The Boathouse was built in 1936 with
$25,000, and the Coast Guard used it for almost
40 years. What changed is the operations. They didn’t have the same kind of boats,
the wooden boats, that they pulled out of the water. The boats they use today are boats
that stay in the water most of the time. It was in a state of disrepair, pieces of
the ceiling falling down. The Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative,
The Boathouse is really our first flagship project, to preserve the
boathouse and also to honor the great history and culture of the Coast Guard
on the bay. Last year we had close to 1,800 visitors
from 34 different states and 17 different countries, over the summer months. The boathouse symbolizes beauty,
majestry, purpose, resilience and you feel it about this building. The Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative, we really want to continue to be a part
of understanding life on Tillamook Bay as it emanates from the little town of

The Longest Pier in Oregon is in Garibaldi
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