(upbeat music) – Can I have toys? – They want everything! Oh, boy, why does my wallet
feel lighter and lighter? How did this get in here? – I did it! – I think I see Cynthia! (camera clicking) (girl screams) – [Mom] Jordan? – Yeah? (acoustic pop music) (electronic pop) – Nevermind. (door creaking closed) (door creaking open) – We got our Silver Play Button, so it’s time to celebrate! (door clicking) – Wait, what? – Guys (sighs), I’m in trouble. Actually, guys, Steve,
Steven, and Uncle Derrick are the real ones that
are in trouble because Just 4 Girls just received their 100,000th subscriber plaque, guys. They got there Silver Play Button, and so I’m thinking, girls are gonna control the day today! – That’s what I’m talking about! (crickets chirping) (soft upbeat music) (doors sliding) – Did you hear that boys? – No, what? – Girls are in charge today! Woo-hoo! (screaming) – [Dad] What’s that mean? – [Derrick] I’m trying to play over here. (girl giggles) – [Derrick] Can you please leave? – [Jordan] Nope! (thud)
(swiping) – If I was in charge for
24 hours I’d…hmm… (upbeat music) eat ice cream all the time. – If I was in charge for 24 hours, I would just buy 500 toys. – Did she just…500?! (mumbles) – If I were in charge for 24 hours, I would go to somewhere fun. – If I was in charge for
24 hours, I would eat every single meal at McDonald’s. Just ask JoJo! Because she’s my favorite. – All right, so if I were
in charge for 24 hours, we would go shopping for house stuff. Or I’d have all the boys
clean the entire house. – [Steven] What about the girls? Yeah, that’s what I’d do. – [Mom] The girls are in charge, Steven. – Uh, can someone drop me off at home? – [Steven] I’ll take him. – No! What would you do if you
were in charge for 24 hours? Doesn’t matter because you’re not. All right, guys. We are at a store where I can get things that I want for the house, Parker can get some toys, and the guys get to buy it for us. (whoosh) – Uh, I forgot my wallet. – Cheap steak. – I’d be down for a cheap steak right now. (upbeat techno music) (girl yelling) (upbeat techno music) – Girls rule! – Really, guys, I forgot my wallet. I don’t know where it is. – So these toys are cool and all, but when is Steven gonna
buy me some decorations for my new house? – Me? – Yeah, you. – [Steven] I already have! – More. (upbeat techno music) – Oh, my back! Ooh. – Excuse me, do you
know where the toys are? – [Payton] Oh yeah! You want a phone? – [Jordan] Yes! – Can I have toys? – They want everything. – Fine, I’ll get Blake this. (toy clatters) – [Steven] Press the button, look. (coos) (Derrick and Steven clapping) ♪ Baby shark ♪ ♪ Mommy shark! ♪ ♪ Do-do-do-do ♪ ♪ Mommy shark! ♪ ♪ Do-do-do ♪ – I found Legos. I found Legos! – What are we doing here? (metal clatters) (kids talking) (laughs maniacally) (whoosh) – I want a Star Wars Lego. – Boys aren’t in charge today. (Parker chattering) (whoosh) – All right, that’s enough shopping. Everyone put your stuff in the cart. – [Jordan] Okay! (cheerful laughter) – Do I not get something? – [Girls] Nope. – It’s girls in charge, Steven. (whoosh) – Uh, how did this get in here? – I did it! (upbeat techno music) – Oh boy, why does my wallet
feel lighter and lighter? (upbeat techno music) – So we have a car full of happy girls because we all went shopping. (girls cheering) And now it’s time to
eat some food, and guys, even I’m not excited
about Jordan’s choice. – McDonald’s. – [Jordan] What, it’s delicious. (everyone boos) (whoosh) – So we’re going through the drive-thru, and getting one kid’s meal for her. Then we’re going somewhere good to eat. (everyone cheers) – Can I get one kid’s
cheeseburger meal with fries? And a strawberry-banana
smoothie as the drink? (swiping) (upbeat jazzy piano music) (record scratching) – [Mom] Why would you do that? (slurps) – I’m so glad I got Cafe
Rio and not McDonald’s. – Hey! – You know what guys, I said
I wanted to go somewhere fun and this totally worked out! Look at this place! – All right, guys, so if you
know anything about our family you know that we come to Lagoon a lot. – Yes, we do. – And guys, this is a special
time of the year to come to Lagoon, because it’s… – [Together] Frightmares! (upbeat pop music) – Are those spiders? – I didn’t know Lagoon was haunted. (eerie laugh) – Nothing? (upbeat pop music) – I’m not really scared. – I’m gonna celebrate by
going in haunted houses and riding on rides! – All right, guys, the
number one rule for coming to Frightmares is you have to
go through a haunted house. The first thing you have
to do when you get here is go through a haunted house. – [Taylor] The scariest one of all! – The scariest one of all! (whoosh) – The one that gives you candy. – Yeah, guys it’s not scary at all. (people chattering) – I think Blake is already scared. The Egyptian got to her. Walk like an Egyptian. – Do you want that? (kids chattering) (upbeat rock music) – Pow! – Pow! (laughs) (whistle blows) – Who gave these kids whistles? They’re losing it. Our goal is to collect
as much candy as we can, feed it to our kids, so
they don’t go to bed, and we stay up all night. – Doing what? ‘Cause I’m in. (whoosh) – I’m totally going in here! – I’m so glad we got a Play
Button ’cause this is awesome! (upbeat rock music) (imitates donkey noises) (whoosh) – Uh, what kind of animal was that? – It was a donkey. – Let me out! – I’m innocent! – And to finish out the night, before we go and get ice
cream, queue the scary montage. (scary drum music) (screams) – [Together] Boo! (scary upbeat music) (whoosh) – I dare! – [Kids] Let’s go! – [Dad] Might as well get comfortable. (growls) – Mom, your hair’s green! – What? What did Brianna do to my hair when I got it done the other day? (screams) – Mom, I think you need to
go back to the hairdresser. What color is my hair? I think I see Cynthia! (upbeat drum music) – [Girls] (chanting
softly) La la la la la la. La la la la la la. (screams) – [Everyone] Woo! – I can feel it go up. – [Dad] Jordan. (Steven drowned out by screams) – [Boys] Woo! (Steven drowned out by screams) – [Boys] Woo! – I guess even though
girls are in charge today, the boys can have fun too. – No, they can’t! (whoosh) – Goodbye, Frightmares. Hello, ice cream! (whoosh) (upbeat slow techno music) – Today was fun! (upbeat slow techno music) – Today was fun. (upbeat slow techno music) – Rub it in their faces, girls. Rub it in their faces. – [Jordan] Okay. – [Steven] No, no, no, not literally! – Being in charge today was pretty awesome – When are we getting another one? – You guys better subscribe really fast. (whispers) I want one of these. – So the girls have about 700,000 more subscribers that they need
to get and then they can do this again to celebrate their one millionth subscriber plaque. – It’s not gonna happen, not gonna happen. – Well, thank you guys
for watching today’s video and for supporting the
girls on their channel. Make sure you subscribe to our channel! – And give us a big thumbs up. – Comment below. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow! – [Everyone] Bye! – [Jordan] Hey. (upbeat acoustic music)

The Girls are in CHARGE for 24 HOURS!

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