Seb Chan is Chief Experience Officer at the Australian Centre
for the Moving Image in Melbourne. He is currently interested in the intersection
between digital and physical spaces, cultivating innovation
and experimentation in teams and helping organisations deal
with changing technologies. Around the point of social change, I think the real value of art in this period of increasingly visible problems that can only be solved at scale at a societal
level, not by us working by ourselves, but by us working collectively. It’s the power of art to bring people together to
see that we do need to work together rather than separately. And it’s interesting to see also, you know, how other countries with less kind of
individualistic models of culture – say, for example, China – will be able to potentially move
at a different pace and we need to find a way that
large-scale societal change doesn’t become authoritarian change,
but realising that, you know, to roll out… You know, I was in China last year
and the presence of solar everywhere I was going was amazing and also the developments in AI that are invisible
to us in the West are phenomenal, and there is a whole other Internet there
that you’re not aware of until you’re there. And so there’s that piece too
that I think, you know, this type of change we need is at a national scale
but also at a global scale and that requires artists to find ways
to work across cultures and across different models of society. That’s pretty challenging.

The Space In Between: Seb Chan
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