Hi Guys, Welcome to “The Beyond Love Family!” Hi, welcome! peekaboo, peekaboo, peekaboo We just went ice skating for the very first time! Good. It’s a challenge the first time right? There you go, you’re going to feel it, you’re going to feel it. Because he’s fearless! He’s a natural Do you want to see how we did? Well, keep watching! But before you do, make sure to hit that big red subscribe button below And turn on “Post Notifications” and make sure to stay through to the end of the video because that’s when we’re going to be doing Shoutouts. Welcome! We’re going ice skating Hi! Oh I got sand me too kisses kisses Where are we going? Ice skating for the first time! First time ice skating Are we going to have so much fun? yeah! I keep following my heart to ice skate and I’m never giving up. That’s correct! I love it. That is correct Alesso! Never give up! And follow your heart, he said. And follow your heart, yes! I love it Alesso. I love you. This is going to be the best day ever. The best day ever. Guess what? What Every day is an opportunity to be the best day ever. But it’s only up to whom? Us! Exactly it’s just up to us. It’s so simple, isn’t it? Are you excited, do you think it’s going to be easy? What do you think? I’m so excited! I’m so grateful to do this. Awesome Matteo What? What do you think? I’m a little shy, but I’m going for it today. Awesome! I haven’t ice skated for sure since I don’t know probably 13, 14 years old and I was really good too yeah? So I feel like I’m just going to pick it up again. Great Let’s see how I do, honestly I’m a bit nervous because it was a little difficult when I first learned So I’m not sure how I’ll do today. Let’s see. What do you think? I don’t know. She’s like a plane. Matteo, what do you think? I think that I can’t do it, because we can just slip off. I think that you can do it Are you cold? No just nerves, I’m a little nervous. Oh my gosh, we all are Lucca don’t worry, we’re going to be there for you ok. I’m shivering. Oh gosh! I’m going to do this, look. You’re going to do that? Yes, and like this. How are you feeling? A little cold a little what? Cold, because it’s a snowy place. You’re all set. Is it easy? It’s super easy! It takes practice buddy. Because this will be my first time! It will be so much fun! Thank you Wow, I’m so nervous I’m so nervous. Are they sharp? They could be. Just put them on your feet. ok What do you say? Thank you They are so heavy! Come get a bench over here. oh yea Guys, I said a little prayer because we had our wrist guards but we took them off for like a reason, so our hands don’t slip so I did a prayer to God so we don’t break our wrists. That’s good Are you ready Matteo? Yeah let’s go! Are you ready Alesso? Yeah let’s go! Are you ready Lucca? Yes! I’m ready to do this! Look at this guys I swear it’s been 20 years since I’ve been ice skating I took one lap, second lap felt a lot better and we’ll get our breaking but so much fun! Such a joy! It’s been a long time! Can we come here on a date? It’s been a long time! Can we come here on a date, baby? When the kids are in school? Let’s come here on a date! Good job Matteo! I’ve never done this I know, it’s your first time I’m balancing, so my body goes a little forward and my butt doesn’t go back so I balance, and look with the legs I’m going to push ok so you just balance You’re doing great. You’re doing great. look balance like this, ok look You can keep your hands out like this There you go Lucca! I got you! What happened? This is not what I expected Is it what you expected Alesso? Or is it a little bit different? It’s a little bit different. Is it a little bit hard the first time? Guess what? Look at me it gets easier and easier don’t quit ok! Are you going to keep following your heart? There’s a first time for everything right? He’s a natural? He’s a natural! Are you getting it buddy? Because he’s fearless! He’s a natural Good job, are you feeling it? let’s go Alesso Good job Alesso! You’re getting it, you got it! You’re doing it by yourself buddy! You’re doing it by yourself! High five! Good job Matteo! Very good Lucca! Show Lucca, go to mommy. Great job Alesso! He’s doing it! Father and son skating This is a blast Good job Matteo! You got it. I know how.. oops to walk now. What? I know how to walk now. Amazing Good job Matteo! Good job Matteo! Good job! Hold on, I want a high five right there. Nice This