hi i'm joe karl guard and i have the honor to serve as athletics director at Rice University prior to joining the owl family last fall my knowledge of Rice was limited to our outstanding baseball program in the rich history of decades past but I soon realized that by embracing our past and learning from it we have the chance to be great in every sport we play for the last few months I've been talking with our campus community and our fans to find a way to make that happen I'd like to share a little bit about the new vision for ice athletics that grew out of those conversations it's built on four pillars that I believe will elevate rice athletics to a place of nationally recognized excellence first is athletic competitiveness our goal is to win conference championships and achieve top 25 national rankings in each of our 16 sports second is academic success our student-athletes will graduate at or above the rice university rate and achieve distinction for their success in the classroom third is life education and achievement we will develop the behaviors and skills necessary for our athletes to become leaders for the rest of their lives and go on to professional and personal success after they graduate and finally rice values our athletic endeavors will be a testament to integrity and Fairplay and will represent the best of Rice's mission and educational aspirations we will build this vision into everything that we do and I'm here to invite you to join us on this journey remember when you buy a ticket to a game where rice gear or make a contribution to the owl Club you are contributing to the success of rice athletics you're supporting our student-athletes with both resources and team spirit we will give back we'll work diligently to make investments that enhance your fan experience and build successful programs that win championships but we need you to join us come to our sporting events and bring your family and friends learn more about this plan and what you can do to contribute to its success I'm not always a rah-rah guy but I couldn't be more excited about our future we're off to a great start with five Conference championships this year the first time we've ever claimed five titles in one year this is the beginning of something big and something bold thank you for your interest in Rice University and its student athletes I hope to see you at a rice game soon go outs get involved everyone matters we need you we cannot do it alone we'll make you proud you

The new vision for Rice Athletics from Athletics Director Joe Karlgaard

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  • July 29, 2019 at 11:39 pm

    Great video from the Class of 84.


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