but the biggest thing is I think she wants to represent you guys so I’ve got a bit of a surprise for us say but just basically shout out just how you feel inside I feel excited at the moment that I think I’m gonna start to feel really nervous they’re your clothes we’re gonna tell you about some exciting story story the mystery and Wonder story of truth we’re gonna tell you the story about Sookie’s mind first-ever professional skateboarding competition – e is so exciting we have to my feet downstairs and tell you all [Music] really travelers this is for being in that first ever professional car a girl can’t ask for a better brother before the bar on Mother’s Day show asked me to do an interview with Tony Hawk the biggest skateboarding legend ever mesa legend well he’s escaped wedding will examine show up is an actual legend let’s show them a little bit of the clip from the Today Show this is what happened when I caught up with the one and only save and Norris and the legendary Tony Hawk at Australia’s hottest skating competition I mean I follow her on Instagram and we never met in person so this is exciting do we really need to get into that I’m 49 we woke up on the morning of our hits and we were so excited to be able to compete now third ever professional skateboarding competition I was kind of more nervous than excited so anybody didn’t even eat much for breakfast but she’s really really unusual cause she know me so about that breakfast in with John so if you separate wait mix lettuce I can’t believe today is the day of the bowl-a-rama horrifies I hate to say tomorrow’s the final I am in the first team and I’m the Brecon I felt really nervous because my whole goal was just to make the final so in a couple of hours I will find out if I made it into the final or if I do you giving me goose bumps my goal is to get in the finals I really hope we get some final assembly my goal is to win it be you legends I really want to win for you legends and the feeling of losing really scared me because I want to do a good job of representing all of us I think the nerves are gonna come in now well nervous I’m gonna try to think about new legends and how proud I want to make your legends I can take care of Sabre if you want I just can’t if they were happy I really hope I really know I’m Sookie was gonna be in the come with me it just calmed me Dan it made my no this feeling go away because I knew that I was doing this align it with me because my son insisted me going in the cockpit by myself but this time I’ve got my sister with me a really boy could sake only put like a lot of pressure on herself and this made me really nervous was talking this one is happy happy I didn’t why had it be disappointed all my selves so he just doesn’t really believe in iself like just like I don’t know what even though she’s amazing it’s like really good yeah I really want to do my best so I can get good school and if you don’t do you best how you feel we’ve all right I feel like and then doesn’t matter how you go in the car you already can be practiced up doesn’t matter what yeah I do let it come visit I know but you yeah but like you’ve already got a good result with your practice yeah you know Kay okay I knew how much this meant to them and how hard they had trained I guess I just worried that if they didn’t achieve their goals I would be disappointed when we arrived at the events both last goodbye to me my heart was pounding and racing like all around my body [Music] I don’t know legends support the skateboarding event really like helped us been your waking where you could be doing anything you could be shopping playing video games you spent your weekend trying to support us like it made my confidence feel so much like more powerful like I believed I could do it I couldn’t believe how many legends they were like one girl even want to be my girlfriend like now’s the best day of my life do you want me to be your girlfriend yes Mikey was first and then Sadie’s hit was second so we were in separate hates me move over [Music] this is easier than something down [Music] so he knows I finished my hate legend vegan as he went sour money [Music] does a little bit disappointing for me because when I found out I didn’t make the final it felt like I my heart just dropped and I got stabbed it was just like I wanted to cry but then I couldn’t because like there was so many cameras around like like they read the like results over loudspeaker so that means every one night I was just so bummed that I couldn’t be with saber in the finalists and I was like my whole like goal just again the finals with saber when it was my turn in my hit was just about to start I felt like I need to make the finals not just for me not just for the legends but the sake because Sookie was out and it was all up to me I had to do a prayer [Music] when I found out that Sabre made it to the final and she qualified first it just felt like I can’t accomplish there as well like with her I was just speechless because I can’t believe say about made it through to the professional start jumping up and down we were all just so happy for saber but not before the finals I just couldn’t sleep that’s just Apple not thinking about what if I didn’t win because I made it to the bottom that didn’t want to blow it now sorry last night I found it really hard to sleep because really really excited I just kept