On this day in 1947, two years after the capitulation
of the United States of America, the bloody struggle was finally
and comprehensively won. I want you to imagine… Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! …a very different
version of America. Hey, Harry. – Sieg Heil.
– Sieg Heil. It’s 1962. The United States no longer exists
after the Allied defeat in World War II. My first time on American soil
since the war – much has changed. The country is divided, with Nazi Germany controlling the East Coast… Welcome to the Reich. …the Empire of Japan occupying the West… This is ours now,
and it is our duty to protect it. …and a Neutral Zone in between. I’d be more worried about myself
if I were you. I’m Stephen Root,
and this is the world… of “The Man in the High Castle.” Sieg Heil! You ever think
how different life could be if you could change
just one thing? The incomparable Philip K. Dick
has brought us such works as “Minority Report”
and “Total Recall.” Now his most
thought-provoking book, “The Man in the High Castle,”
is an Amazon original series that has garnered widespread
critical acclaim… Hitler’s death is a trigger. – For what?
– An uprising. …and captivated millions
of viewers around the world amid the backdrop of
our modern political climate. Each one of these films show reality like ours, but not. In the next half hour,
we’re going to explore this amazing story to get you ready
for the upcoming season and give you a sneak preview
of Season Three. But before we begin,
here are some important facts about this incredible story. Have your people worked out
what’s going on yet? Because I have. Number one–In the first season, Hitler is alive
and the leader of the Reich, but here’s the twist – He’s not the most
dangerous man in the party. He’s had the poor judgment
to maintain peace with the Japanese. His health is failing… He’s got Parkinson’s.
His hands shake like shit. How much longer
do you think he’s got? – I don’t know, a year.
– Six months, tops. …and once he dies, a faction of the Nazis wants
to annihilate the Japanese and take over the world. They’ve dropped a bomb before, and they won’t hesitate to drop it again. Then there will be war. Number two–There’s the Resistance, an underground group
of freedom fighters. We are all on the same side here. Yeah, what side is that? The side that stands for freedom. These are Americans
who are not going to give up the fight against the Nazis or the Japanese. Number three–There is no privacy. Is this a good time? Rooms are bugged,
phones are tapped… Frank? Frank, it’s me. Is that Miss Crain? …and surveillance cameras
are everywhere. So, what are we looking at? And finally, there’s the films… …but these aren’t just any films. They show alternate outcomes
of major world events. – It shows us winning the war.
– But we didn’t win the war. That’s what they told us. GIs in Times Square– No, I know they look real. Yeah, they look real
’cause they are real. Lives are lost
in the pursuit of these films. They are extremely important to Hitler, the Resistance,
and the Japanese. We don’t yet know where
the films come from, but we do know the person
who’s been collecting them. You’re him, aren’t you? I’m Abendsen –
Hawthorne Abendsen. I play Hawthorne Abendsen, and, yes,
he’s the Man in the High Castle. You don’t ask questions.
You answer them, got it? Think of him as the caretaker
and librarian. We don’t know a lot about him, other than he’s collected
thousands of films, and he’s definitely
on the side of the Resistance. So, you watch these films. You tell the Resistance
what you learned, about the people you see
and the things – Things that could happen here, too. Now let’s meet the characters
who are central to this story. Juliana Crain was born in America and lives in San Francisco
of the Pacific States. She’s embraced
the Japanese culture… – Konichiwa.
– Konichiwa. …and lives with
her boyfriend, Frank. See ya later. Frank Frink is an American
with Jewish ancestry. As a Jew, you know
I need no charges to order your death. He’s a talented artist and works in a gun factory
in San Francisco. We have to go on.
What else is there? Joe Blake grew up in New York. His father is a high-ranking Nazi
in Berlin. You’re your own man now, ja? I’ve always been my own man. Joe is a spy for the Reich, but it’s unclear
where his true loyalties lie. Why did you keep it from me, Joe?
You have feelings for her? Ah. Obergruppenführer John Smith… Sieg Heil! …served in the American military
during the war… Some wars are necessary.
Now we have a better world. …but is now a high-ranking
Nazi commander in New York charged with investigating
