Hello everyone! Hope you are well! I am telling you about two events today. The first one is a play called “Little Witch”. What’s the story? Here it goes… Once upon a time there was a little house deep in the forest… where Little Witch lived, with her black cat, and her mother Old Witch. Old Witch was very old and sick, and she was fading away… One day, Old Witch was wandering through the forest, when she stumbled across an ogre stuck in a trap! The Old Witch offered to help release the ogre from the trap. The ogre was very grateful for Old Witch’s help and asked her if she wanted something in return. The Old Witch thought about it for a second and said, “I am fading away. When I am gone, would you mind looking after my daughter, Little Witch?” The ogre agreed. Then as time went by, Old Witch passed away. The ogre took Little Witch and placed her in his home, where she was forced to stay. Little Witch was not allowed to explore anywhere. Then one day, a curious young boy accidentally entered the Ogre’s home… …and ran into Little Witch! They became friends! The ogre found the young boy and became angry. “You snuck into my home, I will eat you!” Little Witch fretted, “But he’s my friend!” What will Little Witch do? Save the young boy? Save herself? Or find another solution? Wow, what a touching, beautiful, and creative story. It is fantastic for a children audience. The play Little Witch will take place on February 9th, from 2 to 4 pm. At this address: There it is! The price of the ticket is $10. There will be 3 ASL-English interpreters, cool! There is a second event happening afterwards. The ASL social… hmm… SKATE! Cool! Fun! It will be on the same day, February 9th. From 4 to 10pm. Where? The skating rink is right under the big ferris wheel in Old Montreal! How nice is that? Beautiful! Here are the prices of the tickets, From 12 years old and up, $6.95 From age 6 to 12, $4.60 From age 0 to 6, free admission. Skate rentals are $10.45 Locker rentals are $4.35 That’s so cool! Everyone is welcome to socialize, skate, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company! Hope to see you there! Bye!

The Little Witch and ASL Social Ice Skating! (February 2019)
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