screaming I’m so excited and like just moving your ham a bit trying to sleep but I’ve had it really hard to sleep last night and hopefully I’m not too tied today saving is the fungus blogger she walks around blogging like hi I’m Sabre so big and I favor a little bit of constructive criticism about her blogging techniques like the like he’s gonna see up you know I’m gonna do hi I’m Sableye this is how I fought with a big with my elbows super bed so you guys can see my eyeballs smells like these hello dude you gonna kill my nose well this is up angle saved us I’m just a bubble about great angles okay so ready straight elbow see it looks so much prettier so we put in a really special surprise to say but something we knew that she would love I just knew it was gonna be a really cool surprise and she’s gonna freak out and her reaction was the best I had no idea that man had this amazing I plan for me it was a big surprise I’ve got a bit of a surprise to savor she’s just gone to the ball with the brothers and sisters with her brother and sister sometimes I forget how many kids I have and I’ve got a surprise for her so you guys will have heard how Sabres talked all morning about how she wants to win the ball come for the legends and represent the legends not that anyone even cares if she wins or not but the biggest thing is I think she just wants to represent you guys so I’ve got a bit of a surprise for us it is not a sticker it’s actually an iron-on transfer so I’m gonna iron it on her top and it’s gonna say legends and represent you guys legends this is something you might not know about me I don’t really own actually I never iron iron where should I put it on the top at the front or put it on the but I’ve never ironed on a transfer I don’t really know what I’m doing [Music] my name’s just not my thing I find it a really complicated annoying process too much back and forth I do not like ironing mind over a lot of times please work please work please work please work please work oh crap it didn’t work you playing bacon top this diamond is not coming out of it it’s not working so working legends bless you it’s legit in the implied that the transfers que me I just found out how to it says put the baking paper on Chris family and move over transfer for 30 seconds do not use steam 30 seconds go you want me to 3 3 3 4 up to 5 more seconds for good luck pull it on too many okay she is gonna represent the legends that’s all she cares about oh it’s working oh my gosh we got everything you set the hashtag okay ready [Music] I’ll surprise him with it that’s a good idea I’ll lay out her clothes that she’s wearing today and I’ll just put it there and see she notices the kids they just go as I was close it just in Nepal he and there’s her t-shirt with the legends I folded it up Justin what do you think oh that’s kind of cool what something probably back back yeah I can’t see what’s what well you thinks I will think guys let’s have this vlog again continue much one can aspire to a great relationship where parents and family will never fight this love support and care about each other that’s what all about okay do you feel inside I feel excited remember that I think I’m gonna start to feel really nervous there your clothes funny jerking sake like a dress that people are what your game your game when I saw the t-shirt for the first time it made me feel like you know when football players wear a jersey to like support their team it was like wearing a jersey to support the legend team our team say but love the legend t-shirt legends I’m gonna surprise the nurse nurse I’ll see how long it takes intend to realize I’ve got like it yeah I’m gonna try and do the best to say because everyone has blue what do you think bigs when I saw alder oh my good now much so how we go for legends I don’t know if anyone what you have Matt yeah I don’t think that’s gonna buy guys yeah maybe just be you guys what do you think about us having our own Mitch I want you to know I actually ever happened I don’t know I just go by company do you want us to do much hmm actually do what had O’Connor Lisa get papa Oh a second ever of looks know he has like every love with over time my guys looking microblog lead only out checkup ah it’s a little melted in the car if you’d like to temperature anyone it’s torture [Music] Larkin we were so nervous before the same his final started yeah I was like when I said both was my stomach and my heart was racing around my belly and there were a diary and loved the jogger that you ride in pigs as a diary or diary you could use a paper in the diary to write the but we because Sookie was in Paris she got to go in the athletes only place that meant she could stand next to me and support me and like II I knew if I was there she’ll calm down I felt really shaky because the nerves it’s like taking over my body no it was really hard for me to breathe and I just need to calm down I was us had so much anxiety and I just wasn’t thinking properly I just I just clearly breathe I’ve never really actually seen say we look that nervous before like you could see like her body like like shaky to come sober down like you would think I would be like a saber you okay I was a bit you know kind of like saber calm down you can do here cuz I’m Sookie we’re not like scared song he’s like straightforward she’s like cyber just snap out of it know why it works for some