the Resistance. I’m told you have something
very important to tell me. Nobusuke Tagomi is
the Japanese trade minister in San Francisco. His wife and son died in the 1950s. He is a man of peace. There comes a time when old men must bear the weight
of their responsibility. Takeshi Kido is the chief inspector
and head of the Kempeitai, which is the Japanese
military secret police. Inspector Kido. He is extremely dedicated to the Empire. Whatever sacrifice is necessary. The story begins in San Francisco, when Juliana runs into her sister, Trudy. – You’re back!
– I’m not staying – What’s going on?
– I found…the reason. The reason? For everything. Trudy is a member of the Resistance, and she gives Juliana a film… – Take this.
– What is this? A way out. …but she is gunned down
by the Kempeitai. Juliana is heartbroken, but she takes on her sister’s cause… – Who the hell are you?
– I gave that satchel to Trudy. – Where is she?
– She’s dead. Give me the film. No, I’m going in her place. …and she journeys
to the Neutral Zone with the film. Think of the Neutral Zone
as a buffer territory between the Greater Nazi Reich
and the Japanese Pacific States. It covers the Rocky Mountains,
but it’s more like the Wild West. Let me see your ID papers. There aren’t any cops around here
is the way I see it. While the region is politically neutral,
it is a dangerous place, crawling with bounty hunters
and vigilantes. The hell are you doing here? There is also a strong presence
of the Resistance. We came to warn you. Joe Blake makes his way
to the Neutral Zone from New York on an undercover assignment
for the Nazis. Heil Hitler. He has one of the films, hoping it will give him access
to the Man in the High Castle. That’s when he meets Juliana. Buy you a drink? It’s clear they have a connection… Am I gonna see you again? …and when Juliana
becomes a target… Joe steps in to help… Leave her the fuck alone. But after trusting Lem Washington,
a member of the Resistance, Juliana’s film is confiscated,
as is Joe’s. He returns to New York empty-handed, much to the displeasure of his superior, Obergruppenführer John Smith. You failed, Joe. Hey, Harry! – Sieg Heil!
– Sieg Heil! Life in the Reich might often look
like mid-century America… You want to join the SS? I want to make my country proud. …but it’s far from it. What is that? Oh, that’s the hospital. Tuesdays, they burn cripples, the terminally ill–
a drag on the state. Citizens are fiercely devoted
to the cause… – Heil, Hitler.
– Heil, Hitler. Supersonic rocket planes
jet across the country. New York to San Francisco
in under two hours. Every year, Victory Over America Day
is celebrated. To the most important job
in the Reich. A woman’s primary function
is to bear children. There are more important
things out there. Not in the Reich.
Motherhood is everything. And anyone considered
quote-unquote “defective” is eliminated. He’d be spared the ignominy
of being a useless eater. Some people think
that’s an ugly phrase, you know, useless eater. Why display a medal from
your U.S. military service? I keep it as a reminder of the consequences
of the failure of command. In 1947, Obergruppenführer
John Smith witnessed the event that essentially ended the war. What is that? Now as head of the Nazi command
in New York… Sir, something you need to see. …his position is a dangerous one. – Go, now!
– Get down! He’s a target of the Resistance, and an attempt on his life… Sir, you can’t suspect me.
We’ve been through this. …reveals enemies within his party. We have blood on our hands. Yes, we spilled blood! And I’d spill it again…
to protect my family. But, above all, John Smith is
fiercely devoted to his wife and children, and he will do whatever it takes
to keep them safe. We all ready for the day ahead? – Yes, Father.
– Yes, Papa. Smith’s son, Thomas, has a disease that deems him
unworthy by the Reich. This won’t be easy for you to hear. Thomas didn’t just pull a muscle
wrestling, Obergruppenführer. He had a tremor. What’s the treatment? We’re talking about
a Class A congenital disorder. There is no treatment. The doctor gives John Smith a choice… Absolutely painless. …kill Thomas
or be reported to the authorities. You did the right thing. I know. Smith takes another approach
and kills the only person who knows about Thomas’ condition. In the Japanese Pacific States, Americans are regarded
as second-class citizens… Japanese go first. …Eastern culture dominates
the landscape… Tea’s not so bad, you know. …the Kempeitai keep
close tabs on citizens, especially those involved with
the Resistance and the films. We are all subject to the rules,
