– [Child] Tic Tac Toy! – [Woman] This video is sponsored by Zuru. (cheerful music) – Almost done. Perfect size, onto the
next Bunch O Balloons. Here we go, looking beautiful. And done. How about some blue now? It’s just the right size. First 100 balloons done
in under 60 seconds. – And now reach over and
stretch to your right. Reach, reach even further. – Oh, yeah, that feels good. – You two ready for the Toy
Hotel Field Day festivities? – Oh, for sure, we’ve
been training for weeks. – Switch side. – Yeah, we’re gonna dominate. – I’m sure you girls will, I’ve heard the prize is epic this year. – Well, I can’t wait to win it, then. – Okay, girls, I think
you’re all warmed up. You better head up to the command center to get your Field Day instructions, now. – [Girls] Okay, thanks, Lulu. – Bellhop Jason, what are you doing? – Oh, I’m getting ready for Field Day by filling up 1,000 water balloons. – 1,000 water balloons? You’ll be here all day. – Yeah, and your fingers
are gonna hurt like crazy from tying that many water balloons. – No, no, I’m using Bunch O Balloons. I could fill 100 balloons in
60 seconds, no tying at all. Check it out. – [Girls] Whoa! – Whoa.
– Super cool. – And I’m almost done. Why don’t you girls head on
over to the command center and await your next instructions? – Will do! – Welcome to the Toy Hotel’s Second Annual Field Day Challenge. This year’s theme is Bunch O Balloons, so I hope you’re prepared
to have a lot of fun and get plenty wet. – [Both] Absolutely. – And how does Field Day work? – I’m glad you asked. You will have 12 minutes to complete a total of four challenges. I’ll give you the first challenge and you’ll receive the others only after you’ve completed the prior challenge. – And what happens when we
finish all four challenges? – Well, if you finish all
four challenges in 12 minutes, you will get the most epic prize ever. – I can’t wait to see what it is. – Oh, and here comes Bellhop Jason with your first challenge. – Hey, girls. The timer’s gonna start when
I hand you this envelope containing your first challenge. Are you girls ready? – [Both] We’re ready! – Then here you go. – Timer starts now! (machine beeps) – Challenge one, run up the stairs to find the X Shot Fast Fill. Dunk the water blaster
into the tub of water and fill it in just one second. Once you’ve successfully
used it to hit two targets, return to the command center
to get your next challenge. – [Girls] Lets go! – Go, girls, go! – [Maya] Grab the X Shot, Addy! – Got it, Maya. – Dunk it in the water quickly. – It’s filled. Now where are the targets I’m aiming for? – Look down there, Lulu’s holding one up. – Right here, girls. – Got it, let me aim. – Come on, girls, come on. (she yells) A little lower, a little lower. – Sorry, Lulu. Okay, a little lower. Almost, almost, almost. Oh, you got it. You got it, girls. – Here, you get the next one, Maya. – Right here, Maya, you can do it. – Here goes nothing. – A little to your right,
a little to your right. A little to your left
now, a little to the left. Still no. – Oh, I sure hope Maya hits that target. They’ve spent more than two
minutes at this one challenge. – Yeah, they definitely
have to pick up speed if they hope to finish all
four challenges in 12 minutes. – Come on, Maya, time’s ticking. – I think I got it. Aim just right. – Target hit, target hit. – Yes, got it! – Let’s get our next challenge. – Quick, girls, here’s
your next challenge. – Thanks, Bellhop. – What is it, what is it? – Slide down the Bunch O
Balloons Water Slide Wipeout. Then, sprint into the treehouse while dodging the water balloons that Chef Pierre will be tossing your way. You’ll find your next challenge there. – Oh, wow, let’s go. – Good luck! – Yeah! Your turn, Maya. – Here goes nothing. That was epic! – Let’s grab a couple water
balloons before we go. Let’s go! (clock ticks) – It looks like they’re
doing better on time now. – Yeah, but they still have a long sprint to get to that treehouse. And don’t forget that Chef
Pierre’s water balloons might slow them down. – Good point. Hey, did you notice the
Splash to Win promotion? – [Woman] Oh.
– Yeah, there’s a chance to win one of thousands of prizes in each of these three-packs. – Pretty cool. Go, girls, go! – Yeah, there’s chances to win drones, video game consoles, scooters, a new car, and family vacations.
