokyo, 100%. it is going to be difficult
for me to do it with the same lifestyle I have because my family life
is only going to get busier, but I just have to find the
time and the correct training. To be honest,
I think he would love to have a second go at Tokyo. I think it would mean
a lot to him to get there again and also be
more prepared in getting there. It is just a huge commitment, so, we will have
to see how it goes. One thing about archery, and it is quite hard
to explain, when you pull that bow back… and it become one. And actually, there are some
shots you know that when it touches
a certain part on your nose and your anchor point… ..and the sight settles
on the target perfectly, you know that is a ten and all
that is left to do is shoot it and when that shot
goes off in one, it is the best feeling in
the world.

This Zimbabwean archer stays fit with his job as a builder | Day Jobs
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    Hi olympic channel!

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    So humble

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    Thank you for sharing. Your story is amazing. So humble saying that you're an Olympian

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    This is the second time I've heard the term "hod carrier" the first time was in a short story by Roald Dahl.

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    Muy bueno 💖💕

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    He sounds so humble and friendly plus i like his accent

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    As an archer I admire his story. hard work, sacrifices and humility. how he describes that feeling, that s exactly that 🙂 to me he represents the true values of Olympism

  • January 30, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Wow y la gente piensa que tienen el apoyo y facilidades del mundo y todavía se enojan si no ganan medalla, es todo un logro llegar a las olimpiadas

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    Am humble sir thank you for representing my country we luv u …we r behind u

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    Ojalá clasifique a Tokio y gane una medalla 😊

  • January 10, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Crossing my fingers for Tokio. You can do it. I root for you Sir. I know from my experience how hard it is to continue your passion and deal with your daily duties at the same time. Unfortunately, I had to give up, but I wish others won't have to sacrifice their passion:)

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    Wakanda is proud

  • August 5, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    He sounds South African, works in England and competes for Zimbabwe?


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