Miss Crain, and if we fail to live by them,
the consequences are severe. Frank Frink comes under scrutiny when his girlfriend, Juliana,
leaves for the Neutral Zone… Get. You get! …and now the Kempeitai want answers. Where is Juliana Crain? And when Frank won’t talk, Inspector Kido goes after his family. My sister and her kids. The tragedy is a turning point
for Frank… You are free to go. No, no, no!
I-I am free to go? …and he vows revenge against
Kido and the Kempeitai. You’re gonna take a shot at that cop? Just fucking leave! You do that, your life is over. It’s already over. Juliana returns home
from the Neutral Zone to San Francisco and makes a connection
with the Resistance. I hear there’s a new film. Where did you hear that? There’s a guy looking for it,
an operative from New York. Joe comes to San Francisco
with a mission– to find Juliana and the film
for the Nazis. I’ll get that.
Just like old times, huh? Juliana believes Joe is
still one of the good guys, so she brings him into the fold
with the Resistance… I didn’t expect you. That puts us even. …and together, they work to get
the film from the Japanese mafia. You got the money? I got it. So what’s the drill? You keep the money in your coat. Check it when you go inside the club.
Have yourself a drink, when you leave,
the coat checker hands it back to you with the film inside the lining. Joe gets the film,
but the exchange is aborted… It’s a trap.
The Kempeitai are coming. …and when the Kempeitai
raid the club, the Resistance is left empty-handed. We’ve got to get out of here. – What about the film?
– The film is gone. Joe and Juliana have no choice
but to flee with the film. The films we’ve seen up to this point reveal alternate versions of the past. However, this new film provides
a possible glimpse into the future, one in which San Francisco
is decimated by a nuclear bomb. It also shows Joe executing Frank,
outing Joe as a Nazi. You Nazi fuck! Tell me it isn’t true. With Joe’s identity revealed, Juliana agrees to lead him into a trap,
with the Resistance waiting… I don’t believe the film.
I believe you. …but after a change of heart, she allows him to escape with the film. What have you done? Why did you do it, Juliana? Juliana is public enemy number one
to the Resistance, but she’s the only one
who’s seen the new film. None of you watched that film.
I did. You take me to
the Man in the High Castle. Ask him if he wants to see me. Already did. So she’s taken to see
the Man in the High Castle. Puzzled.
So many puzzles. Where am I? You answer my questions, chicky,
not the other way around. Hawthorne Abendsen
has a vast collection of films from various realities
and different years. That’s a home movie.
Fourth of July fireworks in Phoenix. Fourth of July, 1961. That’s not possible. But it is.
You’re holding it. He grills Juliana about
what she’s seen… – What about people?
– What about them? Did you see any after the explosion?
Come on. One man in the film
holds special significance. Who’s this man? His name is George Dixon. George Dixon? George Dixon is the estranged
biological father of Juliana’s sister, Trudy. He’s a covert member
of the Resistance and, quite possibly,
the key to averting a catastrophe. Every film where
the Japs won the war, San Francisco is wiped out
by an A-bomb. Every one, except this one, where this bastard dies
as a Nazi in an alley somewhere. Locating Dixon may be crucial
to saving thousands of lives. You missed the turnoff. The Resistance group
brings Juliana back to San Francisco, but one of them wants to eliminate her. Abendsen said not to kill her. I don’t care what Abendsen said. She’s seen his face now. I am not okay with this. Shit. Juliana escapes
and goes on the run. With nowhere else to turn, she puts herself at the mercy
of the Reich. My name is Juliana Crain. I work with Joe Blake.
I need asylum. Mr. Washington. You about ready to go, Mr. Ray? There’s a stack inside. Would you bring it out for me, please? At the film vault,
Abendsen reduces his inventory. What about the rest of them? Nothing like a good spring cleaning. At long last, we, too, possess the data to build
a Heisenberg device. Amid the chaos in the Pacific States, Japanese trade minister,
Nobusuke Tagomi, is focused on peace… If we strike with such a terrible weapon, you must know the Nazis will retaliate. Millions will die. …and he’s committed to preventing war
by any means necessary. I’m all but certain you helped
pass those plans to the science minister
with that Nazi colonel. I wish for parity with the Nazis to balance the power,
to maintain peace. Tagomi is a man of deep reflection, and his meditations enable him