– Go! – I’ve gotta play. – [Addy] Hurry, hurry,
let’s go to the treehouse. Hurry. – Oh, there they come. – Quick, Maya. (she yells) – Oh, I can’t believe I missed them. Oh, missed them. I better take the shortcut now. – Look, there’s Chef Pierre. – Oh, you got me (laughs). – We’re outta balloons, run for it. – I’m coming. – To the zip line. – Time to test out this baby. – Here I come. – A bullseye. – Nice try, Chef P. – Oh, I missed Maya. Now for Addy. – Hurry, Maya, we’re almost there. Chef P! – Oh, time for a new position. – Hurry, Addy, hurry. Whoa! – We made it, we made it. – Yay! And here’s challenge number three. – This means we’re halfway done, Maya. (clock ticks) – They made it to the treehouse. Oh, but there’s less than six minutes left on the clock to finish
the last two challenges. – Okay, let’s see here. It looks like I just need
to get this insert wet and that should reveal a
code that I can enter online to find out if I’m a winner. – Go, girls! Oh, they need to get
this third challenge done in record time if they
wanna win the grand prize. – Challenge three, use the tub of water and the Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soaker to fill at least 20 balloons. Then, load the balloons into the bags and carry them to the clubhouse, where you will receive
your final challenge. – [Maya] This must be the Filler/Soaker. – And those must be the
balloons and the bags. – Okay, Addy, we got this. – Let’s attach the balloons
to the Filler/Soaker. Now use the tub of water
to fill it up, Maya. They’re getting fuller
and fuller, keep going. – Okay, it looks like they’re filling up the balloons right now. You gotta pick up speed, girls, come on. Bellhop Jason! – Oh, pardon me, just
had to reveal my code. I’m gonna go enter this online now. – Okay. I didn’t think I was getting wet today. – Fingers crossed I get the car. – I think they’re good,
Maya, I think they’re good. – All right, let’s count out
20 and put them in our bags. – [Both] Three, four, five, sex, seven, nine, ten. – All right, we got at least
20, off to the clubhouse. – Whoa! (clock ticks) – Okay, okay, they’re on their
way to the clubhouse now. – Bummer, I didn’t win this time, but I got about 20 more Bunch
O Balloon packets to try. – And they’ve made it to the clubhouse. Another challenge complete. – Now this packet feels lucky. – Bellhop Jason, you
could do that later? The girls are on their final challenge and things are getting intense. – Oh, right, how much
time do they have left? (clock ticks) – Just over two minutes,
it’s going to be so close. – All right, girls, here’s
your final challenge. – What does it say, Maya? – Challenge four, use your water balloons and the Mega Catapult to
successfully launch a balloon that hits Housekeeper Natalie. Then run back to the command center and push the button before time runs out. – Oh, poor Housekeeper Natalie. – All right, girls, we
will hold the Catapult and you two take turns launching. – Yes, grab your balloons quickly. Okay, girls, come on. – [Addy] Okay, I’ll go first. – Perfect, put the balloon there
and pull it back to launch. See Housekeeper Natalie right over there? – Ready, aim, fire. – Ooh! – Whoa, what was that? – Oh, not quite, you try, Maya. – Pull back further, Maya. Go! (all exclaim) – That was a close one. – Oh, not quite, try a
little bit more that way. – [Addy] My turn.
– Come on, Addy, quick. Put it in here and pull it back. Right there, come on. (all exclaim) – Three, two, one. – Holy moly. – Oh, so close. (clock ticks) – Only 45 seconds to go, this is not looking good. – No, it’s not. They have to get it in the
next couple of attempts or they won’t have time to run
back here and hit the button. – Come on, Addy and Maya. – Oh, I hate to make you feel too nervous, but you really gotta get it soon. – Let’s try launching this together, Maya. – Good idea, maybe that’ll
give us more power. Load it up. – Pull it back, girls. – Aim …
– Fire! – Oh, it’s looking good. (she yells) – It got me. – [Girls] We did it, yes! – Now run, run! – Oh, yeah. – Sorry, Natalie! – No worries, girls, hurry, hurry. (clock ticks) – [Both] 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three … (they cheer) – I can’t believe you two pulled it off. – That was so close. – Yeah, what’s our prize? – Well, come over here and I’ll show you. And the grand prize for our Second Annual Toy Hotel Field Day Competition is … – Oh, I can’t wait to see what it is. – A giant Bunch O Ballons filled pool for the most epic water
balloon fight ever! – OMG! – Come on down. – Yay! – And let the water balloon battle begin. (they yell happily)
(playful music)

The Toy Hotel Bunch O Balloons Challenge!
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