There are two hidden areas in The Sims 4 base
game: Sylvan Glade and Forgotten Grotto. The glade requires nothing special to enter,
while the grotto requires level 10 handiness skill. Let’s take a look at how to enter the glade
first. Travel to Crick Cabana, a little house in
the bottom right neighborhood of Willow Creek. There, you’ll find a tree that stands out
when compared to others. At first, you’ll only have the ‘View’ option
when you click the tree. Do this a few times. The ‘Water’ option will appear. Proceed to water the tree a few times. Finally, you’ll get to actually talk to the
tree. When you’ve talked to it a bit, it will reveal
a hidden passage in its roots. At this point, you’ll get to ‘Enter’ the tree. Now, you have to select the correct options
or you’ll get kicked out of the tree with an Embarrassed moodlet, and you’ll have to
try again. First, select ‘Follow the Sound’. ‘Follow Downstream’. ‘Enter the Mist’. ‘Travel to Glade’. Inside, you’ll find a pond where you can catch
both fish and frogs. At the moment, frog catching is broken in
ponds but we hope they’ll patch it (They did). You’ll also find other collectibles. The waterfall fishing spot is one of the best
in the game. At level 7 fishing, you can catch rainbowfish
here along with sturgeon that can be worth up to $1,000 Simoleons sometimes. Now we’ll head to Forgotten Grotto. Remember, this requires level 10 Handiness,
so start upgrading your plumbing, read books, or use a skill cheat. Head to the park in Oasis Springs. Orient your camera, and start looking up in
the hills. Far in the back, you’ll find a cave. This is the part where you need handiness. Break open the mine, and enter. Like with Sylvan Glade, you have to do the
correct sequence or you’ll get the boot. ‘Take the Wide Path’. ‘Climb the Ladder’. ‘Step onto the Ledge’. ‘Enter the Grotto’. Inside the grotto, you’ll find some excellent
fishing opportunities. If you use medium fish as bait, you can catch
the anglerfish. If you use frogs as bait, you can catch the
wolf eel. Finally, the batfish is also caught here. There are three separate fishing spots, so
use ‘Examine’ in order to determine which bait to use on which spot. And that is it for the base game’s hidden
worlds. We will do another video that shows how to
get to the deep woods in Outdoor Retreat and the Planet Sixam for Get to Work. This is a very long project as I’m trying
to cover everything that’s in my text guides, so if you’d like to see more videos like this
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The Sims 4 Base Game – Secret Areas | Carl’s Guide
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