to travel to an alternate universe. Tagomi finds himself
in the United States depicted in the film. It’s 1960s Americana, with capitalism in full swing. In this reality,
the U.S. won World War II and is enjoying freedom
and prosperity. For Tagomi,
his wife and son are alive… Wow. You’re back. …and it turns out his daughter-in-law
is none other than Juliana Crain. Thank God you’re all right. In this America, the U.S. is in an arms race
with the Soviets. The United States continues to reinforce its Cuban base
at Guantanamo Bay. Nuclear testing is
taking place in the Pacific. Where did you get this? A journalist friend. Says it’s 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb we dropped
on Hiroshima. Tagomi knows he must leave this world and head back to his reality,
and he takes a film with him, to hopefully save the world
from destruction. Head height, 200 millimeters. Back in occupied America, Juliana may have defected to the Reich, but she quickly learns
that admission isn’t guaranteed. Exams, tests, questions,
all to determine her worth. Is your blood Aryan? I’m not sure. John Smith recognizes the value
of Juliana’s knowledge, so he ensures her entrance. Welcome to the Reich. From now on,
your name will be Julia Mills. You’re from Seattle. John’s wife, Helen, takes it from there… Julia Mills, meet my better half,
Mrs. Helen Smith. …providing Juliana with
her own furnished apartment… It’s cute. complete with TV, phone, and 24-hour surveillance. Miss Mills? Juliana tells John Smith
about the films she’s seen, including the images of San Francisco being decimated by an atomic bomb. And members of the Resistance
being executed in the street by Nazis. Eventually, Juliana makes contact
with the Resistance in New York. Yes, I’m looking for an address, please,
in Brooklyn, for a George Dixon–
D-I-X-O-N. After seeing George Dixon in the films, she now believes he holds the key
to saving San Francisco. Hello? I hear you’ve been looking for me. I’m George Dixon. Juliana is still considered a traitor
by the Resistance. Sit beside me. …and she’d be dead if not for Dixon. George. He demands she become
an undercover operative, spying on the Smith family. We want you to get close
to the Smiths and their friends. Why? Because my people are telling you to. It’s the deal I’ve struck with them to keep them from killing you. All right, send him in. Here I am. John Smith gets a visitor from Berlin. Oberstgruppenführer,
what a surprise. Reinhard Heydrich is
a high-ranking officer in the Reich. Thank you, Captain. He claims his trip is for pleasure… I’m going hunting in the morning. I’d be delighted if you would join me. …but it’s soon discovered that Heydrich
is behind a plot to kill Hitler. The world will change forever today. Now, it’s simply a question of whether you are part of the future
or the past. It appears that John Smith
will be a casualty of Heydrich’s plan… Are you with me? …but he turns the tables and informs Hitler of the betrayal. Heydrich is locked up, and John Smith runs a mock drill to con his prisoner into believing
that Hitler is dead and San Francisco is under attack. You won, Reinhard.
You won. The charade is all to find out
who is behind the coup in the Reich. Heil Heusmann! Reinhard? Yes, John. Thank you. Martin Heusmann
is an engineer in the Reich, and he is also Joe Blake’s
biological father. Joe travels to Berlin
to meet him for the first time. Herr Blake… Hitler’s health continues to decline… The Führer has ordered
that I be named acting chancellor. …and Heusmann wants Joe
to stay in Berlin to work alongside him. There’s a world of possibilities
here for you… – Get in.
– If you want them. Joe is hesitant at first… Yet, I’m not sure you even believe
in what the Reich stands for. I understand loyalty to a person,
not a cause. …but eventually warms to his father
and decides to stay. Yeah, I guess this place
could grow on me. Good, I’m glad. Joe is sworn in. – Sieg Heil!
– Sieg Heil! Hitler dies… …and Heusmann
becomes the new Führer. Our glorious Führer,
Adolf Hitler, has passed away. In his first public appearance, he pins Hitler’s death
on the Japanese, claiming they poisoned him. Be assured that our vengeance will be swift and proportionate. His plan is to launch a nuclear attack
on every major city in the world. There is only one master race. Therefore, the burden falls on us. What burden? To end mankind’s constant state of war, so the real work–progress, perfection–
can finally begin. By killing millions of people? While the Reich is preparing for war,
the Smith family is crumbling. Thomas? Thomas’ condition worsens. Thomas? I don’t know what you think you saw,