reason I should have been like young big more caring bars my eyes be like can you pray so I wasn’t in the final myself but because Sabre was in it I felt like I was in the T we were a team and we did together even though I only want to escape [Applause] when stable in a fish one I was like okay well on track let’s do the rest I don’t let me like this I don’t no way she goes throw them off to that first run yeah and like it was a killer throws here she goes [Applause] I couldn’t even talk up the apartment because I lost my voice begin as we’re screaming off there you can tell it screaming too much [Music] after the final we do need to be together for the broadcast I love house neighbor let me be partly interviewed like she could just said no thank Jess would like to you to interview me because I was the one who actually made to the phone but she was like sake come on you can like tag along but we ran together I thought just me we got twins they’re not twins it’s it’s soggy and saber hockey I’d say so are you sorry you’re about we’re good okay coming to the finals were you nervous yeah I always get really nervous like I’ve eaten too much came out to watch this and what about your dad okay well he’s happy then as long as he’s got he’s our boss and now I heard you and the other brothers and sisters just screaming if you got any voice left for this interview yes I do have some voice left they’re just so happy to see saber do all her best runs and she’s just such a good sister doing all these lovely things for me what about skating with some of the best skaters in the world and the likes of Tony Hawk oh I was very lucky to meet hanging off this Tony’s waving at your right now ladies and gentlemen boys and girls make some noise for the Norris’s [Applause] just having piggy sake Niles order for me and we’re all here to achieve the same goal and just having my brothers and sisters on my team I can’t wait this rabbit but it just makes me feel so happy and it makes smooth word I love how we describe it because of the feeling I get inside when I have my brother and sisters cheering for me and so he telling me calm down it just makes me feel like I’m so lucky to have those people in my life and on my team next time this happens on you she’s something that happens in real life pledges are real and it’s such a powerful movement we’re so happy to be part of the legends dude you saw some legends [Music] [Music] meaning fools and thank you so much [Music] I’d be put on the market for the presentation when I skate I’ve got with my skating clothes but when I’m not on my skateboard I want to be a girl wear a dress and do nice pretty stuff to myself [Music] we had to worry about powerful presentations like it was so long that the hours went for like why that I didn’t like the minutes was an hour yeah like [Music] waiting for the result was so hot because I just wanted it to be over I was in no more place I got just like put me and my misery just tell me the the result well Austin I am waiting for the results to be enough in no particular order I would like to get Jordan savour and poppy has caught up to the top three so here the top three but he does not know where she got they called me up to the stage with two other girls so I knew that I got 3rd 2nd or 1st I just didn’t know which place it was my place was here again I was just holding my breath and hoping for the best and in third place 17 years of age poppy star also make a huge round of applause when I was waiting for the results to be called out I felt nervous I felt excited [Applause] I’d like to thank um Nick betting boys believing in me thank you everybody for being here thank you for the legend thank you for a sake biggie and that’s always cheering me on I feel I’m so proud of save I couldn’t believe my ears that they just said my system came first and see you like a happy face just like jumping up and down on this stage you made me feel like you didn’t savor you did it I was so proud of Saveur because she achieved her goal but for me as a mom I was more proud of how happy the rest of the kids were for her and how much they supported her and how no one was crumby jealous they felt like they all won for me watching how pure their love is for saver and in watching her say but includes all of them in it and it is it doesn’t get a big head and doesn’t feel like it’s me me me she thinks it’s a titchy she believes it’s because of everyone that’s what I’m most proud of makes me tear up [Applause] [Music] I just love because the kids practice all together all the time and they all just support each other so it’s not just on the day they’ve just been doing it for months and months so to see it all come together was super cool I was really proud of everyone that’s right you can’t do better than that can you well that’s the end of our first professional skateboarding can’t story maybe hope I can get in batch of the extensions I can maybe Campinas snow and rain and representing you ladies at the Esk yeah because so many people watch it because if you go in the X Games so many people watch it and if you wear your legend t-shirt again they would know about the legend movement let down me one day we will have the legend army Ronnie has a legend army your are like thousands of us they’re free dude once there’s only one thing left to say [Music]

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