ice skating is keeping me young. Matteo said, “this ice skating is keeping me young.” That’s amazing. I love it! I never imagined when I learned this that I was going to be holding and teaching my kids it’s crazy it is just crazy so beautiful, yeah! And you’re such a great teacher too. Oh my Gosh, I don’t know.. How much fun, we’re going to get it. I love you. It was “frozen cool.” Oh my gosh! Try this.. Try this.. follow mommy. Try this, one and two push and push Mom like this? look.. Yes yes like that, like that You’ll have to get one of me zipping around Let’s do one of you and me and the three of them wait how does it feel? So much fun It’s crazy huh? Just like when I was a kid. Exactly. I think that I’ve been having more fun right now, then when I was a kid. What are you going to do, daddy? I’m going to teach them how to fall. What are you going to do? I’m going to teach them how to fall, appropriately. What? Ok wait right there, ready? Ouch! Ouch, I heard that. Oh my god! oh, oh Two falls! What happened? Matteo wait! Oh are you ok? Wait, wait right there. Ahh! I keep falling. But that was not too bad. This was amazing! Guys, you did such a wonderful job. I’m so impressed, and you never quit And guess what guys? There’s always a first time for everything And you keep at it, and we get better and better don’t we? Yes! You know what? It’s not even about how good you’re doing, if you’re having fun, we’re winning! Exactly Exactly, it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you stand up. Yes Yes! I love you, that was amazing! I know So grateful that no one got hurt, We had a blast and these guys did amazing I mean they really surprised me I didn’t have any expectations, but they did it And really, doesn’t it remind you of when you were a kid? Yeah, totally. It’s crazy. Yeah, amazing. What do you say Lucca? Thank you. Bye guys, thank you. “hope that you have a beautiful year!” Awww You too, have a beautiful year too. High five, high five! I’m so proud of my kids. I bet every parent says that and thinks that but really, it’s amazing You did amazing! Oh my God! Because I just did one or two loops holding Alesso’s waist, and my back is killing me! Right? My back was killing me We need to go in a jacuzzi right now I need a massage! Can you give me a massage? yes! A nice massage That’s a deal. How was it? It was like amazing whatever you want to say, like awesome, but I’m saying like amazing! That was amazing! Was that for real? Yup I was rocking like a star Stat, wow, that was cool Yeah I know. My favorite part was when I was skating like a star What time is it guys? Shoutout time! Thank you so much for your comments Thank you so much for all your comments we read them all and we try to answer them all. But we’re going to read some right now. So the first one is.. “Wow Grandmas do everything for their grandkids! Every video of you we love even more. You are a beautiful family. Especially this video my kids loved because they want to go to Legoland. Excellent video! comment by: “Autismo en Familia” Thank you for writing truly you are our “Beyond Love Family” and we’re so grateful for it. Alesso, do you want to read the next one? Yeah! Lol Lol Loved the dancing how fun sharing time with Abu (grandma) Marci Rodriguez Thank you Marci Thanks for watching and thank you for commenting. Ok I’ll read the next one, we’ll do one more for toda. Ready guys? Ready Good job Patty, you are teaching your husband how to speak Spanish awesome when he said, “No Manches wey” Leticia Quinones Thank you Leticia Thank you Well, he’s learning He’s learning little by little. I speak Spanish all day at home And like this Forrest is learning a bit And when Abu comes, he doesn’t have a choice but to speak Spanish and like this it’s working out well And like the whole world, he’s first learning the slang I understand perfectly! I just need to practice more. Very good. Thank you so much for accompanying us. Thank you so much for being with us in this episode I hope that you had a great time Guys, you did amazing! Amazing Thank you so much Beyond Love Family for tuning in this week make sure to follow us on Instagram @TheBeyondLoveFamily we’re posting throughout the week and we’ll see you next week! Don’t forget to subscribe! Watch this one, this video? No this one. This video. All of them! Bye bye bye!


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