but you’re new here, and I want to make sure
you understand how important it is not to jump
to any conclusions. Helen, what I saw today was a sweet boy who’s been
overexerting himself. – No confusion.
– Let’s drink to that. Thomas confides in Juliana. Thomas. The conversation is taped,
and John Smith is alerted… Thomas, I don’t know
any more than you do. What I do know is that
we all have flaws. My flaws are the kind
that need to be eradicated for the good of everyone. Have you shown this to anyone else? No, sir. But the Resistance obtains
a recording of the exchange. This is the silver bullet. Now Dixon holds evidence
that would take down John Smith. We get this out
to our pirate radio people? We don’t have to assassinate him.
The Nazis will execute him for us. So he forces Juliana to choose. Please stay back. Hey, p-put the gun down.
It’s a disguise. You give me that fucking tape. In the end, Juliana can’t
bring herself to harm Thomas. By killing Dixon,
she keeps the Smith family secret safe, and John Smith’s position
in the party intact. In San Francisco,
Frank is all in with the Resistance, and this group wants to bring
serious damage to the Japanese. Tick, tick, tick…
Boom! Fuck you. So they plant a bomb
at the Kempeitai headquarters, with Frank leading the charge. I’m your driver.
I’m your bomber. I’m your man. Frink… Many die in the blast,
but Kido survives, and is now the first in command. Tagomi goes to Kido with the footage
of the nuclear bomb testing. Our Empire does not possess such a device. It is my intention to show this film
to Ambassador Rice. Impossible. Impossible is not an option. Tagomi sees the film
as the last hope to prevent war, by using it to lead the Nazis to believe that Japan actually has a hydrogen bomb. We have a Japanese national
in our custody. He claims he’s here at your invitation. Kido brings the film to New York
to appeal to John Smith. Both men realize
the enormous stakes. The Empire did not assassinate
your Führer. Our nations will go to war based on a lie. John Smith takes the film to Berlin… I need you to show this to your father. It’s proof that the Japanese
have the bomb. …along with overwhelming evidence identifying Heusmann
as the mastermind behind the plot to kill Hitler. The Führer was not assassinated
by Japanese agents, sir. He was poisoned by… the same conspirator
who, even now, is plotting to provoke a war
against Japan. Come with me. Heusmann is arrested. What the hell is going on? Your father is a traitor, Joe. John Smith stands before his party… Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! …and as his family
watches the event from home, Thomas is inspired
by his father’s actions and surrenders himself
to authorities. Be proud of me.
Tell father to be proud. No, no, no.
Thom–Thomas. Thomas, Thomas!
You stay with me! You stay with me!
Stay with us! No! Thomas! At his home in San Francisco, Trade Minister Tagomi
receives a visitor. Mr. Tagomi,
I’m a friend of Juliana Crain. Can I have a word with you? And after escaping New York
to an undisclosed location, Juliana finds Hawthorne Abendsen… Hello, Juliana. – …waiting.
– You knew what would happen. You showed me that film,
and you knew. No! No, the only thing I knew
was that, you, Juliana Crain, are the only hope any of us have. Dixon died in an alley
so that son of a bitch Smith could live, but San Francisco is still here. Millions of people will live
because of the choice you made, the goodness in you, Juliana. I have no one left.
I have nothing left. There’s nobody else. You’re wrong. In her moment of deepest despair… Juliana discovers… the impossible… is possible. Hey, Sis. And what does this all mean? A sneak peek into Season Three sheds light on how Trudy,
and others like her, can cross over from different worlds
with the films. Who is she? We believe she came here from… another world. What we’ve come to regard
as a traveler. So you’re saying that, different versions of us
exist in other worlds? Precisely. Across the multiverse. She’s living proof. Same fingerprints.
Same individual who has somehow learned
to traverse the astral plane. She had this film with her
when she was apprehended. Well, I have to say, this is, um, like something
out of Fredric Brown, Doctor. Still theoretical,
but we are making progress. Our physicists and engineers
are working on a mechanical means
of travel to other worlds. Let me show you the rest of… “The Man in the High Castle”
and other Prime Originals are included with
your Prime membership. Stream Seasons 1 and 2 now. New season October 5. If you are not a Prime member,
start your free trial today.

