Hey – I’m Mads from SkatePro, and today we
are gonna talk about aggressive skates. The great thing about building a custom setup
for your aggressive skates is that you can mix and match all your favorite part, so you
end up with a skate that is 100 percent tailormade for you. But there are some things to consider when
you put a pair of skates together and to talk a bit about those things i have invited Jan
from SkatePro, who has been aggressive skating for more than ten years. Hey Jan. Hey. Let’s begin with the boot. What do you need to think about? Well, first of all, you want to find a boot
in your size – of course. So it fits your foot. For narrow feet, you want to find a narrow
boot, and for wider feet, you want to find a wide boot. But how important is it, that the fit is tight? For aggressive skating, it’s super important
that it fits your foot, so it’s not too big. You want a skate that is super responsive
to when you are doing the trick. Okay – so how do i find the right size boot
for me? Normally you would choose the same size as
your shoes or one size above. Again it’s super important that it fits simply
for super-high precision. Let’s have a look inside the skate. We are gonna talk a bit about the liner. But what do you need to think about when you
are getting a liner? For all skates, the liner will always be included. The original liner is made for the skate,
and will fit it. But some might have personal preferences,
and they might want a bit thicker liner for more comfort and for a more compact fit. Some might choose a thinner liner for a looser
fit. Okay – Let’s have a look at the frames. Is there anything that is nice to know when
you are getting a new frame? Absolutely. Luckily enough the aggressive skate industry
decided on making what is called the UFS. The Universal Frame System. All aggressive frames fit all boots. But are there different types of frames? Yes, there is. There’s what’s called a Powerblade frame where
you can mount bigger wheels for more speed. There’s also what is called a freestyle frame
which has a bigger roof for grinding. But what about the frames on your skates? These are the featherlight twos, and I like
them very much, they suit my personal preferences. On these, i skate an anti-rocker setup, where
I have two big wheels here and two smaller wheels. So how do you choose wheels for your aggressive
skates? Normally you want to find a hardness between
88a and 92 a. – personally, i prefers 88a because I get
a lot of grips and that is what I like. Okay – thank you for answering some of the
questions about what to think about when choosing parts for your skates. If you have any questions just write them
in the comments below. Until next time – see you! (Jazz hand!)

The do’s and don’ts for custom builds | Aggressive Skates | SkatePro.com
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  • October 2, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    Can you put any 45 degree strap on any boot?


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