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    This recap was awesome. Well produced Amazn! I'm totally fixed to watch season3 now.

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  • July 14, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    So.. was anime ever invented?

  • July 15, 2019 at 11:13 am

    The Soviets will win

  • July 16, 2019 at 12:03 am

    I was so excited when Frank Frink was finally killed off. His character was so insufferable. but then… Why? Just a terrible character.

  • July 16, 2019 at 5:39 am

    Wellllllllll Canada Japan take's canada nazi's don't care

  • July 16, 2019 at 11:09 am


  • July 16, 2019 at 12:40 pm

    I just got the book

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    Wait so what happens to Soviet Russia in this reality?

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    I feel bad for the son, brainwashed to that extent.

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    Germans and the Japanese

  • July 24, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    When the "evil" sides had a great stories than the "good" sides

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    At least, we would have had orders everywhere. Now, it is only wars, poverty, chaos and almost total surveillance 😈👎

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    Make now mistake…Nazism is Socialist

  • August 7, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    In the world of the series, the greatest threat to Japan and the Third Reich comes from a parallel Earth. The people of this parallel Earth has created technology for interdimensional travel. The main objective of the parallel Earth is focus on studying the other Earth. Yet somehow, some people from the parallel Earth have different interests than simply observing another Earth.

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    As an American military family living temporarily in Japan…this is ticking me off a little..but I'm on Season 1 episode 1

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    Like the San Francisco atomic bombing compare to Japanese atomic bombing

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    Won't lie, love the Lincoln Rockwell airport. Nice touch.

  • August 15, 2019 at 4:07 am

    "There is no privacy. Rooms are bugged, phones are tapped, and surveillance cameras are everywhere"

    Despite the Nazis losing World War II, this is still happening. It's just the UK and US doing it instead of Japan and Germany.

  • August 15, 2019 at 10:55 pm


  • August 18, 2019 at 11:18 am

    to whoever it may ever fucking concern, don't fucking end the show at season 4, this show is way much better than game of thrones and even breaking bad, instead of canceling the show fire the marketing manager and replace him with someone able to advertise it.
    your sincerely a man who pay a monthly subscription to support you instead pirating (downloading or online watching your shows)

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  • August 24, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    Abandon all hope those who enter the Comment section

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